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Energy Savings

To find energy efficient products, many consumers look for ENERGY STAR® rated products for their home.  The glass styles and options available in Restorations Windows are ENERGY STAR® certified. When up to 40% of your energy bill is consumed by the heating and cooling needs of your home, it makes sense to have windows that will keep your home at the temperature you desire.

The NRFC Label

Energy Efficiency LabelThe NFRC label (shown on the right) provided by the manufacturer demonstrates the energy efficiency of the window. The U-factor shows how much heat is lost through the window during the winter months. The lower the number, the less heat is able to escape through the window meaning the window is better insulated. This will save you money because your furnace will not have to work as hard to keep the house warm. Similarly, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient shows how much solar radiation comes through the window during the summertime. The lower the number, the less solar radiation enters your home. A lower number will keep your home cooler in the summer and your air conditioner will not need to work as hard.

Frame Efficiency

Graph R-FactorThe frame is also an important factor in the energy efficiency of the window. There are various materials used for window frames and each material has different values in insulation. The measurement of the efficiency of the frame material is called an R-factor. With the R-factor, the larger the number the more insulated the material. The chart on the left displays the R-factor for the frame materials that are most commonly used for windows and how it compares to the Restorations Windows with UltraCore. Most of the older window frames in homes are made of either aluminum or wood.  As you can see, wood frames are better insulated than aluminum frames, but the most insulated window frame is the Restorations Windows with UltraCore. Having Restorations Windows with UltraCore will help you save money on your energy bill because there will be more insulation in the frame of your window.

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