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Superior Performance

Your home is the most important posession you own. When you are investing in home improvements you want to know you are making the right choice. There are so many different companies out there and such a wide variety of options how do you make a choice? Take a look at all the details and make an informed decision. Restorations Windows has many qualities that set them apart from the others. Check out these features that demonstrate Restorations’ superior performance.

Structural Design

27% Larger Window ComparisonWindows are made for you to have a view of the outside while you are indoors. Many windows have such a heavy frame that you lose out on all of the view you could possibly have. Replace your windows with more glass and less frame. Restorations Windows are designed with an American architecture frame so that your windows look beautiful both on the inside and the outside. Restorations’ patented window design allows you to have 27% more viewing area than a traditional replacement window. With its beauty and design you won’t have to compromise with Restorations Windows.

OptiViewTM Insect Screen

OptiView Insect ScreenWindow screens work to keep insects and other outdoor elements where they belong, outside. Old screens do the job, but makes your view grainy when you look through the screen. Why not have a crystal clear view even when the screen is hung, that is what Restorations has provided. The OptiView insect screen is so transparent that you can hardly notice it. When put side by side with the competition, the difference is incredible. You can see the difference between the traditional screen (left), the competition’s transparent screen (center) and the OptiView insect screen (right).

XLEdge Spacer System

Do you have problems with condensation on your current windows? The condensation is caused by the temperature difference on either side of the glass. If the window and frame are not insulated enough it can cause condensation. XLEdge Spacer System is placed between the panes of glass in Restorations Windows, this high-performance spacer reduces condensation around the perimeter of the window for a clean view. It keeps the edge of the window warmer than the competition so that the likelihood of condensation is drastically reduced.

See more ways that Restorations Windows, through Weather Tight, are your best choice for replacement windows by clicking the links found on the left side of the page.

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