Tod & Todd Bio-Back in 1986, Tod Colbert decided that he was ready to venture out and start a reliable home improvement company that specialized in outdoor home improvements with great customer service and satisfaction. At last, Weather Tight was born. Starting the company in his own apartment in downtown Milwaukee, Tod strived to achieve a successful home improvement company.

Tod Colbert founded the company in 1986, lives in Hales Corners with his wife and daughter. His work now focuses mainly on production and customer service.  Todd Schulz joined the company in 1991 and went from sales manager to co-owner. He now lives in Racine with wife and two sons, and works primarily with the sales team. View All Videos

Video Transcript-So how do you know when it’s time to replace your windows?  Todd, what are you seeing here?  Tod, in this case we’re in a house in Franklin that was built in 1982 and what we find when looking at the window is that the glazing that was along the edge of the glass where the window fits into the wood frames is starting to ooze out around the edges.  There’s also been condensation on this glass over the years.  You can tell because of the amount of water damage that’s been done here along the sash frame.  The sun on south side of the house has also done its fair damage.  You can tell when you look at the top of the sash it’s a milky white color.  The polyurethane finish and stain are completely gone.  In addition to that you can see that the locks are starting to turn and get out of shape.  Tod what’s that from?  Well what’s going on here is that the window is no longer being held up like it should be.  You can see along the sides here there are spring loaded jambs alright, those are supposed to put pressure on the sash itself so what happens is as those springs get worse and worse over the years it no longer holds that sash up.  So it’s putting a lot of pressure on this back sash and these locks are actually starting to turn.  Actually, the homeowner calls this their guillotine window.  I’ll show you why.  What happens is as you open up this lock, the springs are no longer holding that sash up.  I’m just going to let this go.  You can even see the gouge mark.  This has happened before in their house.  Watch this.  Wow, that’s dangerous.  It’s dangerous.  If you have your fingers or a child has their fingers in a place like this or you have a cat that’s sunning himself in the window this is not a good thing.  So Todd the new replacement windows that will go in will correct that problem.  They have a different kind of mechanism that doesn’t rely on pressure on the sash.  It’s a very unique type of balancing system that holds those sashes up for a lifetime.  Yeah, that’s right Tod, and not only is the window going to operate much easier the new window that we will put in here is going to tilt in for easy cleaning.  And that’s something that everybody loves.  The window will be custom made to fit the same size opening that we have now.  It will be maintenance free on the outside and the inside and in addition to that the homeowners going to get an energy efficient window as well as a nice airtight window.  And Tod, tell us a little about the finish they’re going to get on the inside.  Well what were going to do here is upgrade this window to a vinyl wood grain, a special type of vinyl wood grain that looks actually better than what they have here now so it not only looks like wood in some cases it looks better than wood.  But the beauty of that is that there is no longer any maintenance that’s required:  no staining, no varnishing.  When the window gets wet from condensation, which happens in our Wisconsin winters sometimes,  you don’t have to worry about any staining or deterioration of the wood so it’s kind of a lifetime finish.  The other thing we are going to do here is you can see the window is kind of dated.  Built in 1982 it’s kind of a plain looking window.  And it’s a beautiful home.  So what we are going to do here is dress this window up by adding some custom made wood grids, Colonial grids on the inside.   So were really going to be able to enhance the beauty of this room and from the exterior of the house were going to enhance the curb appeal.  It’s really going to look beautiful.  And Tod, when we enhance both the beauty and the curb appeal we always want to remind homeowners that that does help increase property value.  So if you find that you have some issues like this with your windows just go ahead and fill out the form on the web or give us a call today.