Advanced Composite Siding

Image shows the exterior of a home with light grey siding, white trimmed windows, and a white garage door on a small patch of green grass

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Give the exterior of your home an update with a beautiful and durable advanced composite siding option. Wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and other composites are no match because, despite the costly maintenance required, these alternatives still fade and deteriorate over time. Our advanced composite siding lasts for life.

Our team is knowledgeable and will help you choose the right siding to fit your home’s style and budget. One of the best parts—our siding is maintenance-free. Additional benefits of advanced composite siding include:

    • Beautiful Aesthetics-Like real cedar siding, our siding gives you the look and feel of authentic cedar siding. Plus, the CedarTouch® finish is produced from the woodgrain surface of an actual specimen of rough-sawn top-grade cedar – resulting in the industry’s most authentic finish.
    • Designer-Curated Colors-The siding color palette includes deep, rich hues that have been thoughtfully curated by color consultants to complement any style of home, regional preference, as well as both current and classic color trends – all chosen to match a homeowner’s personal style beautifully.
    • Design Flexibility in Popular Profiles-Traditional clapboard siding has never gone out of style – Our lap siding is available in a 6 7/8″ width, so your home will reflect the classic style, luxury, and comfort for decades. Or choose  Board & Batten to give your home a rustic yet contemporary appeal.
Image shows the exterior of a home with brown siding and dark brown shingles and a black asphalt drive

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Engineered Wood Siding

  • Maintenance-Free—No Painting, No Caulking. Save your money and time! You will never have to scrape, sand, or paint again. Our siding never requires caulking or painting. An occasional wash with a garden hose is all that’s required to maintain it. Alternatively, wood, engineered wood, and fiber cement siding require regular caulking and painting to maximize longevity.
  • Curb Appeal – Planks of our lap siding are joined tightly and permanently using concealed stainless steel seam brackets. With wood, engineered wood, and fiber cement lap siding, thermal expansion and contraction causes siding seams to open and close throughout the year – caulking these seams only provides a temporary fix.
  • Unsurpassed All-Weather Durability – Water-Resistant Resilient Design-The siding features cutting-edge material science with C CORE® mineral-enriched composite substrate. To this remarkable substrate, an advanced UV-resistant acrylic capstock is molecularly fused for fade protection. The siding is lightweight yet tremendously strong and tough. Most importantly, the siding’s inherent resilient design is virtually impervious to water – the #1 enemy of siding – so it will never swell, bow, split, or rot.
  • Durable Fade-Resistant Finish-Our siding never needs to be painted. Wood, engineered wood, and fiber cement are painted siding products. No matter what, paint eventually fails. Instead, Our capstock finish is made from advanced UV-resistant acrylic capstock that is molecularly fused to the mineral-enriched composite substrate.
  • Insect-Resistant-Wood and engineered wood siding are vulnerable to wood-boring insects, requiring costly and recurring pest control. Our siding’s all-inorganic composition eliminates this problem.

In addition to advanced composite siding Weather Tight also offers vinyl siding and engineered wood siding.  There are several options to choose from, including premium designs and a large variety of colors.

To learn more about your siding options, watch our video tips, read through our Q&As, and review the warranty information in the chart below. Our 32,000 happy customers will tell you that Weather Tight is the right choice. Our prices are fair, and our service is exceptional. Give us a call today—we promise you’ll be satisfied, too.

Advanced Composite Siding