Baths & Showers

Tub & Shower Replacements – Tub-To-Shower Conversions – Age-In-Place Options

  • New Shower with Built-In Shelves and Glass Door

Baths by Weather Tight

Weather Tight is excited to offer interior services, starting with one of the most essential spaces in your home—the bathroom. We offer shower and tub replacements, tub-to-shower conversions, and modern shower updates.

Get ready for the day in a beautiful, updated shower or tub from Weather Tight. Our Baths by Weather Tight design options are ideal for homeowners who need a tub or shower update. We also offer plenty of age-in-place updates to help seniors who need to create a safe, comfortable, beautiful space to bathe and shower. Explore your bath and shower options today.

Tub and Shower Replacements

Wouldn’t you love a new shower with built-in shelves and an easy-to-clean glass door? Tiled or cultured marble walls, along with soap and shampoo shelves, turn your tub or shower into a luxurious experience. Stop wrestling with a shower curtain, juggling soap and shampoo bottles, and turning around in a too-small shower.

Baths by Weather Tight include modern, traditional, and specialized design options to transform your bathroom, fit your style, and meet your budget requirements.

We offer tub-to-shower conversions—great for getting more use out of that second bathroom. Create a functional, comfortable space you’ll love to use. Want to keep the tub? We offer total bathtub replacements as well as shower replacements. Get the look and features you want to create the bathroom space of your dreams.

Age-in-Place Updates

We’re proud to offer bathroom updates that help seniors maintain their independence and increase their safety. Our age-in-place assistance updates help you shower with ease.

Senior shower updates like a low threshold, bench seating, and handrails help you easily get in and out of the shower. Customizable shower enclosures and doors are easy to use, easy to clean, and beautiful. Make those senior updates without changing the style or lowering the value of your home.

What Sets Baths by Weather Tight Apart

Unlike other bathroom wet space renovations, our shower and tub replacements are thorough and complete. We remove the old bath down to the studs. We don’t use shells that can cover and conceal moisture and drainage problems lurking beneath.

Instead, we completely remove your bathtub or shower, giving you a fresh, clean start to your shower or tub replacement. We work with a plumber, pulling all the proper permits to ensure everything in your new bathing space is up to code and worry-free.

Many bathroom replacements use acrylic in their updates. Unfortunately, acrylic doesn’t last; it can stain and feels “cheap.” Instead, we use fiberglass with a gel coat or cultured marble—solid surface materials of the highest quality for your bathtub or shower.