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Different Types of Windows: How to Choose Replacement Windows

For those of us in the industry, terms like double-hung windows, sliders, or bow and bay windows are commonplace. But deciphering the different types of windows can be a little daunting for homeowners, especially if you’ve never explored replacement window options before. If you’re considering replacing windows, you may wonder what types of windows are […]

ROI on Exterior Updates: Save with New Roofs, Windows, & Doors

Let’s talk ROI. When you hear return on investment, you probably think of the stock market. But in today’s world, investing in your home might be a wiser place for your savings. In fact, the return on exterior updates can be even better than you think. If you’re on a budget, it pays to do […]

5 Signs of a Bad Contractor: Red Flags to Watch Out For

Maybe you’ve had a run-in with a bad contractor at some point, or perhaps you’ve just heard horror stories from your friends and neighbors. Either way, knowing the signs of a bad contractor can help you watch for red flags and know when to hit the brakes on a project. It can be a bit […]

Waiting for Spring? NOW is the Best Time to Schedule Your Home Remodel Projects

When the autumn days get shorter and colder, chances are you start to hunker down at home. You might have tucked away a few ideas and plans for home remodeling projects. But like most of us, you’re probably putting most of them off until spring. Perhaps you should reconsider. The truth is, right now—late fall […]

Discover Everlast Advanced Composite Siding: An Innovation in Exterior Finishes

Are you considering an update to your home’s exterior? Whether you’re considering vinyl siding, wood siding, or another finish, there’s a new option in town! Meet Everlast Composite Siding. Everlast Advanced Composite Siding is taking the exterior finish world by storm, and for good reason—this siding is truly built to last. It’s beautiful, looks natural, […]

Modern Doors are Back! How to Choose a Modern Door Style You’ll Love

For a while now, farmhouse looks have been all the rage. Doors, windows, and home trim have had a handcrafted look—a little bit country, rustic, homey. But lately, modern doors have been making a comeback. So should you go for a modern front door? Are you trying to select the right exterior door for your […]

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

How long does vinyl siding last? With a quality installation, your vinyl siding can last many years—in some cases, up to 50! Now, if you’re wondering why the siding on your house right now doesn’t seem to be holding up, there could be a number of reasons. So, let’s explore what you should expect from […]

Types of Patio Doors: Exploring Your Patio Door Options

It seems that almost all homeowners struggle with their patio doors. It doesn’t matter what type of patio door you have, either—any aging door can present a problem. Sliding doors stick, and French doors can seem unstable. Your patio door presents some unique challenges, whether it opens onto a cement slab, a deck, or a […]