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Window Seal Failure is More Common than You Think

For a window to work properly, it should have a tight seal between the window panes. The window should also be easy to open and close. When shut, air shouldn’t be seeping through, but homeowners are often surprised to learn that window seal failure is too common. In Wisconsin, getting out the tape and plastic is […]

10 Mistakes When Selling a House

The real estate market in Southeastern Wisconsin is doing well. It’s a sellers’ market, and if you have a home you’re getting ready to sell, you will want it to be in the best shape possible. Many houses in popular areas like Waukesha, South Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls, and Glendale can go for even more than the […]

Weighing the Benefits of Full Frame Window Replacement

Are you thinking about window replacement? Maybe you’d like more light in that back bedroom, or you’ve converted a home office, and the windows no longer fit the bill. If you’re considering window replacement, full-frame window replacement offers some unique advantages compared to pocket installation. Before you make a choice, it’s important to consider both options […]

Weather Tight’s Mission & Values: What It Means for Our Customers

We hear a lot about trust in our industry. Many people have been misled, scammed, or just had bad experiences with home remodeling companies. These experiences have led them to feel rightfully skeptical when a company says it lives up to its mission and values. But at Weather Tight, we’ve lived our values since 1986. […]

Don’t Get Scammed: 9 Home Remodeling Gimmicks

The old saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” We see many scams and shady business practices in the home remodeling business. Many fly-by-night companies swoop in with incredible offers, only to do a shoddy job and leave the homeowner holding the bag. At Weather Tight, we’ve been around […]

Garden Window Ideas for the Home Chef

Calling all home cooks! Here in Wisconsin, we’re known for having an affinity for great food, and many home chefs in the Greater Milwaukee area love to spend some time in a well-lit kitchen—especially a kitchen with an indoor garden. If you’re considering replacement windows in your home, including a garden window in your plan […]

5 Early Signs of Leaking Windows You Need to Address

Drip. Drip. Drip. There’s nothing more frightening and frustrating than hearing a dripping noise and suspecting a leaky window. When a window fails, what do you do? You grab a towel, put a container under the window, and wait for the rain to stop. Perhaps you Google a DIY solution like adding sealant or caulk […]

What Are Tempered Windows?

One window option we’re often asked about is tempered glass. Some homeowners wonder: “What are tempered windows? Do they make a difference in your home? Why would you go with this type of glass option?” Today, we wanted to explain this window option to help you understand why some of our customers in Southeastern Wisconsin go with tempered windows […]