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Spring Prepping your Home? Here is a Helpful List to Get you Started!

While Weather Tight specializes in home improvement replacement products- sometimes, items in our homes just need to be prepared for Spring- rather than replaced and our main priority is to always make sure we can give you the best tips on how to successfully get your home prepped, on your own time, safely. However, we always want to make sure we are honest with you & let you know when it is about that time to call in the experts rather than attempt to finish these tasks on your own!
Spring prepping (like Spring cleaning) your home can call for a laundry list of ‘To-Do’s’.

6 Signs it is Time to Replace your Entry Door

An entry door on our home acts as the first line of defense for safety, privacy, security, efficiency & curb appeal! But just how efficient is the current entry door on our home? If you have ever found yourself uncertain about ‘if’ & ‘when’ you should replace it, look no further! Not knowing what signs to look for can be a costly oversight for a homeowner. There are many important factors to consider when looking to replace our old entry door with a new one.

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Don’t Get Tripped Up When The Clocks Spring Ahead!

Daylight Savings Time is set to begin this month on Sunday, March 11th at 2am. This means when the clock strikes 2am- suddenly it will be 3am. To avoid waking up with an extremely late start to everything – best to set your clocks ahead before heading to bed Sunday night. Those whom rely on clocks that auto-update, we salute you! For those who don’t, try setting a reminder in your phone to help you remember the change!

Energy Efficient Windows- Zany Ways They Give You More for Less!

The windows of our home play a very significant role when it comes to Mother Earth! When you choose to purchase energy efficient windows you are getting the added bonus of passive solar energy! Energy efficient windows mitigate solar gain during the hot, humid summer months. During winter months, energy efficient windows work to harness the solar gain. We offer you the windows of opportunity! It’s all in the name… energy efficient! When something proves to be efficient we know that means it works & that it works well. Weather Tight firmly believes your windows should work the same, with efficiency!

The Truth is..

Oh, I almost forgot- in case you didn’t know- EACH month we select a winner for $1,000 Weather Tight Cash, good towards your money off your next purchase! Don’t worry- if you are not the lucky monthly winner, your name goes right back in for the yearly sweepstakes drawing! If you haven’t entered your name yet this year- you can do so by clicking HERE! 

Firesafe Door Importance – A Topic You Should be Talking About!

When it comes to protecting your family when life brings the unexpected, Weather Tight has you in mind. Our Fire-Rated Doors provide you security, with appeal! There is nothing that comes before the safety of our loved ones. Le us help you secure a safer tomorrow..TODAY!

Bacon Cheese Burger!

Because EVERYTHING is better with BACON!

Now the answer the important question. What about the Bacon? The term is coined as their own. “With Bacon” is trademarked & belongs to the dynamic duo. But why bacon? Well that answer is simple isn’t it? EVERYTHING is better with BACON & I think The Saloon patrons (as well as all of America) can agree! If you have not been to The Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon, add it to your list of local places that you need to visit! What better time than this upcoming Sunday, January 14th!

Planning for Your Next Home Remodel…

Holiday season sees one of the highest peaks in travel across the country. The supply & demand spikes like clock-work during the holidays. Major petroleum companies are keen to this spike & tend to inflate gas prices during this time. This isn’t a matter of being willing to pay higher prices, but having to pay for their demand of its supply. It works the same way in the remodeling world.
Come January- it is normal for the cost of home remodel materials to…..