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5 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements to Help You Save

You may have heard the buzz about energy-efficient home improvements. Often, when homeowners consider home updates, it’s out of necessity—something isn’t working, or there’s an issue that they need to address, like a broken door or drafty windows. But did you know that by making these updates, you’ll also save money both in the short […]

Is It Time for a Shower Upgrade?

Do you love your shower? Most of us spend about ten minutes (at least) in the shower each day. That’s over an hour a week, or over two full days per year, standing in that same small space in our home. So chances are, as you’re standing there shampooing and soaping, you might realize the […]

Yes, You Might Have Drafty Windows in a New House

We often hear, “We just bought a brand-new house, and the windows are drafty! Help!” Should new windows have a draft? As unbelievable as it sounds, we see windows fail in new construction almost as often as in older homes. You might have drafty windows in a new house for several reasons. Here’s what you […]

Weather Tight Case Study: Matching Window Trim Color in South Milwaukee

It’s not uncommon for Weather Tight to do several jobs for a customer. Once our customers see the difference we offer in service and quality, they often return for their next home update. This reputation for quality and excellence has made us Wisconsin’s Most Recommended Remodeler. What also strengthens our reputation is a promise to […]

Roofing, Siding, or Doors? How to Prioritize Home Renovations

At Weather Tight, we work with people across Southeastern Wisconsin on their exterior updates and renovations. It’s not uncommon to see Murphy’s Law play out—if one thing needs an update, others will follow. So, how should homeowners prioritize home renovations when everything needs an update? If you need roofing, siding, doors, and windows, how do […]

Choosing Siding and Roof Colors: How to Coordinate a Look for Your Home

So many customers ask us about coordinating siding and roof colors. What siding and roof color combinations look best? How do you choose? If you’re updating just your siding, or if you’re only getting a new roof, how do you pair it with the rest of your home’s exterior? At Weather Tight, we work with […]

Refer a Friend, Earn Rewards at Weather Tight

At Weather Tight, we know that reputation is everything in this business, and nothing means more to us than when you refer a friend for our services. So we’ve looked at ways to help make it easier for our customers to spread the word. We’re excited to announce the new Weather Tight app to help […]

Weather Tight Case Study: Uncovering Hidden Issues with a Patio Door

Here at Weather Tight, we’re proud to work with our friends, family, and neighbors here in Wisconsin. We understand the unique needs of our area (and weather systems) and work to ensure that every product and installation meets those needs. Because of Wisconsin’s often moisture-heavy climate, we can face some unique issues in our home […]