Do you know what to look for when your entry door needs to be replaced?

An entry door on our home acts as the first line of defense for safety, privacy, security, efficiency & curb appeal! But just how efficient is the current entry door on our home? If you have ever found yourself uncertain about ‘if’ & ‘when’ you should replace it, look no further!

We know just how tricky this task can actually be when looking to replace the entry door on a home! It may look to be in good working order at first glance, but it could be just the opposite. If you aren’t exactly sure when you are due for an entry door replacement- we’ve got you covered.

Not knowing what signs to look for can end up being quite the costly oversight for a homeowner. These signs will provide you with the knowledge you need when deciding if your current entry door is overdue for a replacement.  Today we’re providing you with what you need to know before performing a self inspection of your entry door. The steps are as as simple as they are quick; you will need about 30 minutes, 2 sets of eyes, a flashlight & you guessed it…an entry door :) 

A worn down entry door can stir up a staggering list of problems that are extremely simple to miss.

Summer is about to make an appearance in the Midwest, an appearance that usually comes on with little to no warning.  Wisconsinites are as familiar with unrelenting heat as we are with battling white-out blizzards. During the winter we hunker down & crank up the heat to warm our toes, just as well during the summer while we blast the A/C to cool our heels!

Heating & cooling our homes is a hefty expense in our budget as it is, but an inefficient entry door can cause a colossal increase on our energy bills. This is why knowing what to look for is the key to saving on energy costs no matter the season. Knowledge is key when it comes to a timely entry door replacement! 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” -Benjamin Franklin

Join Tod & Todd for our home improvement tip of the day & learn how to perform a flashlight test on your entry door today!

An info-graphic listing 6 signs that an entry door replacement is overdue. Info-Graphic includes self inspection how to & a Tod & Todd Home Improvement Tip link on how to do a flashlight test on your entry door at home.