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Modern Doors are Back! How to Choose a Modern Door Style You’ll Love

For a while now, farmhouse looks have been all the rage. Doors, windows, and home trim have had a handcrafted look—a little bit country, rustic, homey. But lately, modern doors have been making a comeback. So should you go for a modern front door? Are you trying to select the right exterior door for your […]

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

How long does vinyl siding last? With a quality installation, your vinyl siding can last many years—in some cases, up to 50! Now, if you’re wondering why the siding on your house right now doesn’t seem to be holding up, there could be a number of reasons. So, let’s explore what you should expect from […]

Types of Patio Doors: Exploring Your Patio Door Options

It seems that almost all homeowners struggle with their patio doors. It doesn’t matter what type of patio door you have, either—any aging door can present a problem. Sliding doors stick, and French doors can seem unstable. Your patio door presents some unique challenges, whether it opens onto a cement slab, a deck, or a […]

Weather Tight Honored as BBB 2022 Torch Award for Business Ethics Winner

The Weather Tight team is deeply honored to be a 2022 Torch Award for Business Ethics recipient from the Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin. We join eight Torch Award for Business Ethics Winners and five BBB Spark Award Winners in this incredible honor, all from various business backgrounds. The Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin offers […]

Alternatives to Glass Block Windows & Other Dated Home Features

There are many gorgeous historic homes in Wisconsin. Some are centenarians, while others were built during the 1940s and 1950s during the post-War baby boom. Many of these homes have stunning features—stained glass, built-in cabinetry, rounded doors, and other architectural touches that people adore. But then there are less-historic but still older homes that might […]

The Importance of Continuous Roof Ventilation

You may see the signs of roof damage—curling shingles, ice damming in the winter, runoff and debris in the gutter in the summer. But did you know that a ventilation problem may cause these signs of roof damage? One you could have prevented with continuous roof ventilation? What is continuous roof ventilation, and why is […]

Exterior Door Locks: How to Be Sure Your Home is Safe

Are you tired of fussing with old door locks? Maybe your lock sticks and doesn’t hold the door tightly against the frame. Perhaps you’re feeling some heat loss and air infiltration around your door. Is it time to replace your exterior door locks? If you’re struggling with your exterior door locks, it may be time […]

Refer a Friend, Earn Rewards at Weather Tight

At Weather Tight, we know that reputation is everything in this business, and nothing means more to us than when you refer a friend for our services. We understand how valuable your recommendation is, and we will always do our best to live up to your trust in us. Our reputation for excellence has made […]

The Many Types of Exterior Doors for Your Home

Are you considering updating the exterior doors on your home? Doors may seem like a minor update, but your entry doors can make a massive difference in the appearance of your house. We can help you pick an option you’ll love with many types of exterior doors to choose from. So how do you select […]