Modern Doors are Back! How to Choose a Modern Door Style You’ll Love

For a while now, farmhouse looks have been all the rage. Doors, windows, and home trim have had a handcrafted look—a little bit country, rustic, homey.

But lately, modern doors have been making a comeback. So should you go for a modern front door? Are you trying to select the right exterior door for your home? Here’s what you need to know about choosing a door that looks right in style.

A cozy front porch with swinging chair and bench seat, planters, and a black modern style front entry door with gold hardware.

Choosing an Exterior Door

So you’ve decided to upgrade your exterior doors. Doors can often feel like the center of your home or the face. They’re welcoming, giving a house a personality.

Exterior doors are also an affordable update that offers outsized benefits. If you suspect your exterior doors need replacing, there are a few ways to confirm. First of all, you can slide a dollar bill under the door—if it moves freely, you likely have air infiltration getting into your home.

Another option is to wet the palm of your hand on a cooler or windy day. Then, close the door and feel around the edges. If you feel a cool breeze on your hand, it’s another sign air is leaking in and out of your home. New exterior doors can cut your energy costs and increase your comfort.

Other signs that it’s time for exterior door replacement?

  • Locks that stick or don’t work.
  • Handles that are hard to open.
  • Security concerns—lack of visibility, flimsy doors.
  • Doors that are starting to peel, fade, or degrade.
  • Doors that look dated.
  • Doors that don’t complement the rest of your home and exterior finish.

Of course, some people just want to update their exterior door because they need a change, and that’s okay too. With so many styles and colors to choose from, there’s a perfect exterior door to update your home and bring your house to life.

Want to know if it’s time to update your front door? Check out this video from Tod & Todd:


As you can see, when we replace entry doors, we do a full-frame replacement, ensuring that the door is adequately insulated and securely installed. Not only does this make your entry door last longer, but it also helps us make sure we address any underlying issues. As a result, your home will be safe and secure with a beautiful new entry door.

Exploring Door Styles

Doors come in many different styles with something to enhance the look of every house. When choosing your exterior door style, you’ll want to consider the look and feel of your home. Do you have a country farmhouse? A bungalow? A classic split-level or a modern ranch?

Just like homes, exterior doors also come in many styles and options. You also have room to play around with the feel of your home by choosing a different style of door. For example, a Cape Cod looks great with a craftsman-style door, but if your style’s a little more modern, go with a sleeker option—it’s all about finding the balance that suits your personal preference.

Traditional style doors have that European feel. They often feature glass, ornate trim, and different panel configurations. Most traditional doors have clear or frosted glass for privacy, and some feature transoms and sidelights. These are the classic choice.

Craftsman doors harken back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These doors have a handmade look and feel. They may feature shelves, wrought iron detailing, or decorative glass. Craftsman-style doors fit with many older homes, but again, they can also be used to enhance and update other homes as well.

Farmhouse doors call back to the traditional style, with a hint of craftsmanship too. These doors often feature vertical planks and panels. Glass is typically in a grill pattern, and they may feature sidelights. Hardware is a must for playing up the rustic farmhouse look. Selecting modern door locks with a distressed bronze or matte black finish will really enhance the feel of a farmhouse door.

Finally, we get to modern entry doors—the current popular trend. Modern doors are sleek and minimal, with clean lines and few (if any) panels. They often have a contemporary aspect that speaks to today’s more streamlined homes and lifestyles. The glass features in these doors are usually simple and sophisticated. Modern doors are often in bold colors—solid black, red, navy, and other standout options that make the door pop.

For minimalist designs, modern doors bring the drama. These doors are eye-catching and beautiful. What’s more, they fit nearly any home style and can give your house a contemporary, elevated feel.

An Entry Door You Can Rely On

Whether you choose an entry door with modern style or another style, one thing’s for sure—Weather Tight offers doors that you can rely on. Our careful installation process ensures that the door is safe, secure, and built-to-last.

We carry the highest quality products on the market in an array of styles, colors, and looks to suit any home. Work with our team to get a door you’ll love.

Complete the look with beautiful hardware. The right knob, lock, and hinges will bring together the entry door look. Our multipoint locking system helps to add another layer of security and safety to your home as well.

If you’re exploring your entry door options, reach out today! Our representatives will walk you through all the available choices and help you find a door that brings your home to life!

Types of Patio Doors: Exploring Your Patio Door Options

It seems that almost all homeowners struggle with their patio doors. It doesn’t matter what type of patio door you have, either—any aging door can present a problem. Sliding doors stick, and French doors can seem unstable.

Your patio door presents some unique challenges, whether it opens onto a cement slab, a deck, or a small porch. Here’s what you need to know about the types of patio doors available and how to know if it’s time to update your home’s patio entrance door.

The back patios of two side by side white and tan brick homes; a white brick home has double French patio doors propped open. The second tan brick house has three panel sliding patio doors.

When to Replace Your Patio Door?

Are you wondering when you should replace your patio door? Of course, there are aesthetic reasons—you want a door that matches and balances the look and style of your home, and seamlessly welcomes you out into your home’s outdoor spaces. But there are also practical and safety reasons to upgrade to a new patio door too.

Many older sliding-style patio doors were made of rickety aluminum. These doors consist of a flimsy screen and a sliding door that operates on tracks. The doors stick and get off-kilter. They rarely open smoothly, and either you’re wrestling to get the door open or pulling to get it shut. Sometimes they don’t close all the way, and other times, you need two people to pry them open.

The other hazard with older patio doors is that they typically feature a singular lock in the middle. The lock is held together by a small piece of metal that barely goes into the frame. Small screws hold the locking mechanism in place. As you probably realize, this doesn’t make for ideal home security.

It’s not something we like to think about, but patio doors can be one of the easiest doors in your home to break into. With the singular locking point and the rickety tracks, someone can wiggle the door back and forth and easily enter. Push hard enough, and the door can open with minimal effort.

Finally, the other hazard of older patio doors is that many include metal sills at the bottom of the jamb. The metal, typically aluminum, isn’t always an ideal fit for our cold Wisconsin winters. Metal is conductive, and it can quickly become icy in frigid weather. Condensation ice melts off and leaks into the surrounding wood, leading to rot and deterioration. It’s common for us to remove a door and find a significant problem with rot and decay thanks to water seeping into the jamb. Poor insulation and faulty seals compound the problem.

Don’t miss the video below from Tod & Todd, where they walk you through the signs that it’s time to replace your patio door.


Choose from Many Types of Patio Doors

If any of the problems above sound familiar, you’re ready to replace your patio door. But which type of patio door should you pick? Fortunately, there are many different patio door sizes and styles to choose from. French patio doors are popular, but most people prefer to go with a classic sliding door. Fortunately, all different types of patio doors that we carry at Weather Tight are of the highest quality. They will last for years, with none of the issues that arise with the older doors.

In addition to style options, we have many customization choices to ensure the right patio door complements the look of your home and matches seamlessly. You can choose from fade-resistant trim that is made to last. Select a grid-style door to create a beautifully finished look, or choose etched glass for extra privacy.

One of the top features of Weather Tight doors is our multipoint locking system. Rather than locking in one central spot that is easily pushed in, our doors lock in three places with the turn of the bolt. Multipoint locking systems offer excellent safety and security, making a replacement patio door from Weather Tight a popular choice.

What’s more, our sliding doors operate on an upper track, similar to a barn door. This lets you slide the door open and closed without wrestling or resistance. You can open the door with little effort—perfect for when you’re entertaining out on the patio.

Our patio doors include QuadSealTM weather stripping for improved energy efficiency, keeping your home’s temperature consistent in any weather. So, you won’t need to worry about rain or snow leaking in (or the air conditioning leaking out in the summer).

Select from five different handle finishes and an array of trim color options. Whether you prefer painter’s white, provincial oak, tan, or sandstone, we offer a look and style that will match the style and colors of your house.

If you’re ready to explore your new patio door options, reach out today! Our Weather Tight representatives are happy to review the array of patio door selections available. We’ll come out and measure your sliding glass door dimensions and show you the many replacement patio door options to choose from.


Exterior Door Locks: How to Be Sure Your Home is Safe

Are you tired of fussing with old door locks? Maybe your lock sticks and doesn’t hold the door tightly against the frame. Perhaps you’re feeling some heat loss and air infiltration around your door. Is it time to replace your exterior door locks?

If you’re struggling with your exterior door locks, it may be time to replace not only the locks but the whole door. Here’s why you should consider a better solution for stronger security.

Thinking of replacing your exterior door locks? Here’s why you may want to consider exterior door replacement for better security.

Wrestling with Old Door Locks

We’ve all had THAT exterior door—one that doesn’t lock easily. When you come to the house with an arm full of groceries or mail, you stand at the door, wiggling your key and trying to get the lock to turn.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem; the lock turns very easily—too easily, in fact. You’ve given out housekeys to various guests, and the security of your exterior door locks is questionable at best. So, is it time to replace your exterior door locks? How do you know?

Before you run off to the nearest big box store to buy a replacement lock, take a moment to consider the state of your exterior door. Is the door in good condition? Does it seal tightly to the frame? If you shine a flashlight or stand outside the door at night, can you see the light around the door frame? That’s a sure sign that air is escaping in and out of your home.

Also, look at the door’s appearance. Is it a solid door that is holding up well to weather, or has your exterior door seen better days? Whether it’s a front or side entry to your home, your door is likely the first thing guests see. You’ll want to give off the best impression and select a door that’s beautiful and built solidly.

If your exterior door locks aren’t doing their job anymore, chances are, your door has also passed its prime. It may be time to consider exterior door replacement.

The Safety of a Multipoint Locking System

At Weather Tight, most of our exterior options include a free upgrade option to a multipoint locking system. So, what is a multipoint lock system? It’s the safest, safest, and most weather-tight way to keep your home locked.

Watch this video from Tod & Todd to learn about the importance of a multipoint locking system:

A multipoint locking system offers a locking mechanism at several points along the door—typically the top, middle, and bottom. Then, with one easy turn of the key or interior locking mechanism, your door is closed tightly and securely to the frame.

Doors with a singular locking point can be kicked in, broken, and even removed from the side. What’s more, the door no longer seals as tightly over time. As a result, cold air can leak through your door in the winter. Drafts can come in under the door, and suddenly your house feels chillier and less comfortable. In the summer, you’ll end up paying more for air conditioning as the air leaks to the outside.

Cut your energy costs and security concerns with a new, secure exterior door. You’ll rest easy at night knowing your door is exceptionally safe and your family is protected. A multipoint locking system is a simple, effective, and unobtrusive way to add an extra layer of protection to your house.

From the inside, the locking system is as easy to operate as a single-point system. With the flip of the locking mechanism, the door is closed and secured in three separate points. It’s just as easy to unlock from the inside—turn and open. If you’ve been wrestling with sticky old door locks that don’t close or open with ease, you’ll be amazed at the smoothness of operation.

Beautiful Exterior Door Options to Flatter Any Home

The fun part of replacing your exterior door is that it gives you a chance to upgrade and personalize the look of your home. With Weather Tight, you can choose from a huge variety of exterior door options, ensuring a look you’ll love (at a price you can afford).

Our beautiful Seal-Rite Therma-Tru doors are available in many colors and finish options. Everyone loves the look of a wooden door, of course, but fiberglass doors are more secure and provide five times the insulation of wood. These days fiberglass doors are undetectable from their classic wooden counterparts. In fact, they often look much better because there’s no fading, cracking, peeling, or upkeep. The woodgrain looks authentic and will complement any home.

Visit the Therma-Tru Door Designer to play with the many looks and options for your front door. Whether you like a door with a transom, sidelight, or a beautiful pattern, there are plenty of options and styles. Security is, of course, extremely important to everyone, but don’t forget about curb appeal too! We want you to feel proud of your new exterior door and your home’s mini face-lift!

Before you struggle to install an exterior door lock that will never quite seal or turn properly, reach out to Weather Tight. A replacement door can improve the look and feel of your home. With the multipoint locking system, it can also improve the safety and security of your house. You’ll sleep easy, knowing your family is protected and your home is beautiful and secure.

To learn how affordable and easy a replacement exterior door can be, please reach out to our representatives today. We’re happy to help you explore your options and discover the door of your dreams!

Refer a Friend, Earn Rewards at Weather Tight

At Weather Tight, we know that reputation is everything in this business, and nothing means more to us than when you refer a friend for our services. We understand how valuable your recommendation is, and we will always do our best to live up to your trust in us.

Our reputation for excellence has made us Wisconsin’s Most Recommended Home Remodeler. We offer an array of home improvement services to ensure that you, your friends, and your neighbors feel proud and comfortable whenever you come home.

Weather Right is Wisconsin's Most Recommended Home Remodeler

About the Weather Tight Referral Program

We know there are many choices out there, so when you refer a friend or family member to us, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your promotion. With our Weather Tight Customer Referral program, we offer you rewards for your referrals and discounts for your friends and family.

We’ve recently revamped our referral program, and it’s open to everyone—not just Weather Tight customers. We know that word of mouth spreads, and you might recommend us based on a neighbor’s suggestion or how we completed a job for a family member. You’re still promoting our service, and we want you to know that we’re grateful.

If you’d like to Refer a Friend to Weather Tight, please go to our Refer A Friend page. Then, log in if you are a member, or sign up for the referral program.

We ask you to include your name and phone number, your friend’s name and contact information, and a description of the project that you’re discussing or that you know they may be interested in. This will help ensure that our team is prepared to answer any questions and give your referral a complete overview of our services. This will also ensure that you and your referrals information are connected in our systems.

The Weather Tight Customer Referral program requires you to submit a referral form online or mail an official referral form to us. Your referral will receive $200 off their job, and you will receive a $75 gift card for each new referral that results in a sale.

Any referral given must have your name listed as the referring party prior to your referral’s appointment and FREE estimate. After this time, you will only be able to receive an award if your name is mentioned to one of our experts at the time of sale. Unfortunately, we can’t make rewards adjustments on previous sales once completed.

More Ways to Earn Rewards from Weather Tight

When you join our referral program, you will get a login and a special link. You can earn additional rewards by sending out your link via email (be sure to copy our Rewards team at, or even post your unique link on Facebook—just send us a screenshot of your post.  In sharing your link you can earn a $25 Amazon gift card.  There is a limit of one $25 Amazon gift card per week.

Whenever your referrals make a purchase from Weather Tight and use your referral link, you will receive a reward! We payout our referral rewards in $75 electronic gift cards sent via email to our Weather Tight Customer Referral program members.

Imagine earning rewards just for promoting a service and a company that you feel good about! Weather Tight is known for our excellent reputation, dedication to service, and quality installation. Did we mention that we are now Employee-Owned right here out of Wisconsin! We offer an array of home improvement products, including:

If you’ve used our services in the past, or know a friend or family member who’s ready for an upgrade, be sure to join our referral program. Not only will you help your friends and family with high-quality home improvement, but you could earn something for yourself too!

Explore the Refer A Friend page today to learn more about the Weather Tight Customer Referral program. We’re happy to share more information and help you spread the word about our award-winning services!

The Many Types of Exterior Doors for Your Home

Are you considering updating the exterior doors on your home? Doors may seem like a minor update, but your entry doors can make a massive difference in the appearance of your house. We can help you pick an option you’ll love with many types of exterior doors to choose from.

So how do you select the right exterior doors for your situation? How do you know the type of door you pick will complement your décor? Most importantly, how do you know that the exterior door you choose will be safe and secure for years to come?

Here we break down the many types of exterior doors available for your home through Weather Tight.

There are many types of entry doors to choose from. Learn how to pick the perfect type of entry door to match your home's style and keep your family safe.



Types of Exterior Doors

A door is a door, right? Well, not exactly. When choosing an exterior door, you’ll want to look at color options, glass features, hardware, and other factors. There are endless possibilities for your front and other exterior doors with the many entry door options available today.

You can get almost any style you like with fiberglass exterior doors. Fiberglass doors mimic the look of natural wood, with beautiful grain details that look authentic. What’s more, there are many finishes to choose from, hardware selections, and other ways to personalize and customize your ideal entry door.

Are you wondering if it’s really time to replace your entry door? Several signs can help you determine when a door is past its prime. In the video below, Tod & Todd explain three easy tests to tell you if you need to consider exterior door replacement.


Selecting an Exterior Door Style

If your home is modern, classic, or anything in between, you’ll find the perfect exterior door in our portfolio of options. Decorative details like wood molding, mullions, and panels can create a door that fits the style and feel of your house.

Fancy a modern look? A smooth door with small windows may be the right style. Prefer an artisan look? Many doors are available with rounded panels, shaker-type styles, and more. Fiberglass doors can mimic the look of any wooden door style but with a strong, maintenance-free finish.

Explore the many options for ThermaTru entry doors today.

Color Your Entry Door

At Weather Tight, we have seven different stain finishes to choose from. A range of wood grain shades ensures you can easily match your door to other wood finishes in your home. Many options, from light honey to dark raven, will give your door a perfect look.

Do you prefer a door with a pop of cheery color? Fortunately, our ThermaTru Smooth Star door series are fully paintable. You can pick any color you prefer, from red to green to orange. What do you want people to see when they come to your house? Select a signature color that sets your home apart. With fiberglass entry doors, you get the strength of steel with the ease, beauty, and customizability of wood.

Glass Design

Do you want a front door with sidelights? Seeking the security of a peep window? Would you prefer an exterior door with sidelights and a transom?

ThermaTru provides many decorative glass options for your front door. You can pick from all different types of window and glass features. If you want to let in light but keep your privacy, consider frosted glass or water glass. You can choose a decorative glass design or a solid window.

A transom or sidelight can really open up your entryway. Choose from eye-catching details that bring in light and offer extra security, as well. ThermaTru offers impact-rated glass in many of their door models—this glass will keep your entryway extra safe and secure.

Hardware, Locks & More

Finish your custom door look with beautiful hardware. Choose metal finishes that flatter the rest of your home’s hardware and complete the look. Of course, an exterior door should always lock securely and safely. Our doors have a multi-point locking system option that provides extra safety and security.

Instead of locking in only one point in the middle of the door, the three-point system secures the door in three different areas, making it especially safe from danger. The added locking protection also improves the door’s performance, as it holds it even tighter against the weatherstripping seal.

Compliment your new entry door with a beautiful storm door. We offer the perfect storm door to enhance your entryway with retractable screen options, stylish designs, beautiful hardware, and an array of color choices.

Security and Comfort: The Two Most Important Features of Any Entry Door

No matter the look, color, style, or features of your entry door, the essential part of any door performance is safety. Doors should protect your home from danger, weather, cold air, and more. Our fiberglass entry doors resist moisture and rot. As a result, they stay beautiful and low maintenance for years.

The weatherstripping on the doors helps keep out cold air, drafts, and heat loss. Our doors are energy efficient and can instantly improve your home’s comfort. Many homeowners wonder if their current door is performing efficiently and safely—to find out, perform this simple dollar bill test below from Tod & Todd.

Ever heard of the Dollar Bill Test? Watch Tod & Todd perform this tried-and-true test of efficiency to determine how your entry door is performing and if it’s time for an upgrade.


If you discover an exterior door is no longer doing its job, don’t wait. We can replace and update doors year-round. What’s more, an entry door replacement takes little time, and our technicians work hard to ensure your home is safe and comfortable during the entire process.

Many homeowners wonder why they waited so long to improve their homes’ look, comfort, and style. An entry door is a wise investment that can instantly improve your curb appeal, increase your home’s value, and make you feel proud to welcome guests.

If you’re ready to explore the types of exterior doors available for your home, reach out today! We’re happy to help you discover the perfect entrance.


Choosing Home Entry Doors: Why You Need a Quality Garage Entry Door

If you’ve decided it’s time to replace the door to your home, you’re likely thinking of the front entry door. But most of us have multiple entrances to our home, and there are many reasons why a quality garage entry door may be one of the most important doors in your house.

Most homeowners are concerned about the look and feel of their front door. After all, it’s the face of your home, and it really enhances the curb appeal. Not to mention the benefits of heat loss prevention and weather protection, as well as safety that comes from a solid entry door.

But if you’re replacing your door, we encourage you to consider all the entry doors to your home. Here’s why choosing a quality garage entry door is so crucial to your safety and comfort!

Fire Doors

Fire Hazards Start in the Garage

None of us like to think about house fires, but it can be devastating if we ever face one. One of the keys to fire prevention is setting up a quality garage entry door that creates a safety barrier between your home and the garage.

These days, a fire-retardant door may even be a requirement, particularly if you live in a condo or multi-family dwelling. Regardless, a strong, quality garage entry door will protect you and your family in those critical minutes during a fire.

According to the US Fire Administration, about 6,600 residential fires begin in the garage each year, resulting in 30 deaths and 400 injuries. The garage is a common source of fire hazards, including poor wiring, combustible materials, chemicals, and yard equipment. People work on their cars and small engines in the garage. They use power tools there. In Wisconsin, they may set up a space heater to ward off the cold since many garages are poorly insulated.

All these factors create an environment where fire can quickly happen. Having a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher in your garage is a good idea, but if your garage is attached to your home, then a quality entry door is a critical line of defense. A fire-retardant door will protect your family.

At Weather Tight, we offer Therma-Tru products that are fire-rated and meet most code requirements for garage entry doors. Depending on the fire protection level you’d prefer, we offer 90-minute fire-rated steel doors, meaning they can withstand 1700 degrees for 90 minutes. We also sell 20-minute fiberglass fire doors, which feature a cement-based core and can withstand 1400 degrees for 20 minutes. If you’re considering new entry doors to your home, ask about garage entry door options as well!

Watch Tod & Todd discuss the importance of quality, fire-rated garage entry doors.


Other Benefits of Installing a Quality Garage Entry Door

For reasons less dramatic but still important, there are other benefits to choosing a quality garage entry door when you replace doors. Many homeowners dismiss the garage entry door, as it’s usually hidden off the mudroom or the kitchen. They may assume it won’t do as much to beautify the house as the front, patio, or backdoor.

But you shouldn’t overlook your garage entry door, because often the most traffic comes through it. When you come and go, you’re probably walking in and out of the garage several times a day. For you and your family, the garage door IS the face of your home. A good garage entry door will not only look beautiful and compliment your home, but it will prevent air loss and close tightly every time.

You’ll want a garage door that offers an airtight seal and has been hung and fitted by a professional. Doors are notoriously finicky to install, and air loss can be a huge issue if they’re improperly hung. A professional installer will ensure you get an airtight door that won’t let the heat out and the cold air in during the winter. You will likely see the benefits of a good entry door on your energy bill.

Not only does an airtight door prevent heat loss, but it will also keep out the nasty smells and fumes that can seep into your house through the garage. If you can “smell” the car running with the garage door open and the garage-to-home entry door closed, you may be getting some air infiltration. Keep those vapors out of your house and away from your family.

Ever heard of the Dollar Bill Test? Watch Tod and Todd demonstrate how to tell if your garage entry door has a quality seal:

Last but certainly not least, there’s the issue of security. How many of us close the garage door and assume it means we don’t need to worry about the garage entry door to our home? Unfortunately, intruders know that breaking into a garage window or door is a quiet way to get into a home, especially when the entry door doesn’t have a sufficient lock. Sleep safely with a secure, quality garage entry door that keeps your family safe.

If you’re considering replacement doors for your home, be sure to include the garage entry door in your plan. We offer special deals and rates (including BOGO offers on entry doors). Don’t settle for doors that don’t do the job. Reach out to us today to explore your options for every entry door in your home.


How a MultiPoint Door Lock System Keeps Your Home Safe & Comfortable

Most of us don’t think about our door locks very often. Typically, at night you might turn the knob, flip the deadbolt, and head to bed. You expect your door to keep your family safe and you can rest peacefully. But is your current door locking system really keeping your home safe and secure?

Of course, it’s nothing any of us like to worry about, but safety is an essential consideration in any entry door. Doors exist to keep us protected in our homes; to keep out bad weather, intruders, and anything else the outside world throws our way.

Whether it’s your front door or a side entry door, you need to know your locks are working, and your door lock system will keep you, your family, and the contents of your home secure.

So, if you’re considering an update to your exterior doors, here’s why you shouldn’t settle for any other lock system. The exclusive Multipoint Locking System or MPLS from Weather Tight keeps your home safe and provides a surprising additional benefit so you can relax and feel safe in your home.

Entry Door

The Anatomy of a Multipoint Door Lock System

The idea behind the multipoint door lock system is simple but effective. We’ve all seen doors with several locks running up the side—a deadbolt, a chain lock, the lock built into the handle. While these may feel secure, the problem is they all lock in one spot—the center of the door. With pressure or blunt force at the top or bottom of the door, the lock could give way.

With the multipoint locking system, there is one activation for three points. You don’t need to lock your door two or three separate times to know it’s safe and tightly secured. With one easy turn of the lock, you’ve secured your entry door on the top, the bottom, and the middle. It would be extremely difficult to push the door open, even when applying pressure to the top or bottom.

To understand more about how a multipoint door lock system works, watch this demonstration video from Home Improvement Tips with Tod & Todd:


Energy Efficiency: The Surprising Benefit of Multipoint Locking Systems

One of the most surprising benefits of the multipoint locking system is an increase in the energy efficiency of your entry door. While most homeowners think of locks as a safety measure, they also help keep your doors closed extra tight.

With the three locking points, your exterior door is held air-tight to the frame against the weather stripping. This secure seal prevents air infiltration. Even with the most secure single-point locks, the top and bottom of the door often lose small amounts of air. A three-point lock keeps the cold air out and the warm air in (and in the summer, it ensures you aren’t cooling the entire outdoors).

The other surprise is that the multipoint locking system is a free upgrade we offer on our entry doors (whenever possible—multipoint locking systems are not available on patio doors through Weather Tight). Occasionally there are steel doors, fire doors with a cement core, and garage doors that aren’t compatible with the three-point door lock system, but in most cases, this upgrade is available on any beautiful Weather Tight exterior door.

This means you can choose from gorgeous exterior doors designed to fit the look, style, and feel of your home. We offer many customizable options and styles, including French doors, in a wide variety of colors, glass options, hardware, and more. Fiberglass provides the look and beauty of wood with woodgrain detail, but with more durability and moisture resistance. You won’t need to paint these maintenance-free doors. They retain their original beauty for years and years with virtually no upkeep at all.

If you’re ready to upgrade the look of your home while ensuring the safety, security, and comfort of your family, a new entry door is a great place to start. With locks at three critical points to enhance security, the multipoint locking system from Weather Tight is one more great reason to consider a new door today.

Give us a call for a free estimate. Our sales representatives will walk you through your options and help you choose a door you’ll love.


What You Need to Know About Patio Door Replacement

With summer fast approaching, chances are you’re excited to spend more time out on your patio. You’re probably ready to open up your sliding patio doors and let in that fresh air…

But like many homeowners in Wisconsin, you may discover your patio door isn’t working quite as smoothly as you’d like. You wrestle to slide it open; it goes off track. You worry about the locking mechanism, so you jam a broom handle in the bottom. You notice air seeps in, even in the winter and the seal doesn’t keep out the cold.

Bad patio doors become the bane of a homeowner’s existence. It’s a constant struggle. If this sounds like you, it’s time to consider patio door replacement. Weather Tight is ready to help!

3 Panel Patio Door

5 Signs It’s Time for Patio Door Replacement

The most obvious sign of a patio door problem is one that “jumps the track” every time you slide it open. Generally, the difficulty extends to the screen, too. Screen doors are often the nemesis of a patio door owner. The door may seem to work somewhat properly, but the screen gets stuck, feels flimsy, and is tough to open.

When your patio door is difficult or hard to use, it’s less convenient to enjoy your home. If you need to walk all the way around your house to get to your patio, that’s a major (and annoying) problem. Of course, there are a few other common issues with patio doors, too. Here are 5 signs it’s time to consider a patio door replacement.

1. Your Patio Door Has Fogged Glass

People approach us often saying, “I think my door is fine, but the glass is all fogged up.” Unfortunately, this is often a sign the seal around the door is shot. Fogging is different from normal window condensation; it typically appears (and stays) trapped between panes of glass. Not only is fogged glass unsightly, but it’s a sign moisture is leaking between glass panes. You’re getting heat loss and other issues.

When a Weather Tight expert comes out, they’ll take a look at your door. We’ve seen circumstances where the door is fine and there’s simply a problem with the glass (in which case we’ll refer you to a glass replacement specialist who will fix the glass easily). Most of the time, however, fogged glass is an indicator of bigger issues with the patio door.

2. You See Mildew and Discoloration Around the Patio Door Seal and Floor

Another common concern with patio doors, especially in the spring when warmth and moisture come in, is mildew along the sealing around the glass. Another tale-tale sign is discoloration on the floor near the door. Here in Wisconsin, moisture seepage is a big issue thanks to those icy winters.

Most older patio doors were built with an aluminum track. Unfortunately, this type of track isn’t ideal for cold weather, especially if there’s a patio or deck leading up to the patio door. Snow and ice build right up around the door itself. Aluminum conducts the ice and you’ll see it melt, refreeze, and rot around the door.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your patio door? Learn more about patio door replacement with this Tod & Todd’s home improvement tips video!



3. Ants are Marching in Your Home

Another (annoying) sign that patio door replacement is needed? Ants marching in your home. Often when the seal around the patio door doesn’t close tightly due to rot (or because you’ve had to force the door open and closed, misshaping it), small spaces form. These spaces are perfect for letting in ants and other pests. Even worse, we’ve seen many situations where we take out a door to discover ants have eaten away the substructure, knee wall, and wall below it. You often can’t see the damage until it’s quite far along.

If ants can get in and out of your home, cold air is getting inside in the winter as well. You’re likely experiencing heat loss around your poorly sealed patio door. While the screen is great for letting in the breeze during the summer months, you may also be overworking your air conditioner when you close the door because the door is no longer airtight.

4. You Need a Broom Handle to “Lock” Your Patio Door

One of the biggest dangers that homeowners face with old patio doors is security. Unfortunately, older doors don’t close or lock properly. Often, when you’ve had to shake and wiggle the door to get it on track, you’ve also made the door looser and easier to jimmy open. If someone wants to get in, they’ll wiggle the door hard enough to free it of the single, short lock.

Many homeowners mitigate this problem by getting out their trusty broom handle. We’ve heard more than one instance of the broom handle falling down in the track accidentally and locking the homeowner out! Intruders, on the other hand, won’t hesitate to use a screwdriver to easily pop up the broom handle/wooden bar and get right in.

Our replacement patio doors feature an ultra-secure three-point locking system. The door locks in three locations along the frame. Instead of using short screws to secure the door, we use longer screws that go all the way into the door frame. This ensures you can put away your broom handle and feel safe because there’s no way to break the door open by wiggling it.

5. Your Door Is Difficult to Open or Has to Be Forced

Again, probably the most common complaint of all is difficulty opening patio doors. What happens when a homeowner can’t open their patio door (especially in the summer months, when it’s being used all the time)? They wiggle it around. They wrestle with the door. They force it open and closed. This means your door gets bent and the frame no longer fits into the track.

There’s no reason to feel bad about forcing your patio door open too many times. The truth is, older patio doors were poorly made. The wheels lock up and they jump off track. The flimsy screens get easily bent and become unusable. It’s a serious pain in the neck.

Replacement patio doors from Weather Tight feature screens hung like barn doors—from the top using a rail. Instead of bearing weight, the screens are suspended from a monorail on the top. They slide easily and more consistently. They don’t get bound up in the track or become misshapen from being wiggled around. Many homeowners can’t believe how much easier it is to slide the new patio doors open and closed, and then securely lock them when needed.

If you’re ready to enjoy summer with a beautiful, easy-to-use, secure patio door, give us a call! Our Weather Tight experts are happy to schedule a consultation to assess your current door and patio door replacement needs. New doors will help you step outside with ease and enjoy the sunshine on your patio. Don’t let another summer go by while you wrestle with your patio door—call today!