ROI on Exterior Updates: Save with New Roofs, Windows, & Doors

Let’s talk ROI. When you hear return on investment, you probably think of the stock market. But in today’s world, investing in your home might be a wiser place for your savings. In fact, the return on exterior updates can be even better than you think.

If you’re on a budget, it pays to do a little research before deciding how to invest in your home’s exterior. Whether you’re considering selling your home soon or looking for ways to save money in the long run, there’s a significant return on home exterior updates. With the right approach, you can attract buyers, get more for the sale, and see savings on your utilities to boot! Here’s what you need to know about the ROI on exterior updates.

Image shows an aerial shot of a home with grey siding and black shutters

High Yield Exterior Updates

So, what is the highest yield on exterior updates for your home? It may depend on whether you’re preparing your home for sale or you plan to stay with your home for years to come.

For those planning to sell, it’s all about curb appeal. Improving the look of your home’s exterior with a few critical updates can be a sound investment (and help you fetch a higher price from that potential buyer). Here are a few exterior updates to consider.

New Entry Doors

Your entry doors are the face of your home. It’s the first thing people see when they walk in; chances are, potential buyers will notice a shabby front door immediately. Your entry doors are at eye level, front, and center, setting the tone for the rest of your house. Potential buyers are likely to notice if a door looks old and worn, and they will make assumptions about the rest of the home.

On the same note, a new entry door is a simple and affordable update that can really boost your curb appeal and add that polished look to your home. It can also increase the safety and security of your home, which is another draw for potential buyers.

New Roof

If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s critical that you make sure the roof is up to par. If you have shingles past their prime, they will definitely get noticed by a potential buyer. In addition, a new roof will increase your home’s value, and it’s something that your real estate agent can showcase and promote when they sell your house.

A new roof can also help you ensure that you don’t have any ventilation issues or other problems in your home that could result in an inspection problem. While new roofing requires some investment, the truth is that if your roof is in poor condition, it can become a very costly problem. Your ROI on a new roof makes it a worthy exterior update.

New Siding and Trim


In this Home Improvement Tips with Tod and Todd video, Tod points out some wear-and-tear signs of damaged siding on a Hales Corners, Wisconsin home that shows it’s time to tear off and replace the siding. Out-of-date siding can detract from the curb appeal of your home!

Another exterior update to consider is new siding and trim. Once again, this exterior update boosts your curb appeal and will help your home look its best when it hits the market. First impressions are everything to buyers, so make sure your home looks appealing and well-cared-for at first sight.

New siding and trim are about more than just aesthetic appeal, though. By investing in new siding, you will increase the comfort and temperature control in your home. We’ll remove the old siding and ensure you don’t have any concerns lurking beneath the finish. You’ll be confident that your home is as well-kept as it looks.

Long-Term ROI on Exterior Updates

What if you don’t plan to sell your home right now but instead want to lower your utility bills, increase your home’s safety, and ensure that you aren’t going to run into massive problems (like wood rot, pests, or mold) in the future?

While the above exterior updates offer a sound investment for long and short-term homeowners alike, there are some additional exterior updates to consider as well.

New Windows

If you want to lower your utility bills, increase the comfort of your home, and mitigate any issues that come with cold (and hot) weather, then new windows are one of the best investments you can make. Replacement windows are surprisingly affordable, and they really update both the look and feel of your home.

Of course, replacement windows are a great idea before you sell your home as well. You can increase the light in your home, make the rooms appear larger, and address any issues with leaks, out-of-style windows, or wood rot (all of which can make buyers beware).

But don’t wait to replace windows until you’re about to put your house on the market. One of the most common comments we hear from our customers is, “I don’t know why I waited to update. My house temperature is so much more comfortable with new windows!”

Other Long-Term Exterior Updates with Good ROI

The same goes for most exterior updates. You may want to reconsider if you’re putting off improvements until you’re preparing to sell. Why not make your home a place you want to live in right now? Upgrading and updating the home you’re in with some strategic exterior updates will increase your curb appeal and comfort—a worthy investment to feel proud of your living space!

The good news across the board is that almost all exterior updates offer significant ROI. For example, a new door can reduce air infiltration, lower energy costs, increase security, and help you rest easily at night. Likewise, a new roof can keep your home healthy, ensure that you have proper ventilation, and protect your family from the hazards of roof issues.

Even a simple investment like trim or siding can significantly increase the comfort levels of your house. When we install siding, we take it down to the base layer, install a new Tyvek HomeWrap, and address any concerns like rotting wood before putting on the new exterior finish. A leaky gutter (or missing gutter, as seen in the video below) can cause major and expensive damage to your house.

If you’re ready to update your home, reach out today! We can help you decide which exterior update will offer the best ROI for your particular situation. You may be surprised at how sound an investment in your home can be—no matter the market!

Waiting for Spring? NOW is the Best Time to Schedule Your Home Remodel Projects

When the autumn days get shorter and colder, chances are you start to hunker down at home. You might have tucked away a few ideas and plans for home remodeling projects. But like most of us, you’re probably putting most of them off until spring.

Perhaps you should reconsider. The truth is, right now—late fall and early winter—is the best time to schedule home remodeling projects. We often experience a big rush right after the first of the year. So if you want to secure your ideal dates, it’s a great time to start the ball rolling with a call to Weather Tight.

Image shows a small model home sitting on a table with tools and blueprints

How to Decide if It’s Time to Schedule Home Remodeling Projects

If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin, chances are you know mild weather and tolerable temperatures are fleeting as we approach Wisconsin winters. As colder temperatures bring time constraints into our daily lives, most of us aren’t thinking about home remodels or installing new windows. But when a cold breeze makes its way through a problem window at night, or we find ourselves reaching for socks, sweaters, and blankets in the house, it’s time to think about making some changes.

Like many Wisconsin homeowners, maybe you get out the tape and plastic when the winter weather hits, hoping to seal out Jack Frost and keep your home more comfortable. But did you know that this isn’t a necessary part of life in the Midwest? If you have quality windows that work, air infiltration isn’t a problem—the temperature in your home should stay consistent.

One of the most common comments after window replacement is, “I wish I had done it sooner! What a difference!” Replacing your windows can greatly increase the comfort of your home. What’s more, you can select the windows that you want. Upgrade your windows to a larger frame that lets in more light, or convert a traditional window to a bay window to brighten the space.

Signs that it may be time to update your windows include:

  • Windows that are hard to open.
  • Windows that don’t lock properly.
  • Drafty windows.
  • Frames that are degraded, peeling, or damaged.
  • Signs of wood rot near the windows.
  • Glass that’s cloudy, damaged, or broken.

See what’s possible for window updates in this video from Tod & Todd:


We see these signs in windows of any age—even newer homes. Often the windows that contractors put in during a build are the cheapest option and are not built to last. So if your windows don’t seem to be doing their job, it’s probably not your imagination. New windows make a world of difference, and there’s no time like the present to get started!

Scheduling Roofing, Siding, Doors, and More

What about those other home updates? When is the best time to schedule home remodeling projects like siding, roofing, doors, and trim?

One sign that it’s time to schedule home remodeling projects is if you feel less than satisfied with the look of your home. Curb appeal is essential, and if shingles are pealing, paint is chipped, or the siding is dented and falling off, it’s time to invest in home updates. When company comes for the holidays, will you cringe a little, wishing you’d done a few of the repairs before the weather changed?

Or maybe you plan to figure out your home updates in the spring when it warms up. If scraping, sanding, and painting are on your spring to-do list, consider saving yourself time and effort by upgrading to vinyl or composite siding. Our exterior finishes are low maintenance with easy upkeep.

As for roofing and trim, keep an eye on the winter weather and your roof. Do you experience issues like ice damming? Are your shingles curling up? Do you see particles of roofing materials in the runoff? These are all indications you may have a roofing issue.

Besides the obvious signs like missing shingles or leaky spots in the ceiling, the biggest warning that your roof has a problem is loose and curled shingles. The discoloration is also a sign that your roof may have some damage and be due for an update.

Another tale-tell sign that it’s time to schedule home remodeling projects, like new doors, is if your home feels cold and drafty, particularly around the entryway. We’ve seen homes where snow drifts under doors or door frames, and knobs get icy and wet when the weather turns! Yikes!

Doors should seal tightly, lock easily, and provide a safe, secure entrance to your home. Winter weather should stay outside where it belongs.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to schedule home remodeling projects and updates now. Don’t wait until spring or suffer through a long winter. Let’s get the ball rolling and schedule you ahead of the post-new-year rush!

Should You Schedule Home Remodeling Before or After the Holidays?

The hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays can be challenging. We’re truly our busiest during this time of year. Most of us aren’t thinking of scheduling home updates right now. We’re probably postponing those big projects until spring.

But the reality is that scheduling home remodeling projects can take some time. Most people decide to update their homes in the spring, which means they start making scheduling calls in February or March; this can mean facing a spring rush, where projects can take months to get on the calendar.

The other advantage of calling to get a consultation and an estimate now is that manufacturers haven’t started their annual increases on material costs. That means you’ll still take advantage of this year’s prices but can schedule the project after the holidays are behind us.

It’s also good to note that many of our home remodeling projects can be scheduled and tackled right now without disrupting your day-to-day life. We work in almost all kinds of weather, and we’re careful to minimize disruptions. Most projects are at least partially completed outdoors, making noise, mess, and interruptions minimal and easy to deal with.

Think of welcoming guests for the holidays in a beautiful, comfortable, and updated home. Don’t put off scheduling home updates until the spring thaw. Call or click here now to schedule your free, in-home estimate. We’ll help you beautify your home without adding (too much) more to your already full plate.

Plan now for your next home remodel project and enjoy a smooth and stress-free experience with Weather Tight!

5 Weather Tight Services to Help You Cut Back on Home Maintenance

How many of us tolerate inconveniences when it comes to taking care of our homes? Home improvement projects get put off until down the road when we expect a windfall or a summer of free time.

But as the years come and go, those improvement projects build up. Suddenly, patching up and DIY hacks end up costing us more than they’re worth. Energy bills go up, the appearance of our homes go down, and we start looking for ways to cut back on home maintenance that’s taking too much time and costing us too much money.

Many home renovation projects are less expensive than you might fear. Better still, many of the home improvement services offered by Weather Tight will actually save you money (and time) in the long run, making your home safer and more comfortable. If you’re ready to feel proud of your home again, here are some services to consider.

Cut Back on Home Maintenance with These Popular Weather Tight Services

Pocono Autumn Stone Siding

1. Replacement Windows

Windows are notoriously finicky to repair. Once seal failure occurs, your best course of action is almost always replacement. But many homeowners put it off and “deal with it” for another year or two. They get out the tape and plastic to cover the windows each winter. Perhaps they buy some unsightly foam insulation or caulking from the home improvement store to “patch up” the leak.

If you have a drafty window, the best course of action is replacement. Remember what your parents said about “heating the whole neighborhood?” Well, when you have air leaks, you are sending hot air right outside, and letting the cold air in. Air infiltration can increase your energy bill and decrease your comfort.

Replacement windows come in many affordable options and greatly improve the look and feel of your home. You will feel safer, knowing your windows lock securely and seal tightly no matter what’s going on outside. Don’t waste time with tape, plastic, and DIY hacks. They don’t work and will cost you more in the long run.

2. Vinyl Siding

When spring comes around, do you spend hours, even days, sanding and scraping old wood siding on your house? Do you drag out the power washer and get out cans of paint to “touch up” dings and dents in old aluminum siding? Not only do these summer house updates take a long time, but they don’t always offer a lot of payout for your efforts.

If you have older wooden siding on your house, it’s going to require constant upkeep. Wooden siding fades over time; it can attract termites, carpenter ants, and other pests. Even worse, with the wet Wisconsin weather, the siding can mildew and rot after the years go by. No amount of painting and scraping will fix the finish once water damage has occurred, the siding needs to be removed and replaced. Aluminum siding isn’t much better, as it can trap all kinds of problems beneath the surface. It can also get dented and dinged with no hope of recovery.

Save your springtime by investing in beautiful, fade resistant vinyl siding. Weather Tight siding comes in an array of colors and trim to match any look. You will be amazed at the significant difference siding makes for your home. When we replace siding we remove all the older siding first, apply a special Tyvek wrap so your house can “breathe” (to keep out moisture), and ensure your new siding is installed for a low maintenance finish that will last for years. Improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your home with new siding.

3. New Gutters

Cleaning gutters are one of those minor home improvement projects that everyone dreads. You have to climb up a precarious ladder, hurt your knees, and lean dangerously over your house while you pull smelly sludge out of your gutters. It’s not a fun chore. If there’s any way to cut back on home maintenance, gutters are a good place to start.

See the Home Improvement Tips from Tod & Todd video below to learn why new gutters are a great investment:


With new gutters from Weather Tight, you’ll select the color and look. You can choose gutters that will match your home’s exterior finish, soffit, and fascia, and compliment your roof. Beyond increasing your curb appeal, gutters keep water away from your home. Without proper gutters, you may experience foundation damage, leaks to your basement, or worse.

Your home’s windows can also suffer if your gutters aren’t protected. When the gutters get backed up or don’t drain properly, water pours down on your windows, rotting the surrounding trim and damaging your home. When you invest in new gutters, you can also get quality gutter protection that keeps out the leaves and debris that cause backups and lead to expensive damage.

4. Entry Doors

How do you feel about your front door? As the focal point to those entering your house, your doors are an important feature. Not only do entry doors keep you safe and secure, but when professionally installed, they keep out air infiltration and drafts.

A DIY front door may seem like a good project for a weekend warrior, but they’re actually a very challenging home improvement project. Most houses aren’t quite “square” and shift over time. Getting a weathertight seal around a door is almost impossible for less experienced home improvers. Door installation is one of those DIY projects that almost always ends up being a huge pain, costing more than you expected.

Save yourself time and hassle and get peace of mind with a professionally installed entry door from Weather Tight. We have many options to complement the look of your home, whether you want a transom, sidelights, or other features. Our multi-point locking system can add an extra layer of home security as well. Choose wisely by leaving a front door upgrade to the pros.

5. A New Roof

New roofing is another home improvement endeavor that will allow you to cut back on home maintenance in the future. As a roof starts to breakdown and fail, you may notice more runoff and roof debris. Roofing materials and even shingles can end up on the ground or clog up your gutters. When you see this happen, it means your home is at risk of long-term damage.

Water, snow, ice, and hail can all wreak havoc on your roof, as can heat. As your home undergoes weather and temperature changes, it expands and contracts. Over time, shingles loosen, and leaks can start. Often, by the time you’re noticing the effects of water, mildew, and pest damage inside your home, the problem has already gotten well out of hand. Don’t wait—learn the signs of an aging roof today.

Not only does a damaged, aging roof present hazards to your home, but it really detracts from your home’s appearance. Homeowners are frequently surprised at how much new roofing improves the beauty and value of their home. We often hear, “Why did I wait so long?”

Don’t put off home improvement projects, but don’t take them all on yourself. You can cut back on home maintenance by investing in a few professional updates for your house. In the future, you’ll be so glad you did. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to increase your curb appeal and lower your home maintenance costs!


What You Should Know About Fascia and Soffit Replacement


Your fascia and soffit are key components of your home, but many homeowners don’t know what they are or what they do until it’s too late. These little “trim components” play a huge factor in how your home breathes and functions.

Should something go wrong with your soffit and fascia, you can see significant problems like moisture damage, curling shingles, pests, and wood rot. You shouldn’t ignore or overlook these components—they’re critical to your home’s proper ventilation.

So before you look at fascia and soffit replacement, here’s what you need to know about these pieces.

What are Soffit and Fascia?

Soffit & Fascia

These funny words come up frequently when we’re discussing roof replacement, siding replacement, or addressing issues with peeling wood. Many homeowners aren’t very familiar with these terms. Unless you’ve looked at soffit and fascia before (or had a leak issue), you may wonder what the heck soffit and facia are!

The soffit is part of the overhang where your roof meets your siding. When rain or snow hits your roof, it runs down, and the overhang allows the water to flow away from your house. The soffit is underneath the overhang, between the roof’s edge and side of your home—the bottom of the triangle, if you will. Not every home features a soffit (depending on the roof style), but it’s a common component, especially in Wisconsin.

The soffit helps regulate your home’s temperature, allowing your roof to “breathe.” Cool, dry air is drawn into the soffit vent, and hot moist air is forced out of roof exhaust vents.

The fascia is the attractive board along the side of the overhang and the roof that helps your roof appear finished. Your gutter sits atop the facia board. The fascia is also known as a “transition trim” between the home and the roofline. The fascia supports the shingles and helps to keep moisture out.

Your soffit and fascia protect your roof and allow ventilation for your home. These are important components, but they usually don’t get (or require) much attention.

The reason why many homeowners don’t spend time thinking about soffit and fascia is that these components of your home are typically maintenance-free. The trim pieces, especially in a modern home, are often made from the same material as your siding or other trim, like aluminum, wood, or synthetic materials like vinyl and PVC.

In the case of newer homes, especially with synthetic, aluminum-covered soffit and fascia, there is no need to sand, paint, or stain the trim.

When Soffit and Fascia Replacement is Needed

Soffit and fascia are critical for preventing roof and shingle damage, primarily due to winter weather like rain, snow, and ice. Ice damming can seriously damage soffit and fascia. One of the biggest problems we see with soffit and fascia is improper installation, leading to issues with flashing.

Without proper flashing, you may see roof ventilation issues like rotting wood, peeling paint, damaged insulation, and even mold. Because the soffit and fascia are part of your roof’s ventilation system, it’s a crucial component.

How do you know if you need soffit and fascia replacement due to damage?

  • You’ll see rotting wood, or you’ll notice there’s a leak somewhere.
  • The fascia may look like it needs painting.
  • Paint may peel, or the surrounding areas may look discolored.
  • You may even see pests or small animals getting into your home.

In short, soffit and fascia issues are a big problem for the look and comfort of your home. If you’re having your siding replaced or your roof replaced, then it’s a good time to consider also replacing the soffit and fascia.

If you think it’s time to get your soffit and fascia replaced, contact your Weather Tight representative today. It’s important that you work with a company you trust, as many companies cut corners with soffit and fascia. It’s a vital component of roof ventilation and can even damage your warranty if it’s not installed correctly.

Watch this video from Tod & Todd’s Home Improvement Tips showing how important it is to consider fascia when doing a gutter or roof installation.



Adding to the Beauty of Your Home

You wouldn’t think a small component like soffit and fascia would have such an outsized impact on your curb appeal, but it really does. It’s incredible how much beautiful trim can add to brighten up the exterior of your house.

Color options for soffit and fascia are nearly endless. At Weather Tight, we use Quality Edge materials that come in a wide array of options. The Quality Edge components are some of the best in the industry, highly durable and long-lasting. You can choose colors to match or complement your trim, with plenty of designs and styles to select from, as well.

If you think your home may need soffit and fascia replacement, don’t wait. A problem with the soffit and fascia can quickly lead to more significant damage throughout your entire home. It’s also a good idea to explore soffit and fascia replacement if you’re replacing your roof or siding.

A new or updated soffit and fascia is a small investment in the long life and beauty of your house. Contact us today to explore the many soffit and fascia options available for you to choose from.

Does Your House Need a Face Lift? It’s Time for Siding Replacement!

Your home is a place you should feel proud to live in. When you view the outside, does the siding look straight, clean, and bright? Or is your home starting to look dated, old, and dilapidated? Is it time for siding replacement?

Most of the time, homeowners approach us for siding replacement due to cosmetic reasons. They want to increase the curb appeal and value of their home, so it needs a little facelift.

And while the look of your home often indicates when it’s time for siding replacement, there are other reasons to replace your siding beyond the aesthetic. Here’s how to tell if it’s time for siding replacement and what the process look likes when you contact Weather Tight.

Image shows a home with light siding and two roof peaks

How to Know if It’s Time for Siding Replacement

When customers approach us, they’re often hoping for a fresh look for their home. They may have old cedar siding that’s faded or cracked. Their aluminum siding may have dents, bubbling, and chipped paint. In Wisconsin, they may have the old “chalet style” homes with cement board and cedar trim (quite a popular look in the mid-twentieth century).

No matter what the current façade of your home looks like, one universal truth applies: if you’re no longer proud of the way your home looks, it’s probably time to consider new siding.

A facelift in the form of an exterior update restores your pride in your beautiful home. New siding increases your curb appeal and can increase the resale value of your house. Better yet, it’s a lower-maintenance solution. Many homeowners are simply tired of the effort and upkeep required to maintain older, deteriorating exterior materials.

Siding replacement also improves the insulation of your home. With breathable Tyvek house wraps installed under the siding, you’ll avoid heat loss and air infiltration. You’ll save energy and keep your home more comfortable with brand-new siding.

There are other underlying factors that siding replacement addresses as well. For example, during the replacement process, many homeowners are surprised to discover rotting, mildewed siding or cement board, insect infestations, small birds, and other critters who have built nests in the walls of their homes. With cedar homes, many homeowners complain about the noise from woodpeckers who want to get at the bugs inside the walls. The solution isn’t to deter the noisy birds but to address the underlying issue of the bugs inside your siding.

We hear many different concerns from homeowners—bugs, birds, cold and uncomfortable rooms. That’s why it’s important to call a professional if you notice any type of concern. Siding that’s falling off, paint that’s bubbling or cracking, and dented or damaged siding all indicate bigger problems.

The good news is siding replacement is surprisingly affordable. Better yet, it’s an investment in your home, giving it an instant modern update. Siding offers effortless upkeep as well.

When you decide that it’s time for siding replacement, you’re investing in the future resale value of your house. You’re also saving yourself the time, energy, and stress that comes from maintaining older house materials. Replacement siding is an all-around smart investment.

Your Initial Consultation: Deciding on Siding Replacement

When you call Weather Tight to consult about siding replacement, we’ll schedule a visit with an expert representative who will come to your home.

During the initial assessment visit, your Weather Tight representative will ask many questions about your needs, wants, and the desired look for your home exterior. They will walk around with you, inspecting and examining your current exterior finish and helping to identify any issues like rot, insect infestations, and moisture problems.

Your Weather Tight representative will also take measurements to determine how much siding is needed for your home. They’ll help you decide on the type of siding to best suits your needs and the timeframe for scheduling your replacement. Siding season is year-round, weather permitting.

Spring is often a prime time for siding orders, as homeowners assess damage from the winter months. When we spend time outside, we start to notice areas where our homes could use an update. Fall is another popular time for siding installation. We all nest in the fall as we prepare for wintertime, but it is important to consider any time of year as a time to review your siding.

A siding install from start to finish can usually be completed in about one week (obviously depending on the materials, size of the job, and weather. On average, expect installers to be there for 5-10 days as they complete the job. The only restrictions homeowners may face is where to put the dumpster and occasionally, mother nature brings on a thunderstorm that may cause some delays! You stay in your house and watch the process, so there’s no need to find a place to stay during the installation process.


What Type of Home Siding Should I Choose?

Even if your home features an outdated color, peeling, or unattractive paint, it’s a lot of work to update the exterior. If the updates aren’t carried out by a professional, you may also run into issues down the line.

Fortunately, there are different types of maintenance-free siding available to address many of your concerns and beautify your home’s exterior. When you decide it’s time for siding replacement, consider your best options.


Image shows a collage of a home before and after siding replacement

Vinyl siding has the appearance of a real cedar-sided home. It’s very beautiful, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. With vinyl, there’s an application of foam backing on each piece, giving it the rigidity and stiffness to protect against warping and waving. The foam backing acts as insulation, adding another blanket of protection for the outside of your home. Vinyl comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you live in your home (and for one more consecutive homeowner if transferred correctly with the manufacturer).

Engineered Wood (Diamond Kote Siding)

Image shows a home with Diamond Kote siding installed

Another great option favored by many planned communities and homeowner associations is engineered wood siding. This siding offers a very natural look that meets HOA guidelines. Painted with a special long-lasting Diamond Kote paint, our engineered wood siding comes with a 30-year warranty against peeling and fading. This looks like real cedar siding and it’s beautiful.

Want to more about the advantages of engineered wood siding? Check out this Tod & Todd’s Home Improvement Tips video for more!




The Siding Installation Process

Once you’ve decided on the siding that’s right for your home, your siding lead installer and/or project manager will go through the entire process with you to ensure you’re on the same page and you’re satisfied with the product. You’ll get plenty of updates throughout the process—we always keep you in the loop.

To start, our installation team will take off your old siding. A good siding installer will never go over the top of existing siding. Laying siding over the top of your previous exterior finish may seem like a fast solution but it’s really only covering up a problem like a band-aid covers a wound. A reputable installer will find the root of the problem and address it from scratch. This protects your investment and the life of your home.

Once the old siding is removed, they will lay the Tyvek—a protective home wrap that blocks moisture from entering your home. Tyvek is a one-way breathing material that allows vapor from the inside of the house to escape but doesn’t allow moisture to get in. It’s a perfect weather barrier that adds to the insulation (and temperature control) of your home.

When the Tyvek is down, they will start to install the new siding. First, they will install the trim and then lay in the siding, ensuring the finish is waterproof and beautiful.

Your replacement siding process depends on the material you choose, the size of your home, and other factors. Fortunately, the process isn’t disruptive to your day-to-day living. You can live in your home comfortably while the installation is taking place.

If you’re ready to schedule an update to your home, it’s a great time! Call Weather Tight to assess your home’s exterior and help you decide if it’s time for siding replacement.

Windows & Doors: Two of the Best Condo Upgrades

Upgrading a condo isn’t simply about investing in your own home. With condo living, you’ve got the whole neighborhood to consider!

Condo living has many benefits—beauty, simplicity, less maintenance, and great neighbors, to name a few. But when it comes to changing the outer look of your condo, you probably have to follow the rules. Condo upgrades are often subject to CC&R (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) and other association guidelines to help maintain the uniform curb appeal of all the condos in the association.

While you may worry this will stifle your individuality and creativity, never fear! There are plenty of updates you can make to your individual unit without rocking the boat at your next association meeting.

The Top Two Condo Upgrades You Can Make Today

Hands down, two of the best condo upgrades for unit owners are windows and doors. These updates are simple, affordable, and best of all, often don’t require buy-in from your condo board or association!

Before you decide on an upgrade, it’s important to realize updates to an individual unit, such as windows and doors are often the responsibility and at the discretion of the condo owner.  Exterior updates — large-scale projects like roof replacement and exterior finishes–on the other hand, typically affect the entire condo association and require more extensive HOA (Home Owner’s Association) approval.

Check your CC&Rs for guidelines and rules about all updates to your unit, of course. If you’re unsure, you may still need to appeal to your HOA for approval. Getting your neighbors to see the benefits of the improvements is often key to securing consent.

Once you’re ready to move forward, here’s why windows and doors are the best bang for your condo upgrade buck.


Best Condo Upgrade #1 — Windows

New White Double Hung Windows

Updating windows is one of the most needed — yet often overlooked — upgrades that offers a big impact to any home, including a condo. Yes, there’s an upfront cost, but the benefits of the investment begin to pay off immediately.

Condo window replacement is a great way to save money. The moment new windows are installed, homeowners start to enjoy savings on energy bills. Modern windows improve ventilation, greatly increase indoor temperature control, and feature updated hardware for better security.  Newer models also fold down easily to make cleaning a breeze!

Updated condo windows improve the curb appeal of the unit, and the new windows look great. They expand and enhance outdoor views. Most windows offer a wide variety of customizable open positions that help control and improve airflow. Open or close your windows to accommodate outdoor temperatures without blocking your line of sight.

Bow and bay windows offer beautiful panoramic views while creating the illusion of a larger room. Garden windows (named after their greenhouse-like qualities) offer plenty of light and create excellent conditions for indoor plants.

The benefits provided by new condo windows improve property values. Updated windows are always an attractive selling point to potential buyers, making condo window replacements one of the best condo upgrades you can invest in. New windows improve the safety, security and beauty of your condo. You’ll lower your energy bill, enhance your view, and see the world in a whole new light!

The Weather Tight Window Guarantee

Weather Tight has some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry who will help you choose or design the perfect windows. We work hard to guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. Weather Tight commonly serves condo, apartment, and multi-family properties, and has more than 32,000 satisfied customers and an A+ BBB rating. We love working closely with our customers to find the best windows for their home.


Best Condo Upgrade #2 — Doors

Entry Door with Sidelights

Door replacement is a relatively painless condominium upgrade that can offer a facelift to the whole unit. Whether you decide on a French door, upgrading your sliding patio door, or adding a transom and sidelights, a door update is a great improvement. Best of all, doors are installed quickly with very little disruption. Updated doors offer significant benefits.

Condo door replacement saves you money almost immediately. Old doors often suffer from many problems, including poor energy efficiency. Doors that don’t fit properly are terrible for indoor temperature regulation, ballooning energy costs while making the indoor environment less comfortable.

Better yet, new doors look great! Let in the light with a beautiful transom and sidelights; put a modern twist on your sliding doors with brand new French doors. Imagine stepping out on your porch or balcony through a gorgeous, easy-to-open, secure patio door. No matter what door you choose, you’ll be happy you made the investment.

One of the most heavily used, and highly visible parts of your condo, doors see a lot of abuse. Entry doors are exposed to the elements and must be well-insulated. They must also be moisture-resistant to maintain energy efficiency while withstanding damage from weather. When exposed to moss and rot, a door becomes unsightly with swelling and delaminating which, if left untreated, severely damages the door. This damage not only compromises aesthetics but it causes air leaks and even security concerns.

The other issue with condo doors is that old doors often sport outdated designs, which instantly make a condo community look old-fashioned and behind on modern trends. New doors instantly improve aesthetic value, offer enhanced security, better energy efficiency, and help to increase in-home comfort with improved temperature control.

A new entry or patio door is a great investment for your condo!

Easy Condo Door Upgrades from Weather Tight

The best part of working with our pros is the Weather Tight experience. We measure everything during the initial consultation, make recommendations, and walk you through the design process from start-to-finish. We work closely with condo owners, managers, and investors to update the appearance while adhering to association guidelines. We have doors in a wide variety of colors, styles, and functions available for entry, storm, and patio doors. We can meet the guidelines set forth by your HOA for a door that will look fantastic.


Get the Weather Tight Advantage from The Leaders in Condo Services

We know there’s a lot to think about out there when you’re considering condo updates, repairs, and maintenance. Once you decide on an improvement, working with your HOA to agree upon and approve condo upgrades is often a delicate task.

Fortunately, at Weather Tight, we’re experienced in working with individual unit owners as well as HOAs. We will help you select the best condo upgrades to keep everyone in the association happy and satisfied. We’ll work with you to ensure your updates fit within the CC&Rs, and we’re happy to work with condominium boards and HOAs as well.

At Weather Tight, we focus on recommending the best condo upgrades for your particular situation. Weather Tight has been helping homeowners and condo associations for over thirty years. We stand behind our work on any condo upgrade you choose.

Give us a call or chat here with one of our reps for a free estimate today! If you’re ready to improve the look of your home with some great condo upgrades, we’ve got you covered!

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