6 Reasons You Should Choose Weather Tight as Your Home Remodeler

Are you considering making updates to your home? Whether you’re looking for window replacement, a new roof, exterior finishes like siding and trim, or a new front door, Weather Tight is a great choice. Our reputation for reliability makes us one of Wisconsin’s top home remodelers.

There are many companies out there who make promises and fail to deliver. At Weather Tight, we stand behind our work and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with your home updates. We offer a wide array of home remodeling options to ensure you get the look you want.

6 Standout Reasons to Choose Weather Tight as Your Home Remodeler

Vinyl Siding

1. We’re Employee-Owned

Weather Tight offers employees an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). This means employees become owners of Weather Tight as their stock increases over their years of employment. Not only does this ensure consistent service for the future, but it means that our employees have a personal stake in your satisfaction.

Being employee-owned also gives employees a powerful incentive to stay with the company for the long haul. This commitment enables Weather Tight to retain top talent and experience. When the company succeeds, our employee’s benefit and they know the best way to run a successful company is to keep you, the customer, satisfied and happy.

2. We Offer Award-Winning Service

We’re proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Busines Bureau. We were a finalist for the BBB’s 2017 International Torch Awards for Ethics and won the Wisconsin Torch Award that same year. This award goes to companies who embody the BBB’s mission of advancing trust in the marketplace and holding to high standards of organizational ethics.

We’re also proud to have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award, maintaining an A rating for 2010-2019. We received the Expertise.com Best Roofers in Milwaukee award in 2019 and 2020, and the 2019 Owens Corning Gold Level Product Excellence Award. We were also Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Choice Award Winner in 2018. While awards certainly aren’t everything, we do take pride in recognition of our excellent work, confirming that we’re meeting the needs of our customers and the Wisconsin community.

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3. We’re Backed by Over 30 Years of Experience

Weather Tight was founded over 30 years ago, and in the home remodeling business, that level of experience is rare. We’ve been around long enough to see many fly-by-night operations come and go, leaving customers unsatisfied and frustrated. When you choose a home remodeler, you need someone who will stand behind their work for years to come. A warranty means nothing if a company isn’t around long enough to honor it.

The past 30 years have taught us many lessons about the importance of customer satisfaction and building repeat business. We know if you’re happy with one job, you’ll call us again for your next home update. It’s our goal to ensure a long, satisfactory relationship with every customer we serve.

4. We’re Your Neighbors

Wisconsin-owned and operated, we understand the needs of Wisconsin homeowners. We’re your neighbors and your fellow community members. We know what it’s like to weather the icy cold that only the Midwest can bring. We also know how to prepare your house with windows and doors that guard against air infiltration, roofing that stands up to wet winter weather, and exterior finishes that resist fade and damage.

We also know the importance of giving back to our community. We partner with many community organizations to support our area and ensure Wisconsin stays a great place to work, play, and live. When you look for a home remodeler, you want someone who understands the area and cares about our community.

5. We Work with Industry-Leading Brands

When we put the Weather Tight name on a remodeling project, we want you to know you can trust the quality materials and products to stand the test of time. We’ve carefully researched the leading industry brands to ensure that we offer you the best in siding, roofing, replacement window, and door options.

Brands like LP SmartSide DiamondKote, Norandex, Quality Edge Matterhorn, Owens Corning, CertainTeed STONEfaçade, and Sunrise Restorations are just a few of top industry brands we work with. We use quality materials like Tyvek home wraps from DuPont, vinyl, PVC, and engineered wood to ensure your home looks beautiful and feels comfortable with the durability you can rely on.

6. We’ll Work with You to Meet Your Needs

Your home and your needs are unique. Whether you need to update your gutters, soffit and fascia, replace your windows, or are ready to invest in a new roof, we’ll help you find options to fit your look and your budget. We can customize jobs of any size, from replacing one window to making over your entire home.

We’re also experienced in working with homeowners’ associations and condo boards. We offer an array of finishes and products to fit into the guidelines of your CC&Rs and still ensure the quality finishes to increase your curb appeal.

No matter your home remodeling needs, Weather Tight has you covered. Give us a call today to set up a free estimate. We’re currently offering virtual assessments with a 12-month price guarantee. Our showroom is open by appointment and our team members are standing by to help your home remodeling dreams become a reality.

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Diamond Kote Siding – Upgrade Your Home Today!

Diamond Kote offers a wood option to our customers, with the benefit of superior durability, as it is treated wood with an innovative pre-finish for exterior siding. The color selection is diverse, using natural occurring colorants extracted from raw materials. Natural pigments don’t fade over time, ensuring a fade free home!

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Planning for Your Next Home Remodel…

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Come January- it is normal for the cost of home remodel materials to…..

Customization is the key.

I can’t think of a singular reason in the world that the products you put in or on your home- should be any LESS customizable to our lives than the clothes we wear. Your roof should complement your home like your hairstyle compliments the shape of your face. Your siding should fit like a good pair of worn in shoes. We seek the things that have duality, things that work in more ways than one while still providing a security within ourselves to feel confident about it.

Gleaning The Torch. An Award of Ethics.

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Metal roofing has taken the exterior remodeling world by storm. This relatively new product is one that is innovative, eco-friendly, & reliable, while offering appreciable versatility. Now, if you are like me, I am a little tight on the checkbook. Sometimes I need a little (ok a lot) of convincing to justify spending a pretty penny on anything. I know, I know- talking about purchasing a new roof for our home can trigger a slight panic where our brain starts rapid firing S.O.S distress signals! On the contrary- a metal roof will not only provide you an unmatched appeal, it also won’t cost you a fortune!

Multi-Point Lock System-The upgrade you shouldn’t close the door on.