Celebrate 37 Years of Weather Tight

Many exterior update companies come and go, but Weather Tight has become a household name in Southeastern Wisconsin. Many folks know us from our Tod & Todd’s Home Improvement Tips video series, but we’re also known for our unparalleled reputation in customer service and quality.

Here’s how Weather Tight has stayed in business since 1986, with over 34,000 installations in our service area. As an employee-owned company, we plan to be around for at LEAST another 37 years to serve the Greater Milwaukee area and beyond.

How Weather Tight Began

In 1986, Tod Colbert was working for a window installation company that closed. He realized that with his experience and passion for exterior remodeling, he could start his own company, and Weather Tight was born. In 1990, Todd Schulz joined, bringing his sales management experience to the team. Soon he became Vice President, and the company continued to grow.

It wasn’t long before Wisconsinites noticed that Weather Tight’s reputation for excellence was something truly unique. Around Southeastern Wisconsin, Weather Tight became the Most Recommended Home Remodeler, known for honesty, fairness, and reliability.

With such a fantastic rapport, Tod & Todd became the faces of Weather Tight. Their beloved ad series, Tod & Todd’s Home Improvement Tips, educated homeowners with their knowledge as well as showcased their fun, approachable nature. People felt they knew Tod & Todd because they were their Wisconsin neighbors.

Weather Tight was family-owned and operated. Tod and Todd understood the importance of employee investment in a company’s success. When employees are stakeholders, the company thrives. Knowing that they wanted to continue Weather Tight for years to come, Weather Tight adopted an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), giving employees a vested interest in the future of Weather Tight.

As we approach our 37th birthday as a company, with over 100 employees strong and a gorgeous West Allis showroom, we pause to reflect on what got us here.

Earlier this year, our beloved Todd Schultz passed away after a brave battle with cancer. He was a great example of leadership and integrity to all of us. He led with humor and a positive approach that we will miss as his legacy and memories live on.

Tod Colbert continues at the helm, along with his employee-owners, with the reassurance that Weather Tight will keep growing and thriving under employee ownership. We know it’s a rarity for a company to survive this long in the contracting world, but Weather Tight continues as a model of how to run an exterior update company with honesty, fairness, and foresight.

Award Winning Service and Beautiful Home Renovations

A long, narrow banner shows a cloud-filled blue sky over a row of house. A graphic in the center of the image shows the Better Business Bureau logo for the Torch Award for Ethics.

What makes Weather Tight different? Because we’re employee-owned, our team runs like a well-oiled machine (as Todd was fond of pointing out). But we never rest on our laurels. We keep working towards offering more in terms of customer satisfaction.

We’ve won many awards, it’s true, but we don’t see the awards as the “prize.” The actual prize is repeat business and recommendations from our customers. When we win awards like the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics (twice!), we see it as confirmation that we’re continuously moving in the right direction.

Please explore our testimonials to learn what our customers across the area have to say.

Of course, a home remodeling company is only as good as its products. We partner with some of the best vendors in the business to ensure our installations are of the highest quality. We also offer a vast array of styles and finishes because we know that something as personal as your home should be unique and fit your style.

Our offerings include windows, doors, sliding doors, siding, roofing, soffit, fascia, and our latest product line, replacement bathtubs and showers. We ensure your home renovations last with durable, reliable product lines and trustworthy installation teams.

Our team works with you on every step of the installation. We’ll help you determine the best products and updates for your situation. We’ll review all the available finishes (and show you examples, including those in our showroom). We’ll help you brainstorm design ideas and offer transparency during the installation process.

We offer some of the best warranties in the business. So, whenever you work with Weather Tight, you can rest assured that your investment is sound. You’ll increase the comfort and value of your home and get that all-important curb appeal you dream of.

Celebrating our 37th Year with a Special Promotion

To celebrate 37 years of Weather Tight, we’re offering a special 37th birthday promotion! Since we got our start in window and patio door installation, we wanted to offer a special incentive for our new contracts. You can get window and patio door installation for only $37 per unit!

This promotion will run during our birthday month—from September 1st to 30th, 2023. Some exclusions apply, so be sure to read the details here.

At Weather Tight, we couldn’t be prouder to serve Wisconsin for the last 37 years. We look forward to continuing to serve our friends, family, and neighbors throughout all of our service areas! Reach out today to discover how Weather Tight can help you create your dream home!

5 Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

In the spring, many Wisconsin homeowners get to work sprucing up their homes for the summer. We check the house for winter weather damage and look at any areas that need to be touched up.

But then summer heats up, and plans start to take up our weekends. We’re headed up North one weekend; the next weekend, we’re spending time at the lake. Before we know it, summer is nearing an end, and many of those exterior home maintenance projects have gone by the wayside. But early fall is a great time to prepare your home for the colder months. Follow these five fall home maintenance tips to ensure you’re in good shape for winter.

Photo shows a brightly colored fall tree with yellow leaves with a dark colored home in the background.

A Good Time to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to prepare for winter weather. Most of us know it’s time to change the furnace filter and check that our HVAC system is in good condition for cold weather. We might take the time to check smoke alarms and test carbon monoxide detectors to ensure we’re safe. Interior maintenance tasks are often our focus. But the outside of our home should be just as prepared for colder weather. The best way to prepare for cooler temperatures is to check out your exterior now.

1. Check Your Gutters and Downspout

Even if you clean gutters in the spring, it’s a good idea to give them another assessment as we come upon fall. A visual check should be sufficient if you have gutter protection in place. Look at the outside of your gutter. Check for cracks, areas where the gutter pulls away from the fascia (connecting the gutter and roof), or water running down the house. You may need to use garden hoses to test for water leaks (before you take the hoses off your outdoor faucets).

Look at your gutter protection system. Is it in place? Are there any damaged areas? Gutters should be covered and sealed tightly with no leaks or areas where water can get near your home’s foundation. If you notice any standing or slow-moving water in the gutter, you may have a clog. Water should flow away from your home and freely out of the downspout; otherwise, you might face ice dams and other issues come winter.

If you don’t have gutter protection or your gutters are damaged, it’s time to consider gutter replacement. Over time, your gutters can become loose and the seals can give way, especially without proper gutter protection systems. Consider an update as part of your exterior home maintenance to prepare your house for the chilly winter winds coming off Lake Michigan.

Watch this video from Tod & Todd explaining why gutter protection systems are so important.



2. Assess Your Roof

Another item on your fall maintenance checklist is to look at the condition of your roof. Climbing up on a ladder can be dangerous (and you can even damage your shingles), so do a visual inspection from the ground. Look for areas where the shingles are peeling up or curling. If the edges start turning up, it’s a telltale sign your roof may be due for replacement.

Other signs you need a roof replacement include missing shingles or shingles that are loose or falling off. Discoloration and fading are unsightly and can also indicate that your roof has aged. A leaky roof is an emergency–and not one you want to face in the winter. We often think winter is the hardest time on the roof in Wisconsin, but summer also presents hazards. Hailstorms, heat, humidity, and improper ventilation of your home cause serious damage and lead to roof problems that rear their ugly head during cold winters.

Another indication that your roof has aged is to look at the runoff in your gutter. Do you see roofing materials like sand or asphalt pieces accumulating? This sediment indicates that your roof is deteriorating. If you notice these signs, call Weather Tight for an assessment. We use assessment tools to pinpoint any issues you may have with your roof and offer you a no-hassle estimate for roof replacement.

3. Look at Your Windows

An interior image of a home, looking at three large full-frame windows lining the walls of a breakfast nook next to a kitchen. The walls are painted a dark gray color and the windows have white trim.

One of the most essential exterior home maintenance tips to prepare for winter is to look at your windows. Windows aren’t only your home’s eyes, letting in light and fresh air to beat the summer heat—windows also serve a crucial insulating function in the winter. They keep your house warm and protected from air leaks in the late fall and winter.

Now is the best time to have a professional check your windows and make sure they’re in top form. It will help you keep your heating bills consistent. You want the warm air from your furnace to stay INSIDE your house! A warm home is important as winter sets in.

Windows in good condition should be relatively low maintenance. With regular washing, your windows should stay bright and clear all year round. If you notice cloudiness between panes, a constantly foggy appearance, or mildew and mold growing along the window casing, call our window replacement team! Other indicators that your windows are failing include cracked paint and soft or damp wood anywhere around your windows (indoors or out).

Do you get out the tape and plastic each winter to “seal up” your windows for winter? Believe it or not, this typical Wisconsin winter home maintenance step isn’t at all necessary if you have correctly installed windows. Your windows should be free of air infiltration and leaks. Many of our customers are shocked to find out how much energy they’re losing with leaky windows!

4. Inspect Your Siding and Exterior Finish

Now that you’ve looked at your gutters, roof, and windows, it’s time to take a look at your exterior finish overall. How does your home look from the curb? Is everything in tip-top shape? If you have aluminum siding, are there dents or dings? Has the siding been pitted due to weather or mistreatment? Are there areas where the siding is loose or even falling off? You’ll want everything secure before we face winter storms.

Those with stucco or wood-finish homes should take a look at the paint and finish on your house. Is the paint peeling, or are there signs of mildew, pests, or water damage? Not only do these exterior finish problems detract from the value and curb appeal of your home, but they can indicate much larger (and more expensive) issues on the horizon.

If your home could use a facelift, consider investing in beautiful, low-maintenance vinyl siding! New siding will save you the hassle of painting each year, and it can really increase the look and even the comfort of your home. We remove old siding, and underneath each siding job, we apply a special home wrap that allows your house to “breathe” properly. The new siding is weather-tight to ensure your home stays warm in the winter (and cool in the summer).

5. Don’t Ignore Your Front Door

Finally, the fifth tip for exterior home maintenance is to take a look at your front door. Does your door leak air? Do you have to keep a rug snuggled up to the door (or, worse, a beanbag snake) to block the drafts? Have you ever had snow or frost sneak into the INSIDE of your front door?

A new door keeps the cold air out and improves your home’s look, safety, and security. It may seem like a minor home update, but your front door significantly impacts your house. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to DIY their front door updates. This project can lead to leaks and even security issues if the door isn’t correctly installed.

Leave the front door update to the professionals! A new front door is an affordable way to change your home’s exterior and increase your safety and comfort. We have many great safety features, like our multi-point locking system, to keep you extra secure. If you have a drafty front door, don’t wait another year or suffer through another winter when cooler weather comes. Call us today to discuss your options.

We can do many home exterior updates all year round, so don’t worry about the coming winter months. Our team works in most weather conditions to ensure your home exterior project is completed to your satisfaction. If you notice some areas on your fall checklist that need to be addressed, reach out. We’re happy to help you make the outside of your home just as cozy as the inside. Contact us today and learn just how stress-free home exterior projects can be!

5 Tips for Controlling Home Humidity in Summer Weather

There’s nothing like summer’s heat to build up humidity in your home. Here in Wisconsin, we’re known for having quite humid periods throughout the latter half of the year.

When the dog days of summer kick in, you might notice extra condensation on your windows. Some folks are alarmed that it might indicate a ventilation problem, but usually, in times of high humidity, it’s a natural phenomenon that just happens. Here’s why it occurs and tips for controlling home humidity in summer weather.

A young Asian woman sits on her bedroom floor with a small rotating table fan pointed at her.

Why Home Humidity Gets Uncomfortable

Most of us don’t think much about the indoor humidity levels in our homes. Instead, we focus on controlling the temperature. If it’s too hot, we turn on the air conditioner. In those chilly winters when winds blow across Lake Michigan and land in Southeastern Wisconsin, we turn on the furnace.

Unlike the Southern and Eastern parts of the United States, Wisconsin isn’t as well-known for its humidity. But in the summer, fall, and winter, humidity levels in Milwaukee can reach 76%, rivaling even places like Atlanta, GA, and parts of Florida. Believe it or not, the most humid month is actually December (thanks to our typical precipitation).

But during the hotter summer months—July, August, September, and even October, it’s common to FEEL the humidity more strongly. Here’s the deal, humidity works against our bodies’ natural heating and cooling systems.

When it’s hot and humid, we sweat. Sweat is a way of cooling down our skin, but sweat doesn’t properly evaporate and cool us down when the humidity is high. It sticks to us and feels oppressive. If you’ve ever felt sweaty when you just stepped out of the shower, humidity is why.

So, we would naturally think that humidity in the winter would make us feel warmer, right? No, in fact, “damp cold” (like the kind we feel here in the Greater Milwaukee area) keeps us feeling cooler as well. When our skin is moist from humidity in the air, we can get a chill that feels like it goes right into our bones. The cold air feels colder in the winter months, thanks to the humidity.

Not that humidity is all bad. Like many things in life, humidity is best in moderation. Dry air can irritate our skin and airways, exacerbating respiratory health issues. We may experience dry, itchy eyes, sore throats, and static electricity in our hair and clothes. Furniture and wood features in our homes can even crack if the air is too dry. If you find yourself itching dry skin or wearing a sweater becomes a “shocking” experience, your air is probably dry.

On the opposite end, high humidity levels are oppressive and stifling. Excess humidity causes condensation buildup on windows, furniture, and walls can lead to mildew, mold, and fungus growth. Dust mites and other allergen triggers can thrive in a moist environment. Bacteria love to grow in damp places from excess moisture. Moreover, high humidity makes us very uncomfortable, especially in the heat.

Even the most diligent thermostat watcher will need to constantly adjust the temperature if the humidity levels in your home aren’t right. We feel best when our home’s humidity levels hover between 30-50%. But there are a number of factors that roll into those numbers that make up the ideal indoor humidity level.

5 Tips for Controlling Home Humidity in the Summer

A person holds a digital hygrometer in front of a condensation-covered window. The hygrometer reads 23 degrees Celsius and 56% humidity.

If your home feels hot and humid or you notice condensation on glass surfaces, you may need to make a few adjustments. It’s especially important to address the concerns if you see mildew forming in the bathroom, kitchen, or near your windows. Often, it’s because of a constant condensation issue, as opposed to sudden, isolated mildew or mold growth on a wall or ceiling, which could indicate a leak.

So, how can you control your home’s humidity? People, pets, plants, and household activities like showering and cooking can cause even more moisture in the air. Here’s how to fight it.

1. Use Your Exhaust Fan

Using your exhaust fan is the easiest way to cut the moisture level in your home and improve indoor air quality. Many people forget to turn on the exhaust fans in the bathroom when showering or running the water. If you want to control humid air in your house, your bathroom fan and kitchen ventilation are your best tools. In the bathroom, run the fan when you shower or run the sink.

When you cook, run the kitchen exhaust fan. Consider turning it on when you run the dishwasher or turn the water on in the sink too. Turn on the fan while you do laundry as well to lower the amount of water vapor dispersed in the air. The simple act of turning on the fan can help you reach optimal humidity levels.

2. Open Your Windows

Of course, you don’t want to open your window while running the air conditioning, but it can be a good idea during cooler times of day—early morning and evening—to open your windows and let in some airflow. The airflow from open windows will really help your indoor comfort.

Weather Tight windows are easy to open and close, without stress or strain. If your old windows stick, don’t stay open, or are drafty, it may be time to consider a replacement. You’ll love how simple it is to open the window and get fresh air when you have new replacement windows. Be sure to securely lock your window with the locking mechanism, which will ensure a water-tight seal when the windows are closed (in case of a sudden rainstorm).

3. Use Your Clothesline

While your dryer may seem like the most convenient way to dry clothes quickly, a good old-fashioned outdoor clothesline has many benefits, especially if you’re hoping to reduce the humidity in your home. It can also reduce energy costs (and make your clothes smell great)!

Laundry produces a surprising amount of humidity. By hanging clothes on the line, you’ll avoid releasing some of that moisture back into your home. Similarly, ensure that your dryer vent is regularly cleaned and that the hot air is going outside instead of returning to your home.

4. Consider a Dehumidifier

If your home has high humidity that you can’t seem to get around, you may want to invest in a portable dehumidifier. Your modern HVAC system may include humidifying and dehumidifying features, but you may need to purchase a separate unit if you have an older system.

Dehumidifiers take the moisture out of the warm air, collecting it in a tank. You can then remove the tank and dump the water. When you use a dehumidifier to keep the correct humidity levels, you may feel you have more control over the air temperature in your home.

5. Reduce Moisture Producing Items in Your Home

Now, of course, you don’t want to ditch your fish tank or stop filling up Fido’s water bowl, but all those little sources of water in the home add up and increase the amount of moisture in the air. If you have a water fountain in your home, turn it off if your house feels very humid. Look for houseplants that need less water, like cacti, and avoid watering trays.

Consider your hot water usage as well. Even reducing your hot showers by a few degrees (which can help cool off in the summertime) will benefit the entire home and reduce the negative effects of excess moisture. Avoid boiling water on the stove and cooking foods that give off moisture. Use lids when you’re cooking to help reduce stream.

If moisture and high humidity continue to be an issue in your home, you may want to have a specialist look at your insulation and ventilation system. Homes that don’t have proper ventilation can experience wood rot, roof damage, and many other issues. While some humidity is expected naturally, too much can wreak havoc over time.

Humidity is one of the factors that keeps Wisconsin lush and green, but when there’s too much moisture indoors in the summer, your house can feel like a tropical rainforest (or a sauna). Keep the air flowing and address indoor humidity so your home stays comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way!

What You Can Learn from Bad Reviews

How many of us have been interested or excited about a company’s product or service only to learn from bad reviews that maybe we should go in another direction? Do negative reviews mean an instant “veto”? Are bad reviews always bad? Can a bad review be a good thing?

Rather than seeing a bad review as a stop sign, discerning consumers recognize that it’s really more of a yellow light—a sign that you should explore further and discover what happened. There’s truly a lot you can learn from bad reviews. Here’s how to be wise when exploring a company’s online reputation.

An close up profile view of a man looking down at his phone screen. The image has a graphic of a star rating scale, with the one-star box checked and a yellow frowning face.


Do Bad Reviews Matter?

Go anywhere these days, and chances are someone will ask for your opinion. The dentist, the doctor’s office, the hair salon—everyone asks, “What did you think of our service?” Everyone wants a five-star review, of course.

But more important than those stars is the customer’s experience. Good businesses value customer feedback, and they ask for those reviews so they can continue to serve their customers better in the future and attract more potential customers. Even though the barrage of surveys might sometimes feel annoying, it’s a guide and a method for businesses to stay competitive and deliver. High customer satisfaction goes a long way toward improving customer experience.

Why are most reviews negative (or why does it sometimes feel that way)? Well, often, when people have a positive experience, they move on and perhaps don’t have a chance to share their positive reviews. When people are frustrated or upset, they want to make their feelings known. A good business will listen and take notes—even when it’s a bad review.

Star ratings aren’t just reserved for films and restaurants anymore. Most businesses have an online presence, and with that presence comes the chance for every customer to share their assessment and experience (the good, the bad, and, well…the ugly). It’s best practice to offer customers a chance to reach out and resolve their concerns. And it’s a good idea for businesses to take heed so they can turn those negative online reviews into positive feelings.

Are bad reviews always bad? It’s important to read the negative feedback to see what was going on. Sometimes people leave bad reviews for reasons like they couldn’t get through on a customer service line, there was an issue outside of the company’s control, or even that they didn’t understand the star rating system. Occasionally negative reviewers leave fake reviews or “spam” review sites with several repetitive reviews. So, no—not all “bad” reviews truly indicate shortcomings or a dissatisfied customer.

Interpreting Customer Reviews in the Home Improvement Industry

When it comes to the home improvement and remodeling industry, reviews are crucial—and for good reason. There’s nothing quite as intensely personal as a person’s home. When you hire a home improvement business to perform a service like installing a new roof, windows, or siding, you expect the very best.

But sometimes, in life, things go awry. Even at Weather Tight, where we strive to completely satisfy every customer in the first place, occasionally, bad reviews happen. No matter what the review is, we review each customer’s feedback carefully because we know it’s a learning experience for our team and a chance for us to make it right. In a business built on referrals and recommendations, we know that our reputation is everything.

So, do bad reviews matter? As a homeowner, you should definitely do your homework and see what you can learn from a bad review. Look at the positive and negative comments on social media, Google reviews, and industry websites like the BBB. But it’s also important to realize that one bad review or negative experience doesn’t always mean the product or service was terrible. The more important question to ask is, how did the business owner or company work to resolve the concern? Did they try to turn the situation around for the unhappy customers? Do they also have good reviews?

Mistakes happen, but it’s how we resolve those mistakes that really counts. You want a company that responds to customers and seeks a way to rectify the concern. At Weather Tight, we’re confident in our workers and our customer service. Our team always does our best job to ensure that, in the end, everyone walks away feeling pleased with the outcome.

What We Do with Bad Reviews

So, what do we do about those bad reviews? As much as we wish that they never happen, it’s inevitable that a job might get rescheduled due to a delay on a product, a customer might have a bad experience, or a product might not meet the customer’s standards and expectations once our contractors complete the installation.

Our team reads each review, good experiences or bad, to learn from it. After we meet with customers, we follow up several times during their remodeling process, no matter the project. From a single front door installation to multiple window replacements to an entirely new roof, we make sure that our customers have a chance to share their experiences. If they have questions, feedback, or concerns, we want them to feel heard and satisfied with the answers.

We always follow up with our customers after the installation of a product. We don’t ask about your experience to get accolades and rest on our laurels; we ask because we constantly strive to improve and ensure our customers are completely satisfied.

We know that satisfied customers return. Even if there was a bump or two in the road during the project, when we resolve the issue, we often earn that important repeat business and recommendation.

Even though Wisconsin is a big place, it’s also filled with tight-knit communities. When a business does well, people recommend it to their friends and neighbors. When a company does poorly, well, we all know how that turns out. Reputation is everything. Prospective customers could get turned off by a one-star review and never take that next step.

Having been in the home remodeling business for over 35 yearswe’ve worked hard to maintain and build upon our reputation for excellence. We hope to always meet your expectations. If, for some reason, we fall short, we’ll try our best to make it right. That’s why Weather Tight is Wisconsin’s Most Recommended Home Remodeler.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a moment to read our customer testimonials and case studies to learn about other Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners’ experiences. If you have any questions, a team member will gladly help. We look forward to discussing your next project, whether it’s a bathtub replacement, a window replacement, a new roof, or another exterior update. We hope we earn a good review from you!

Add Value to Your Home with a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Are you looking for ways to add value to your home? Consider your bathtub. You know, the one that hasn’t been used for years and takes up a significant portion of your second bathroom? Imagine how convenient a tub-to-shower conversion could make the space!

They say having multiple bathrooms is the secret to getting along in a family, but most people realize that includes having multiple places to shower. So, if you’re hoping to add some value to your home for an upcoming sale or your own comfort, you can’t go wrong with a tub-to-shower conversion.

A modern bathroom with white walls and natural wood cabinets. A large mirror hangs on the wall next to a walk-in shower with white subway tile and glass shower doors.

When Did Bathtubs Become Common?

Bathing, especially showering, is a daily luxury that most of us take largely for granted, but bathing spaces weren’t always so common. In fact, indoor, plumbing bathtubs only became the norm in the early 1900s.

Many big cities had bathhouses—places where people without a bathtub or shower could come to get clean (for a small fee). Settlers who came into Wisconsin bathed rarely, and when they did, it was in a large tin tub that often doubled for laundry and household cleaning. Many households bathed oldest to youngest using the same water, heated on the stove or over a fire.

In the 1900s, most houses in urban areas had indoor toilets, but an indoor bathtub was still a luxury in many places. By 1940 about 44% of households didn’t have a bathtub with running water. This quickly changed, however, with advances in plumbing and uniform regulations on municipal water. Pretty soon, most Milwaukee-area households had at least one bathtub.

As in-house bathtubs because the norm, bathtub manufacturers offered tubs in an array of candy colors to complement the décor and styles of the time. Throughout stylish homes in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Racine, it wasn’t uncommon to see bathtubs in pink, blue, mint green, gold, and other mid-century colors.

By the 1970s, showers had become popular, but the trendy colors were still a hit. The bathtubs were brown, pea green, gold, and shades of tan. While these colorful bathing spaces were fun at the time, today, they look quite dated. You might even be able to tell how old a Wisconsin home is by the color of the bathtub.

As folks updated their bathtubs and showers throughout the 80s, 90s, and early aughts, “drop-in” conversions and updates became popular too. Cheaply made covers were installed over the top of existing tubs, offering a new look. But unfortunately, homeowners learned that, like any home upgrade, it’s best not to simply cover up or disguise a problem.

First of all, these inexpensive drop-ins were often made of mildew-friendly plastics. The new shower or bath was hard to clean, easily stained, and quickly showed signs of wear and tear. The materials had a cheap, hollow feel and very quickly looked shoddy.

For a proper bathtub update, shower update, or bath-to-shower conversion, installers should remove the existing tub/shower completely and install a new bathing space. By removing the old shower or tub, installers can identify any issues (like leaks, mildew, or poor insulation) and ensure the new bathtub or shower lasts for many years.

Converting the Tub to Get More

Now, some people genuinely enjoy having a bathtub in their homes. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as kicking back in a nice warm bubble bath—perhaps with a good book, a few candles, and your favorite beverage. A bath is the perfect way to unwind after a long hard day.

But as a bathtub ages, sitting in a stained tub and looking at mildewed grout can start to feel less and less appealing. It’s far from relaxing when you feel like your bathtub isn’t really a clean space with years of grime, hard water staining, and soap scum, no matter how much you scrub.

Young families also prefer a tub, as it’s an easier way to bathe small children (and what kid doesn’t love playing with “tubby” toys and bubbles?). But who wants to put a baby or small child in a tub that doesn’t truly feel clean? Besides, often, as kids get a little older and schedules get busier, the tub gets used less and less frequently.

If there’s no shower in your bathtub, the space eventually becomes just that—useless space. Balancing shower use between 2, 3, or more people on a busy morning causes frustration, bickering, and more. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to take steps toward restoring household harmony. It’s time for a bath-to-shower conversion.

Many homeowners are amazed at how much they love their bathing space after a bath-to-shower conversion. Having multiple places to shower makes mornings go smoother. It makes the house more comfortable and eliminates that “useless space” in your second bathroom.

Even better, you don’t have to give up those bubble baths! We offer options that allow you to convert a bathtub into a bathtub and shower combo. So, you’ll get the best of both worlds in a beautiful, modern, easy-to-clean, fresh space.

Tub-to-shower conversions are great for older folks too. If you’re thinking of ways to make your home age-in-place friendly, then a tub-to-shower conversion is a must! We can include convenient, attractive safety features like bench seating, lower thresholds, stability bars, and more.

Your bathing space should be relaxing, safe, and one of the most useful places in your home. If it doesn’t meet those criteria, then it’s time for a change.

Add Value to Your Home with a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

If you plan to put your home on the market any time in the next few years, now is a great time to think about a tub-to-shower conversion in your bathroom—especially if your bathing space is tub-only or the “retro” color has started to look less charming and more dated.

At Weather Tight, we offer bathtub and shower replacements and tub-to-shower conversions with timeless, classic finishes. Choose sleek, modern cultured marble for a luxurious and easy-to-maintain look.

Many homeowners like our subway tile look for all the beauty of tile without the maintenance. Our subway tile style finish is made of ultra-durable fiberglass with 4-layer construction and a gel coat. Unlike traditional tile, there’s no grout to attract mildew, no staining, and no maintenance. It’s so easy to clean. There are custom color options available in the Sherwin-Williams color wheel.

No matter which finish you choose, you’ll get a 30-year transferable warranty against defects. We completely remove the existing bathtub, ensuring that your new bathing space is installed perfectly. We work with plumbers and ensure that everything is up-to-code (we take care of all permits so that you can relax).

Imagine the difference that a new, fresh bathing space will make for your home. It refreshes the look of your interior and helps you (and future homeowners) get more out of that corner of your bathroom. If you’ve been thinking about a tub-to-shower conversion, now is the time. Reach out to Weather Tight today to discover how you can start enjoying your bathing space again!

Win $50,000 in the Weather Tight Home Makeover Sweepstakes

Wisconsin homeowners, would you like to win $50,000 to update your home? The Weather Tight Home Makeover Sweepstakes is bigger and better than ever! There’s no purchase necessary to win, so don’t miss this chance to get the home makeover of your dreams.

Entry is free and open to homeowners aged 18 and older living in Dodge, Milwaukee, Jefferson, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington, Waukesha, Kenosha Counties, and some areas of Sheboygan County. Click here to get all the details and rules!

A graphic has white text on a navy blue background. The text has the Weather Tight logo and "$50,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes".


Imagine Your Dream Home Makeover

What would you do to improve your home with $50,000? You could install new siding, roofing, windows, and more. Your home would look great with a new entry door or beautiful premium vinyl windows.

Has your roof seen better days? With our $50,000 Weather Tight Home Makeover, you could install a gorgeous new roof and rest easy, knowing that we use the highest quality materials and installation process. We use premium asphalt shingles made to stand up to the tough Wisconsin winter weather.

Maybe you’d prefer to use your Weather Tight Sweepstakes winnings toward new windows. It’s a great choice, especially because your winnings will cover up to 15 double-hung or slider windows. Since the windows are from Weather Tight, you know you’re getting premium-quality vinyl that will open smoothly, eliminate drafts, and look gorgeous for years to come.

Some of our past Makeover winners have chosen siding, which is another excellent home update option. Imagine your home in a beautiful new color, with easy-to-maintain, weather-resistant vinyl siding. Our premium siding doesn’t fade and doesn’t require upkeep. So what will you do with your summer vacation now that you don’t need to paint the house?

No matter what you choose to do with your $50,000 Weather Tight Home Makeover winnings, you know you’re getting an installation you can trust. At Weather Tight, we never cut corners. We take the time to install new features properly, whether it’s new windows, a front door, siding, or roofing.

Win More this Year!

Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t remember the prize being $25,000!” You are right! This year, we’ve increased the winnings! We wanted our sweeps winners to really live out their home makeover dreams!

If you’re ready to be part of this exciting Weather Tight Sweepstakes, don’t hesitate! The drawing will be held in January, but there’s no time like the present to get your entry in. If you’ve entered in the past, it’s important to note that you’ll need to re-enter every year, so don’t delay!

There’s no purchase necessary to enter the Weather Tight Home Makeover Sweepstakes. While we do call to verify each entry, don’t worry—we never use high-pressure sales tactics, and there’s no commitment or hassle. You don’t need to be a previous Weather Tight customer, either.

If you’re considering home updates and you’d like some extra budget to really increase your curb appeal and add major value to your home, enter today.

Can’t decide which home updates to prioritize? Our trained representatives are great at helping you determine which options are best for your home. Reach out for a presentation, so you can explore all the different ways you can change and improve the exterior of your house with Weather Tight.

Why Should You Sign Up for the Weather Tight Home Makeover?

The real question is, why not?! There’s no purchase necessary; entry is free. You don’t need to sit through a sales presentation or buy anything (in fact, a purchase won’t improve your chances of winning, so there’s zero pressure).

In addition to the $50,000 grand prize winner, we also select monthly winners during the sweepstakes for your chance to win $1,000 in Weather Tight Cash, making it even more worth throwing your name in the hat. To enter, all you need to do is complete an entry form or give us a call at (414) 459-3888. You can also mail your entry to our West Allis headquarters (if you’d prefer). It’s that easy.

Weather Tight is proud to be Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler. We’re not some fly-by-night company that uses high-pressure sales tactics. We’re employee-owned and operated right here in Wisconsin for over 35 years. We’re your friends, neighbors, and family.

At Weather Tight, we know the expectations of Wisconsin homeowners are high. Wisconsinites know quality craftsmanship, hard work, and trustworthiness, and they expect it when they invest their money in any product or service. At Weather Tight, we share those Midwestern values and deliver on them.

We pride ourselves on communication. We’ll let you know exactly what to expect with your installation, no matter the job. Whether it’s a new entry door or gutter, a bath or shower update, or a big job like siding and roofing—we make sure that we’re clear about timelines, expectations, and products used. Your satisfaction is always our number one goal.

Why do we do this $50,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes? Because we know that once customers, their friends, and neighbors work with us, they’ll see what sets us apart from the crowd. They’ll understand why we’ve won the BBB’s Torch Award for Business Ethics multiple times, why we won the Angi Super Service Award, and why we’re recommended throughout the Greater Milwaukee area time and time again.

If you’d like to see the Weather Tight difference for yourself, reach out today. We’d be happy to help you explore your options and the next home improvement steps to increase the value of your home. And hey, if you win the $50,000 Sweepstakes, well, that’s even better!

5 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements to Help You Save

You may have heard the buzz about energy-efficient home improvements. Often, when homeowners consider home updates, it’s out of necessity—something isn’t working, or there’s an issue that they need to address, like a broken door or drafty windows.

But did you know that by making these updates, you’ll also save money both in the short and long term? Not only do many home updates increase the value of your home and curb appeal, but they make your home energy efficient, saving you on your energy bills each month.

If you’re trying to prioritize your home improvements or considering an update, here are 5 energy-efficient home improvements that pay off for Wisconsin homeowners!

A small piece of wood in the shape of a house sits on top of a solar panel and next to an energy-efficient LED lightbulb. There is green grass in the background.

How to Energy Efficient Home Improvements Save Money

Remember when your parents told you, “Close that window! We’re not paying to heat the whole neighborhood!”? Well, in many ways they were right.

When you have drafty windows or doors in your house, you get “air infiltration.” That means the air from outside can get into your home, and air from your home can get out. In other words, when those wintery storms move into Southeastern Wisconsin, you’re paying more money to heat your home—cold air seeps into your house, and hot air escapes.

In the summer, we have the opposite effect. We all know how quickly temperatures can change here in Wisconsin. One day it’s freezing, and then you’re turning on your AC the next day. If your windows and doors aren’t energy efficient, you could be paying for cool air that isn’t staying inside your house.

Not only do energy-efficient home improvements save on home energy bills, but certain improvements may even qualify as tax credits for deductions. Uncle Sam will help you save when you’re making your home energy efficient because these environmentally friendly home updates are a benefit to all.

Finally, right now, real estate is a seller’s market. If you want to fetch a higher price for your house, a few energy-efficient home updates will increase the curb appeal and add value to your house. Potential buyers are always attracted to homes that are well taken care of. Asking, “How energy efficient is my home,” will help you prepare for a sale.

Even if you don’t plan to put your house on the market for a few years (or ever), energy-efficient home improvements are worth the investment today. You’ll save on home energy bills and utilities, increase your comfort, and maybe even get a deduction on your taxes. It’s a win-win all around and a sound investment into your home’s future.

So. what are a few smart energy-efficient home improvements to consider? Check out these home updates to save on your utilities.

1. Seal Up Leaks and Add Insulation

If you have leaks around your home’s floorboards, fireplace, or other areas, it’s worth the effort to add a bead of caulk around the baseboards. If the cold air seems to come from your attic, basement, or even a crawl space, you may also want to add additional insulation to those spaces.

Not only does addressing cracks and leaks keep out air and moisture, but you’ll also reduce the likelihood of unwanted visitors like mice, spiders, and other pests. These critters can get into amazingly small spaces, and even if your home is drafty, they’ll still come in when that cold weather hits.

2. Install Replacement Windows

Did you know that the contractors who build new homes often choose the cheapest window materials? We’ve seen brand new builds in Ozaukee County, Waukesha County, Racine County, and throughout Milwaukee with low-quality windows. Often, buyers need to replace these windows in less than a decade!

Of course, those older homes may also need a window replacement. A quick “damp-hand test” will tell you if you have a leak. Moisten your hand on a cool, windy day, and hold it up around the perimeter of the window—if you feel the breeze, you’re getting air infiltration! Replacement windows can help make your home energy efficient and significantly improve your comfort. You’ll save money on your energy bill and notice a big difference.

3. Replace Your Exterior Entry Doors

Older doors are another area of your home that can lead to heat loss, drafts, and higher energy costs. So whether you’re tired of wrestling with a drafty sliding door by your patio or notice ice accumulating on the INSIDE of your front door, it’s time for an upgrade.

Installing new entry doors is a great way to improve your home’s energy savings while simultaneously increasing your safety and security. Think of a new door as a facelift for your house. It’s the first thing visitors notice, and an update to an energy-efficient door can vastly increase your home’s curb appeal.

4. Consider New Heating & Cooling Equipment

Changes to your home’s furnace and AC can significantly impact your energy bill savings. Once you’ve addressed any air leaks and drafts, a new heating and cooling system can help you get and maintain the optimal temperature year-round. Your furnace and air conditioner use more energy than any other home appliance, so they are a sensible place to invest.

Even a small update to a programmable thermostat will help you save on your energy costs. By adjusting the temperature overnight or while you’re away, you’ll be able to notice a reduction on your monthly bill—especially during the winter!

5. Upgrade Your Other Home Appliances

You’ve updated your windows and doors, taken care of air leaks, and you have an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Is there anything else you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home? Small changes can still add up to even more savings around your house.

For example, switch out your lightbulbs to energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures. When you need to purchase a new appliance like a fridge or washer, look for one that’s energy efficient or Energy Star certified. Even opting for a shower over a bath can help you save on hot water costs. (Need to convert your bathtub to a shower or combination? Weather Tight can now help!)

Energy-efficient home improvements are a wise investment that can really help you save money and add value to your home in multiple ways. If you’re considering replacing those leaky doors and windows, now is a great time! Contact Weather Tight today, and we can help you assess your home’s most significant areas of concern so you can start saving on your utility bills.

Have other projects in mind? As a two-time BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics winner, we recommend checking out the Better Business Bureau® to find reputable companies for many other projects and services.


Is It Time for a Shower Upgrade?

Do you love your shower? Most of us spend about ten minutes (at least) in the shower each day. That’s over an hour a week, or over two full days per year, standing in that same small space in our home. So chances are, as you’re standing there shampooing and soaping, you might realize the time has come to consider a shower upgrade.

Shower upgrades are less expensive than you might think. They truly transform your bathing experience into a luxurious, relaxing, and enjoyable experience—and isn’t that something we all need more of? Here’s how to tell if it’s time to upgrade your shower.

AN elegant all-white bathroom with a large glass door shower and whiter tub. The walls are covered with white tiles and recessed lighting makes the room bright and well-lit.

Why Consider a Shower Upgrade

There are many reasons to consider updating or upgrading your shower. First of all, about half of Milwaukee homes were built in the years between the Great Depression and WWI. For the suburbs like Waukesha, Brookfield, and even Ozaukee County, expansion took off in the 1960s and grew quickly through the 1990s (and beyond).

What does that mean for your shower? Well, it means that trends in showers have come and gone over the years. In fact, before the mid-20th century, many homes didn’t even have showers—only bathtubs. Believe it or not, showering is a relatively new trend in the grand scheme of things.

If you own an older home, it may have at least one bathroom with only a bathtub or where a tub fixture has been converted to allow for showering without a full shower. You may also have one of those showers or tubs in a lovely pastel shade that was ubiquitous throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and even into the 1980s.

In short, in homes that are over a decade or two old, showers may be outdated or even non-existent. Even newer homes may have less-than-optimal showers. During the construction of planned communities, many contractors try to use the least costly materials. For some, that means showers that are cheaply made acrylic and quick to show wear and tear.

If you’re reading this and starting to give your shower the side-eye, here are some signs that it’s time to upgrade your shower. Weather Tight offers shower updates and tub-to-shower conversions for all our customers in the southeastern Wisconsin region.

Mold, Mildew, and Rot

It sounds, well, gross to think the “clean space” in your home is full of mold and mildew, but with showers, mold is a common occurrence. You have the perfect storm of moisture, heat, and hard-to-clean nooks and crannies where mold can thrive.

Mold, mildew, and fungus often look orange, brown, green, or black. You might notice a few spots in the corners of your shower or tub. Older grout and caulk often provide a comfortable breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Even cleaning and scrubbing the shower (or replacing the caulk) doesn’t entirely address the issue. Wait a few months, and it will reappear.

So, what can be done to prevent shower mold and mildew? The truth is that mold, mildew, bacteria, and other hazards in your shower aren’t just unsightly; they can present serious health hazards, no matter where they appear in your home. They can trigger allergies, cause respiratory issues, and even lead to skin infections. If you have a mold problem, it’s time to upgrade your shower.

At Weather Tight, we completely remove the existing shower. Unlike some shower improvements and “upgrades” that are really just cover-up jobs, we start from scratch. Acrylic “drop-in” shower replacements can leave mold and worse lurking underneath. If you’re going to upgrade your shower, you want to do it right.

Our shower updates are available in cultured marble or with a grout-free subway tile look. The durable gel-coat finish of our subway tile is modern, beautiful, and, best of all, easy to keep clean. You won’t need to worry about mold and other issues with a durable new shower.

Shower Damage

While not quite as dire as a shower space with mold or rot, a shower that’s damaged or difficult to clean is also less-than-ideal. After a time, the tile can chip and degrade. Hard water can start to discolor and stain your shower and tub. Acrylic can crack, dent, or worse.

Shower doors can be another aspect of your bathroom wet space that’s a hassle. If your door features hard-to-clean corners and ledges, consider a shower upgrade. Some shower doors don’t stay closed, leak, squeak, or are just not attractive.

What’s that? Your shower only has a curtain? One that you have to replace at least every year, if not more often, right? Yes, you can wash shower curtains, and some people prefer the look and ease of a curtain. But if you long for a beautiful, easy-to-clean shower door, we have options.

Doors aren’t required for all our shower upgrades and designs, so it’s up to your preference. But if you’d like the convenience of a door, we offer privacy and clear glass options with a limited lifetime warranty. These shower doors will work and last.

An Unsafe Shower

As years go by, we all get older. Suddenly a high shower step or a slippery floor goes from merely being an inconvenience to becoming a full-on health hazard. Your shower should be a place to relax, feel comfortable, and practice self-care—not a place to fear.

We offer many age-in-place updates for your shower that can make it easier to do your daily bathing. Whether you’re a senior yourself or someone in your household has mobility concerns, some simple shower updates like bench seating, handrails, and a low threshold can make a world of difference.

Older showers or tub-shower combinations may require you to take a big step in and out. In addition, bathtub residue can make the floor slick, slippery, and dangerous. A shower upgrade with a few safety features helps you maintain independence and safety.

We’ve talked to many people who are concerned that bathtub and shower safety updates are unsightly or may lower the value of your home. The truth is the opposite—bathtub and shower safety updates make your home more appealing to all. We can add attractive safety and convenience features to your new shower that looks beautiful and modern.

Finally, Shower Aesthetics

Looks aren’t everything, but if you’re sick of that Pepto-Bismol pink or baby blue shower, it might be time for a shower update. Even though vintage and retro looks can appeal to some, the timeless look of cultured marble or subway “tile” will have a longer-lasting style.

The most beautiful shower spaces are clean, fresh, and bright. These spaces are welcoming. With a few décor changes to the rest of the bathroom, you’ll be able to follow the trends without needing another shower replacement in the foreseeable future.

If you want a modern upgrade with colored tile, we can accommodate you. We offer an array of custom solid color options in the Sherwin-Williams color wheel. But, no matter what you choose, the modern design of your updated shower space will bring your bathroom forward to fit the styles of today and tomorrow.

Cultured marble shower updates are available in 15 unique colors. A solid cultured stone product ensures that your shower will stay beautiful, easy to clean, and simple to care for years and years. Both our subway tile look and cultured marble shower updates are available for showers and shower-to-tub conversions.

If you’re ready to make the most of your shower space (and fall in love with your daily routine again), consider a shower update from Weather Tight. Add value to your home with a beautiful, affordable shower update.

Roofing, Siding, or Doors? How to Prioritize Home Renovations

At Weather Tight, we work with people across Southeastern Wisconsin on their exterior updates and renovations. It’s not uncommon to see Murphy’s Law play out—if one thing needs an update, others will follow. So, how should homeowners prioritize home renovations when everything needs an update?

If you need roofing, siding, doors, and windows, how do you choose what to do first? At Weather Tight, we’re here to help.

A modest two-story home with a shingle roof, light blue siting, and white window trim. The house has a front porch and pay windows and stands tall against a light blue sky with white clouds, and a green lawn.

Highest Need Should Be Your Top Priority

So you’re looking at drafty windows, a door that doesn’t properly close, damaged shingles, and an aging exterior finish. How on earth do you prioritize your exterior updates?

The first way to prioritize home renovations is to look at the area of the highest need. Cosmetic updates can often wait, but updates that impact your home’s structure, function, and comfort should come first.

For example, a door might be a lower priority than drafty windows, but if the door is broken and won’t properly lock, it becomes a safety concern. Or damaged siding might be a secondary concern, but a window that doesn’t close is an urgent issue.

If your home is getting older, you might find that several issues seem to crop up at once. It’s essential to consider each exterior update and its impact on your home in the long term.

Prioritize Home Renovations from the Top Down

So, what do you do if all the home projects seem urgent? How do you prioritize between roofing, siding, windows, doors, or another exterior update?

If all issues seem equally urgent, the best guideline is to work from the top down. A leaking, damaged roof can cause many structural problems with your home. You can face issues with wood rot, damage to your insulation, drywall problems, and much more. Starting with a roof update is an excellent way to protect the rest of your home from further damage.

Prioritize preventative measures such as updating gutters too. Although gutters may seem like a minor investment, they play an important role in keeping water out of your home’s structure. Here in Wisconsin, we’re especially susceptible to issues like ice damming, which can exacerbate the damage to your roof and gutters.

If the roof seems like a problem that can wait, windows are another critical fix. Generally, it’s less expensive in the long run to replace all the windows at once. Financing options can help you make urgent exterior upgrades now.

Plan for the Future

Many home renovations are preventative investments in the future value of your home. For example, new siding can keep your home warmer, thanks to both a proper installation and the protective Tyvek Home Wrap underneath. Siding removal and replacement can help you discover and uncover other issues lurking underneath your old siding. It can also save you time and money with an exterior finish that requires virtually zero maintenance.

Prioritizing updates might look a bit different if you plan to sell your home soon. A beautiful front door, an eye-catching exterior finish, or quality replacement windows can help you fetch a better price and really add curb appeal.

Likewise, updates to the windows and roof can save you in the bargaining stage, when homebuyers might request that you include them in the price anyway. If your home has any damage, it’s essential to address it before putting it on the market.

If you’re planning on living in your home for the foreseeable future, it’s still crucial to address home updates with an eye to the years ahead. You may assume that putting plastic on the windows every October or wrestling with your sliding door is a hassle you’re willing to live with. But so many homeowners are shocked at how much their updates change their enjoyment of their homes. We almost always hear, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Investing in your home is wise. It will help you feel more comfortable, happier, and prouder of your house. It will also keep you from sleepless nights spent worrying about your leaking roof or unlocked windows. You won’t need to deal with wood rot or damaged insulation down the road.

What’s more, home renovations can save you a lot of money. Many updates lower your energy bills by improving the ventilation in your home. New windows prevent air infiltration and leakage. A properly installed roof will help your house stay warm in the winter and allow the house to breathe with a soffit and venting. Siding will also add more insulation and improved weather protection. New doors and windows also help your family stay secure and safe—a priceless priority.

No matter the exterior updates your home needs, it’s important to make sure you’re prioritizing and planning to take care of them. If you need guidance and help deciding, please reach out today. Our representatives can help assess which areas of your home have the greatest need for updates, so you can get them taken care of.

At Weather Tight, we know that our best customers are satisfied, repeat customers. We’ll work hard to earn your business, whether it’s for one small update or an entire exterior remodel. Reach out today to discover the difference that exterior updates can make to the comfort and beauty of your home.

Refer a Friend, Earn Rewards at Weather Tight

At Weather Tight, we know that reputation is everything in this business, and nothing means more to us than when you refer a friend for our services. So we’ve looked at ways to help make it easier for our customers to spread the word.

We’re excited to announce the new Weather Tight app to help you manage your referrals and earn progressive bonuses. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient to click and earn. Our reputation for excellence has made us Wisconsin’s Most Recommended Home Remodeler—we know those referrals come from customers who trust Weather Tight (and we want to make it worth your while). Not a customer? Not to worry! We still want to pay you for sharing the word about our positive reputation.

Image shows the Weather Tight logo with an icon that depicts "over 35 years" of experience

About the Weather Tight Referral Program

We know there are many choices out there, so when you refer a friend or family member to us, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your promotion. With our Weather Tight Customer Referral program, we offer you rewards for your referrals and discounts for your friends and family.

We’re excited and proud to introduce our new Weather Tight app. The app will allow you to access your customer portal, get weekly updates on each stage of your job if you have one in progress, make payments, leave reviews, and most importantly, to earn and manage referral bonuses.

If you’d like to Refer a Friend to Weather Tight, please download the app today!

Referring a friend is so easy! Just add your friend, family, or neighbor’s phone number, contact information, and the project they may be interested in. Our team will reach out, prepared to answer any questions and give your referral a complete overview of our services. This will also ensure that you and your referrals’ information are connected in our systems.

We’ve increased the referral bonuses as well. Your first sold referral earns you $100! Your second earns you $250, and every sold referral after earns you $500! There are rewards for your friends too. Each person you refer will get $200 off their job! It’s a win-win all around.

This graphic shows four bars, displaying the cash reward levels for Weather Tight's Customer Referal program. From left to right, the bars grow taller, with numeric values of $100, $250, and $500. The graphic is primarily blue with white bars and white text.

What’s more? We’ve made it even easier to get paid. You can get your bonus money as a direct deposit, a prepaid debit card, or in the form of gift cards!

Any referral given must have your name listed through the app as the referring party before your referral’s appointment and FREE estimate. Unfortunately, we can’t make rewards adjustments on previous sales once completed.

How to Submit Referrals with the App

You can download the Weather Tight app from iTunes or the Google Play store. Once downloaded, you’ll create your account by putting in your sales rep (if one referred you) and your contact information. No sales rep? You can also select “House Sales Manager.”

Once you’ve downloaded the app and set up your account, click the “Add a Referral” button. Add the contact information and hit submit! It’s that fast, simple, and convenient. Refer as many people as you like.

On the app, you can follow the status of your referrals. When one of them makes a purchase, you’ll receive a notice on the app and earn your reward. You can view your referral history and track your rewards on the app.

Imagine earning rewards just for promoting a service and a company you feel good about! Weather Tight is known for our excellent reputation, dedication to service, and quality installation. Did we mention that we are now Employee-Owned right here out of Wisconsin?! We offer an array of home improvement products, including:

If you’ve used our services in the past or know a friend or family member who’s ready for an upgrade, be sure to download the referral app and input their info. Not only will you help your friends and family with high-quality home improvement, but you could earn something for yourself too!

Download and explore all the great features of the Weather Tight app today. It’s an excellent tool for current customers and those who want to spread the word about Weather Tight! Questions? Reach out! We’re happy to share more information and help you share our award-winning services!