5 Exterior Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

In the spring, many Wisconsin homeowners get to work sprucing up their homes for the summer. We check the house for winter weather damage and look at any areas that need to be touched up.

But then summer heats up and plans start to take up our weekends. One weekend, we’re headed up North and the next weekend, we’re spending time at the lake. Before we know it, summer is nearing an end, and many of those exterior home maintenance projects have gone by the wayside.

Don’t worry, there is still time to prepare your home for fall and winter weather. Follow these 5 exterior home maintenance tips to get ready for winter.

1. Check Your Gutters and Downspout

Even if you checked your gutters in the spring, it’s time to give them another assessment as we come upon fall. If you have gutter protection in place, a visual check should be sufficient. Look at the outside of your gutter. Check for cracks, areas where the gutter is pulling away from the fascia (connecting the gutter and roof), or water running down the house. You may need to use your hose to test for water leaks.

Look at your gutter protection system. Is it in place? Are there any damaged areas? Gutters should be covered and sealed tightly with no leaks or areas where water can get near your home’s foundation. If you notice any standing or slow-moving water in the gutter, you may have a clog. Water should flow away from your home and freely out of the downspout.

If you don’t have gutter protection or your gutters are damaged, it’s time to consider gutter replacement. Over time, your gutters can become loose and the seals can give way, especially without proper gutter protection systems. Consider an update as part of your exterior home maintenance to prepare your house for winter.

Watch this video from Tod & Todd explaining why gutter protection systems are so important.


2. Assess Your Roof

Another area of your home’s exterior to explore is your roof. Climbing up on a ladder can be dangerous (and you can even damage your shingles), so do a visual inspection from the ground. Look for areas where the shingles are peeling up or curling. If the edges are starting to turn, it’s a telltale sign your roof may be due for replacement.

Other signs you need a roof replacement include shingles that are loose or falling off. Discoloration and fading are unsightly and can also indicate that your roof has aged. In Wisconsin, we often think that the winter is the hardest time on the roof, but summer also presents hazards. Hail storms, heat, humidity, and improper ventilation of your home can lead to roof problems.

Another indication that your roof has aged is to look at the runoff in your gutter. Do you see roofing materials like sand or asphalt pieces accumulating? This sediment indicates that your roof is deteriorating. If you notice these signs, call Weather Tight for an assessment. We’ll use a state-of-the-art imaging tool called RoofSnap to photograph your roof from above. This tool allows us to see exactly what issues you may have missed and will help us offer you an estimate for roof replacement.

3. Look Around Your Windows

Full Frame Window

One of the most essential exterior home maintenance tips to help you prepare for winter is to look at your windows. Windows aren’t only your home’s eyes, letting in light and fresh air in the summer—windows also serve a crucial insulating function in the winter. They keep your house warm and protected from cold weather.

Windows should be relatively low maintenance. With regular washing, your windows should stay bright and clear all year round. If you notice cloudiness between panes, a constantly foggy appearance, or mildew and mold growing along the window casing, it’s time to give our window replacement team a call! Other indicators that your windows are failing include cracked paint and soft or damp wood anywhere around your windows (indoors or out).

Do you get out the tape and plastic each winter to “seal up” your windows for winter? Believe it or not, this typical Wisconsin winter home maintenance step isn’t at all necessary if you have correctly installed windows. Your windows should be free of air infiltration and leaks. Many of our customers are shocked to find out how much energy they’re losing with leaky windows!

4. Inspect Your Siding and Exterior Finish

Now that you’ve looked at your gutters, roof, and windows, it’s time to take a look at your exterior finish overall. How does your home look from the curb? If you have aluminum siding, are there dents or dings? Has the siding been pitted due to weather or mistreatment? Are there areas where the siding is loose or even falling off?

Those with stucco or wood-finish homes should take a look at the paint and finish on your house. Is the paint peeling or are there any signs of mildew, pests, or water damage? Not only do these exterior finish problems detract from the value and curb appeal of your home, but they can indicate much larger (and more expensive) issues on the horizon.

If your home could use a facelift, consider investing in beautiful, low-maintenance vinyl siding! Not only will new siding save you the hassle of painting each year, but it can really increase the look and even the comfort of your home. We remove old siding, and underneath each siding job, we apply a special home wrap that allows your house to “breathe” properly. The new siding is weather-tight to ensure your home stays warm in the winter (and cool in the summer).

5. Don’t Ignore Your Front Door

Finally, the fifth tip for exterior home maintenance is to take a look at your front door. Does your door leak air? Do you have to keep a rug snuggled up to the door (or worse, a beanbag snake) to block the drafts that come in? Have you ever had snow or frost sneak into the INSIDE of your front door?

A new door keeps the cold air out and improves your home’s look, safety, and security. It may seem like a minor project, but your front door has a significant impact on your house. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to DIY their front door update. This project can lead to leaks and even security issues if the door isn’t correctly installed.

Leave the front door update to the professionals! A new front door is an affordable way to change your home’s exterior, increase your safety, and your comfort. If you have a drafty front door, don’t wait another year or suffer through another winter. Call us today to discuss your options.

We can do many home exterior updates all year round, so don’t worry about the coming winter months. Our team works in most weather conditions to ensure your home exterior project is completed to your satisfaction. Contact us today and learn just how stress-free home exterior projects can be!


6 Reasons You Should Choose Weather Tight as Your Home Remodeler

Are you considering making updates to your home? Whether you’re looking for window replacement, a new roof, exterior finishes like siding and trim, or a new front door, Weather Tight is a great choice. Our reputation for reliability makes us one of Wisconsin’s top home remodelers.

There are many companies out there who make promises and fail to deliver. At Weather Tight, we stand behind our work and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with your home updates. We offer a wide array of home remodeling options to ensure you get the look you want.

6 Standout Reasons to Choose Weather Tight as Your Home Remodeler

Vinyl Siding

1. We’re Employee-Owned

Weather Tight offers employees an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). This means employees become owners of Weather Tight as their stock increases over their years of employment. Not only does this ensure consistent service for the future, but it means that our employees have a personal stake in your satisfaction.

Being employee-owned also gives employees a powerful incentive to stay with the company for the long haul. This commitment enables Weather Tight to retain top talent and experience. When the company succeeds, our employee’s benefit and they know the best way to run a successful company is to keep you, the customer, satisfied and happy.

2. We Offer Award-Winning Service

We’re proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Busines Bureau. We were a finalist for the BBB’s 2017 International Torch Awards for Ethics and won the Wisconsin Torch Award that same year. This award goes to companies who embody the BBB’s mission of advancing trust in the marketplace and holding to high standards of organizational ethics.

We’re also proud to have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award, maintaining an A rating for 2010-2019. We received the Expertise.com Best Roofers in Milwaukee award in 2019 and 2020, and the 2019 Owens Corning Gold Level Product Excellence Award. We were also Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Choice Award Winner in 2018. While awards certainly aren’t everything, we do take pride in recognition of our excellent work, confirming that we’re meeting the needs of our customers and the Wisconsin community.

Weather Tight 30th Anniversary Logo

3. We’re Backed by Over 30 Years of Experience

Weather Tight was founded over 30 years ago, and in the home remodeling business, that level of experience is rare. We’ve been around long enough to see many fly-by-night operations come and go, leaving customers unsatisfied and frustrated. When you choose a home remodeler, you need someone who will stand behind their work for years to come. A warranty means nothing if a company isn’t around long enough to honor it.

The past 30 years have taught us many lessons about the importance of customer satisfaction and building repeat business. We know if you’re happy with one job, you’ll call us again for your next home update. It’s our goal to ensure a long, satisfactory relationship with every customer we serve.

4. We’re Your Neighbors

Wisconsin-owned and operated, we understand the needs of Wisconsin homeowners. We’re your neighbors and your fellow community members. We know what it’s like to weather the icy cold that only the Midwest can bring. We also know how to prepare your house with windows and doors that guard against air infiltration, roofing that stands up to wet winter weather, and exterior finishes that resist fade and damage.

We also know the importance of giving back to our community. We partner with many community organizations to support our area and ensure Wisconsin stays a great place to work, play, and live. When you look for a home remodeler, you want someone who understands the area and cares about our community.

5. We Work with Industry-Leading Brands

When we put the Weather Tight name on a remodeling project, we want you to know you can trust the quality materials and products to stand the test of time. We’ve carefully researched the leading industry brands to ensure that we offer you the best in siding, roofing, replacement window, and door options.

Brands like LP SmartSide DiamondKote, Norandex, Quality Edge Matterhorn, Owens Corning, CertainTeed STONEfaçade, and Sunrise Restorations are just a few of top industry brands we work with. We use quality materials like Tyvek home wraps from DuPont, vinyl, PVC, and engineered wood to ensure your home looks beautiful and feels comfortable with the durability you can rely on.

6. We’ll Work with You to Meet Your Needs

Your home and your needs are unique. Whether you need to update your gutters, soffit and fascia, replace your windows, or are ready to invest in a new roof, we’ll help you find options to fit your look and your budget. We can customize jobs of any size, from replacing one window to making over your entire home.

We’re also experienced in working with homeowners’ associations and condo boards. We offer an array of finishes and products to fit into the guidelines of your CC&Rs and still ensure the quality finishes to increase your curb appeal.

No matter your home remodeling needs, Weather Tight has you covered. Give us a call today to set up a free estimate. We’re currently offering virtual assessments with a 12-month price guarantee. Our showroom is open by appointment and our team members are standing by to help your home remodeling dreams become a reality.

Everything You Need to Know About the Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program

We’re proud to announce the new and improved Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program!

At Weather Tight, we deeply appreciate the referrals we get from happy customers. There’s no better endorsement than a customer who tells friends about the excellent service, and as Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler, we know the importance of a satisfied customer.

Customers who take the time to refer others to Weather Tight for their home remodeling needs deserve recognition for their thoughtful recommendations. That’s why we’ve created our exciting Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program to reward YOU for passing Weather Tight services on to your family and friends.

Want to learn more about the great benefits of the Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program? Here are all the details you need to know to reap the benefits of customer referrals.

The Benefits of the Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program

We want to give back to our customers by offering you rewards every time you refer someone to Weather Tight and they join our family. In fact, there’s no limit to the number of referrals you can submit!

For every successful customer referral who purchases services from Weather Tight, we’ll give you 10,000 rewards points. The power of praise will put money right into your pocket!

How do you use your Weather Tight Customer Rewards points? There are several ways. Choose from gift cards to over 100 great stores where you regularly shop. Or, if you want to stretch your points even further, swap them for Weather Tight Cash – and your points double so you can use them for money off your next home improvement purchase with Weather Tight.

Your friends won’t be left out of the rewards either! Each friend, neighbor, family member, or coworker you refer to us will receive an instant $200 off their purchase. All they need to do to receive this unbeatable discount is mention your name when scheduling their appointment or better yet, you can submit the referral online and we can call them to schedule their estimate.

It’s easy to get Weather Tight Customer Rewards and there’s an option for everyone to benefit!

How to Get Your Weather Tight Customer Rewards Points

We’ve made it simple for customers to submit referrals and earn Weather Tight Customer Rewards points. The process is easy:

  1. Visit WeatherTightRewards.com
  2. Click on “Submit a Referral.”
  3. Fill out the contact information for your referral and they’ll be contacted by a friendly Weather Tight customer service representative to schedule their FREE in-home consultation.
  4. When your referral’s job clears, you’ll receive an email with your WeatherTightRewards.com login information.
  5. Visit the “My Points Balance” tab and check out the points you’ve acquired!
  6. Visit the “Request Gift Cards” tab and request your cards. Or, double your points by choosing Weather Tight Cash.
  7. Enter your address and submit your request. Your gift cards will arrive in the mail!

It’s that easy to benefit from the Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program. There are hundreds of stores to choose from, including many popular online retailers, services, food, and more. There’s a little something for everyone, including you!

Check out this easy-to-follow video, where we walk you through the Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program step-by-step and tell you everything you need to know!



If you haven’t used Weather Tight yet, but are planning to schedule a job in the future, save money on your project by making referrals. Like we said, your Weather Tight Customer Rewards points double as Weather Tight Cash, it’s like putting money in the bank.

If you are a Weather Tight customer, the official Weather Tight referral forms can be found in the post-job folder you’ll receive from our installation team when they complete your project. The referral cards can be mailed in and used toward the Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program as well.

Share the Love with Weather Tight

We value our customers at Weather Tight! Because we live right here in the Wisconsin community, we’re your friends, family, and neighbors. We’re an employee-owned company and we’re proud to be part of the community.

We know and love Wisconsin and want to share the love with each of our customers.

If you’re ready to start referring (and reaping the rewards), your own friends, coworkers, and family members are a great place to start. Neighbors are often great referrals too because houses in a neighborhood tend to age at the same rate. Once they see your great improvements, they’ll want to know how they can improve the look of their home too.

If you’re happy with our work, tell your friends and family about your Weather Tight experience. We’ve built our reputation on trust and transparency. We pride ourselves on offering unsurpassed customer service and promise to extend the same great service to each friend you refer!

The Weather Tight Customer Rewards Program is another way we’re proud to serve as Wisconsin’s most referred home remodeler. Start referring and benefit today!


Weather Tight Is Now an Employee-Owned Company!

Updated: 9/12/19

Weather Tight Corporation is an integral part of our community. From becoming the Official Home Remodeler of the Milwaukee Bucks to our work throughout Wisconsin for over 30 years, we’re your neighbors, family, and friends.

When our business undergoes changes, we feel it’s important to share the news with our customers. That’s why we’re excited and proud to announce that Weather Tight is now an Employee-Owned Company. We’ve officially set up an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

Now you’re probably thinking that’s great news for Weather Tight employees, but how does this affect the community? Even more so, how does Weather Tight being an employee-owned company affect customers and homeowners?

Weather Tight Corporation Logo

What is an ESOP?

In short, providing an ESOP allows employees to earn company stock during their employment. Holding stock means employees actually become owners of Weather Tight as their stock in the company grows during their years of employment. This provides Weather Tight with a succession plan to ensure the company continues to grow and thrive well into the future.

Our current owners, Todd and Tod, aren’t handing off the reigns completely and sailing away into retirement tomorrow (or any time soon), however. One of the great benefits of Weather Tight being an employee-owned company is it still allows Todd and Tod to lead and oversee the company for years to come. It simply ensures that when the time comes for them to slowly pass the torch and enjoy those retirement years, the great company culture of Weather Tight will stay safely in place, providing excellent customer service for years to come.

Weather Tight being an employee-owned company and offering an ESOP will provide employees with a growing retirement vehicle. It offers a great incentive for our current employees to stay with the company for the long term and an excellent benefit to attract new employees as well. It means the company’s success pays off for each team member.

The Benefits to YOU of Weather Tight Being an Employee-Owned Company

The big question is, how will this affect our customers and what is the benefit to you? After all, without the support of the Wisconsin community, Weather Tight wouldn’t exist, company-owned or otherwise.

Weather Tight being an employee-owned company is very positive for our community and our customers. In fact, it will benefit our customers in several surprising and exciting ways.

There are many excellent companies and household names that are employee-owned. You may be familiar with Gore-Tex, Morgan Stanley, Southwest Airlines, P&G, and SAIC–all well-known employee-owned companies. In fact, there are over 7000 ESOPs since the concept was established in 1974, putting Weather Tight in great company with…well many great companies!

Offering an ESOP pays off for everyone involved (including the customer). Studies show employee ownership has a positive effect on the bottom line; it’s true and for good reasons:

  • ESOP companies vs. non-ESOP companies show a 4% higher productivity rate.
  • In all studies, offering ESOPs increase a company’s performance.

You see, when employees become owners, they’re directly invested in a company’s success; their benefits increase when the company does well. Because of the draw of an ESOP, the company is able to attract top talent and continue to retain the best employees. Those employees are driven to perform because they know when the company does well, they also do well. And all that success and financial well-being is passed to the surrounding community.

Being an employee-owned company adds up to safer and more pleasant work environments. Employees become more conscious of waste and have a personal stake in getting a job completed on budget, on time, and efficiently.

Employees gain a voice and a say in the operations of the company. They can share in what’s working at a company and what isn’t and can pass on customer concerns to management. When employees are co-owners, their input is vital.

The ultimate outcome of Weather Tight being an employee-owned company is even better customer service for YOU!

Now, at Weather Tight, we already pride ourselves on providing superior service and added value to our customers. We go above and beyond to complete each job in a timely manner that leaves our customers delighted. We like to think the benefits of Weather Tight being an employee-owned company are just the icing on what’s already an excellent cake.

We’re proud to share this exciting company news with our customers!

If you would like to learn more about any of our services, please drop us a line. We also invite you to visit our West Allis showroom. Our customer representatives look forward to continued service to our friends, neighbors, and family here in Wisconsin. If you are interested in joining our Weather Tight team, we also have our job postings available on our website. We would love to add to our Employee Owned organization.

When is the Right Time to Replace Old Windows?

Is it time to replace old windows in your home? Not only do new windows add beauty and value to your home, they also increase safety, security, and energy efficiency. There are few better investments than beautiful new windows for your house. If you’re wondering when to replace old windows, here are some questions to consider:

  • Are your windows stylish, up-to-date, and in excellent condition?
  • Do your windows ventilate air properly (but remain airtight when closed)?
  • Do your windows open and close smoothly, without extra effort?
  • Are your windows accessible and easy to clean?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then chances are you’re not completely satisfied with the current windows in your house. If it’s time to replace old windows, we’re here to help.

With over 30 years of experience in the window business, the window experts at Weather Tight know how to help you through every step of window replacement. Our high-quality products, smooth installation, and phenomenal customer service are guaranteed to make you extremely happy with your decision to upgrade and replace old windows within your home.


Time to Replace Old Windows in a West Allis Bungalow

Weather Tight recently worked on a 75-year-old bungalow-style house in West Allis. This was a perfect example of a home desperately in need of brand new windows. Typical of the age and style, the home featured a large picture window with two surrounding double-hung windows. While the look of the windows fit the home, the old windows had presented several issues for the homeowners.

Bay window with prairie grids, golden oak interior stain and laminated seat in Franklin, WI

One of the main issues was air infiltration in the winter from the leaky windows. We all know Wisconsin winters mean drafty windows and cold air leaks. As is often the case, the homeowners saw condensation in between the panes of glass in the windows. This condensation was a sure sign that air and moisture were making their way inside the bungalow.

Like many Wisconsin homeowners, these folks relied on plastic shrink wrap covering their windows, as an attempt to solve their leaky window problem. This temporary winter window fix is common but leaves residents with more disruption than satisfaction. The unsightly plastic wrap on windows is hard to apply and rarely creates a tight seal. The plastic blocks outside views, sun exposure, and warmth.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this annoying eyesore is that the plastic wrap on the windows must be replaced every season (so windows can be cleaned and opened in the summer months). This means more wrestling with a blow dryer and double-sided tape for a winter window solution that’s both ugly and ineffective. Not to mention the damage double-stick tape can do to beautiful woodwork. When we arrived at the bungalow, we could see it was definitely time to replace old windows and improve everyday life for this family.

Weather Tight experts quickly identified ventilation as the biggest issue in this case. As indicated by the moisture in between the panes, as well as the drafts, air was getting in despite the homeowner’s best efforts. The smartest option was to replace the old windows with three beautiful new double-hung windows. The new windows blended perfectly with the historic style of the home, increasing curb appeal and adding value to the property.

Best of all, the new windows allowed the homeowners to better control the temperature of their space all year long. No more drafty Wisconsin winters, plus great cooling airflow during the dog days of summer! Installing windows with double ventilation capabilities, from both the top and bottom, was the best fit for this home and would serve the client for years to come.

With so many window options out there, window selection may seem overwhelming. Trust experts familiar with the unique needs of Wisconsin homeowners so you can find the perfect replacement windows for your house. You want the highest quality windows to beautify and protect your home, but to also fit the look and style of your property.

Protecting Woodwork During Window Installation

With this West Allis home, the right window installation process was particularly important, especially due to the special woodwork surrounding their windows. As is the case with many of the beautiful bungalows, flats, and cottages here in Milwaukee, the craftsmanship is second to none. Preserving woodwork and brickwork is an important part of the window replacement process.

Due to Weather Tight’s experience with the historic and beautiful architecture of Milwaukee homes, we know how to protect craftsman features. We ensure our new windows enhance the look and function of the home rather than detract. The result is seamless, efficient, and a strong improvement that compliments the craftsmanship.

For our West Allis bungalow windows, we decided on a pocket install for the new window installation. Pocket install is a simple process in which the existing window frame is left intact. New windows are measured to fit within the given space perfectly. This procedure leaves the wood trim and features untouched and preserves the finish.

New Windows Vent in the Summer and Stop Drafts in the Winter

Another big concern for our West Allis family was the fact that their old windows didn’t open easily to let in the fresh air.

Older windows become sticky and stubborn. As the seal and pane erode over time, the window shifts and no longer opens with ease. Often the glass either becomes loose in the pane or the window requires brute force to open. The result is a window that’s tough, loud, and frustrating. Wrestling to open the window is more trouble than it’s worth, and of course, windows that won’t open (or feature loose glass) are a major safety concern.

The double hung replacement windows selected for the bungalow open with ease. These new windows feature screens, which provide ventilation from both sides. In the summertime, a natural breeze will easily flow into the house, giving it an open, airy feel. Of course, the screens efficiently block any outside bugs and serve as a protective shield for the room without sacrificing any airflow.

While cool breeze in the summer is important, it’s also important to protect against drafts and heat loss in the winter. After a careful installation and a lot of precision, the new windows are insulated around the edges to ensure all surfaces are airtight. Using the latest in window sealing and insulation technology, Weather Tight windows ensure there’s no cold airflow in the wintertime. Our windows are equipped with a maintenance-free exterior and fuel-efficient glass.

Fuel-efficient glass is important for many different reasons. According to the Department of Energy, it’s imperative to replace old windows with energy efficient glass because of the significant impact on both heat gain and heat loss throughout your home. Windows are accountable for 25% to 30% of the temperature energy. Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient windows with fuel-efficient glass will result in a lower heating and energy bill.

Beautiful Replacement Windows & Happy Customers

The last part of the window replacement process is installing brand new trim on the outside area surrounding the new windows. We take a great deal of pride in the appearance of our windows, always adding top-quality aluminum trim to finish.

Ready to replace old windows? Try a beautiful bay window from Weather Tight!

With the West Allis bungalow project, our team was also installing new siding for the homeowners to complete their full home makeover. The window trim was added as part of the final siding process, giving the home a polished update with plenty of curb appeal!

Maintaining their new, beautiful windows won’t be a problem for this West Allis family. The cleaning process is simple with Weather Tight installations. Keeping your windows sparkling is never a concern for our customers!

Our windows are engineered to tilt inside. This ingenious feature allows homeowners to clean both the inside and out easily (without climbing a ladder)! Simply open the window to the inside and shine them from the comfort of your own home. Cleaning our windows is simple. We keep our customers happy!

Our expertise has made us Wisconsin’s most recommended window installer and remodeler. We’re constantly striving to please our customers and give them the home improvements of their dreams. Windows are a sound investment and an important way to update your home. Now is the perfect time to replace old windows with new and improved windows from Weather Tight.

Window updates are surprisingly affordable. Visit our Weather Tight contact page and fill out the online form to receive a free no-obligation quote. Schedule a free appointment with a windows specialist who will come to your home and assess your needs!

Hear from Tod and Todd

Tod Colbert, President of Weather Tight, and Todd Schulz, Vice President, enjoy giving their customers the best advice on all home improvement aspects including windows, siding, doors, roofing, and gutters.

To learn more about the window improvements made to the West Allis bungalow house, visit Tod & Todd’s Home Improvement Tips and to learn how Weather Tight was able to successfully replace old windows and transform the problematic double-hung picture window into a beautiful three double-hung set.



Weather Tight $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes- A Winner Every Month!

But did you know that in addition to entering our yearly sweepstakes – you are also signed up to be in the running to be selected as a monthly winner? Well, just in case you didn’t, let me tell you how it works!

Spring Prepping your Home? Here is a Helpful List to Get you Started!

While Weather Tight specializes in home improvement replacement products- sometimes, items in our homes just need to be prepared for Spring- rather than replaced and our main priority is to always make sure we can give you the best tips on how to successfully get your home prepped, on your own time, safely. However, we always want to make sure we are honest with you & let you know when it is about that time to call in the experts rather than attempt to finish these tasks on your own!
Spring prepping (like Spring cleaning) your home can call for a laundry list of ‘To-Do’s’.

6 Signs it is Time to Replace your Entry Door

An entry door on our home acts as the first line of defense for safety, privacy, security, efficiency & curb appeal! But just how efficient is the current entry door on our home? If you have ever found yourself uncertain about ‘if’ & ‘when’ you should replace it, look no further! Not knowing what signs to look for can be a costly oversight for a homeowner. There are many important factors to consider when looking to replace our old entry door with a new one.

Customization is the key.

I can’t think of a singular reason in the world that the products you put in or on your home- should be any LESS customizable to our lives than the clothes we wear. Your roof should complement your home like your hairstyle compliments the shape of your face. Your siding should fit like a good pair of worn in shoes. We seek the things that have duality, things that work in more ways than one while still providing a security within ourselves to feel confident about it.

Gleaning The Torch. An Award of Ethics.

I find this quote to be profoundly unvarnished. Simple in its message. The void is illusive. It creates an invisible divide between one’s self & our visions. The only chance we stand to encompass our dreams of success, is to understand all things are attainable. It will all depend on dedication, determination, & the valor we use to battle our way to the front of lines with. You don’t meet many people who can say, “I could, so I did.” Oh Contraire- I know about 130 people personally, who can & did. This lead me to the very reason in which I have found inspiration to share with you some insight on those very people, their dreams, their successes & their personal accounts.