Choosing Siding and Roof Colors: How to Coordinate a Look for Your Home

So many customers ask us about coordinating siding and roof colors. What siding and roof color combinations look best? How do you choose? If you’re updating just your siding, or if you’re only getting a new roof, how do you pair it with the rest of your home’s exterior?

At Weather Tight, we work with customers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and help them find an exterior finish that will blend with their neighborhood while letting their home’s uniqueness stand out. Here’s how to choose coordinating siding and roof colors that complement and complete your home.

Image shows the exterior of a two story house with dark, olive-brown colored siding.

Remember, Quality is Critical, but So is Selection

When choosing siding and roof colors, the quality of the product is the paramount concern (of course). Think of it in terms of any significant purchase. For example, if you were buying a car, you would want to get a color you like, but your first priority is probably the quality. You wouldn’t buy a lemon of a car just because it came in your favorite hue.

Similarly, when you’re selecting exterior finishes for your home, it’s essential that you go with an exterior remodeler that carries high-quality brands and products. Unfortunately, many home remodeling companies have lower-quality products knowing that they won’t be around in a few years when customers need follow-up (or want to explore their warranty terms).

At Weather Tight, we’ve been in business in the Greater Milwaukee area for over 35 years. We’re employee-owned and proud of our success, built on a reputation for quality and trustworthiness. We’re your friends, neighbors, and family, and we plan to be around well into the future, should you need anything down the road.

At the same time, many high-quality products are not always available in a wide variety of colors, but not to worry with Weather Tight. We’ve done our homework to ensure we can provide customers with all the options they want and the quality they desire.

We have many choices in siding (as well as trim), allowing you to get the right look for your home. When you know you’re getting a quality product, choosing the color is the fun part!

Images shows a chart of Weather Tight siding color options ranging from white to browns to blues.

How to Coordinate Siding and Roofing Colors

So how do you coordinate siding and roofing colors? Not everyone has an artistic eye, and with so many choices, it’s hard to know what you want. You may look through the array of options and experience choice paralysis.

Not to worry! Our helpful sales team knows what’s available and can help steer you in the right direction. They come with years of experience helping customers choose exterior finishes that they love and feel proud to call home. Whether you’re looking at vinyl or composite siding or selecting a new roof, they can show you resources that will allow you to get a clear picture of what any finish will look like on your house.

We want you to go into the exterior update experience with confidence in the outcome. If you have questions or concerns, we can show you photos and samples to help you get a complete idea of what you should expect.

There’s also a big impact from trim colors. A soffit or fascia color can catch the eye and change the appearance dramatically. Seemingly subtle differences in color tones depend on the product and the existing finishes you want to pair. Even the landscaping of your yard and shade versus sun can change how an exterior finish looks on your house.

There are no clear-cut rules when it comes to coordinating or matching siding and roof colors (and we’ve seen some unconventional color combinations that look really amazing on the right home). We could tell you that brown roofing goes best with a tan exterior or that red should always be paired with grey and black. But really, the best step is to meet with a specialist who can help you discover and bring your vision to life.

To make a long story short, the best way to choose coordinating siding, trim, and roofing is to reach out and explore options for your unique house. Our sales team is ready to help you discover a look you’ll love. We’ll help you consider the style of your home, surrounding neighborhood aesthetics, and the best options for your budget and particular taste.

Reach out today and discover the exterior finish you’ve been hoping for.