Customization Is Key

What is one thing we look for as a consumer when shopping for clothes? How it fits! We look for what fits us best. We wear our style literally on our sleeve. Why should what you ‘wear’ on your home offer any less customization?

When you walk into a store, and the salesman or saleswoman asks if they can help you, majority of you reply with “No thanks, just looking.” In reality, you probably have money in your wallets or purses, credit cards with available funds, or an actual reason you entered the store you did. The one thing that gets most consumers to make a purchase without a single hesitation is – relevance.

The relevance of a product to the consumer varies depending on the type of product you’re shopping for. When we are shopping for a pair of jeans – we set out to find something that we can wear again & again. We look for customization in these products. We want it to match, fit well, look good & still provide us with durability. All of the above will justify the cost of the jeans because the value is in the eye of the shopper.

All of the things we focus on when making a choice as a consumer relates back to “can we use it more than once?”, “what does it offer me”, “does it withstand the wear & tear I need it for”. We then base our decision to purchase by deciding if the monetary value is worth the asking price. How much customization do we have with this item to work for us in our daily lives?

That is an excellent question to ask when buying any product.  It could be a winter coat, groceries, a car, or even something as simple as a cell phone. We need it to fit US just right because if it doesn’t have that exact tailor made feel– it becomes unused & we (myself included) find ourselves plagued by buyer’s remorse with more stuff we now need to find a use for (cue the rummage sales everyone). Also known as thrown somewhere in a basket never to be seen again.

We shop carefully for all of these items but what about when we shop to remodel one of our biggest prized possessions, our homes? That is a pretty big decision to make & stick with. Most of the time if we don’t feel like we can get a customized look or feel with something, we pass on it & pin it for later. More or less because we don’t want to spend money on something when we don’t feel secure about what the product can offer us, or we have a lack of knowledge to base our decision.

I can’t think of a singular reason in the world that the products you put in or on your home- should be any LESS customizable to our lives than the clothes we wear. Your roof should complement your home like your hairstyle compliments the shape of your face. Your siding should fit like a good pair of worn in shoes. We seek the things that have duality, things that work in more ways than one while still providing a security within ourselves to feel confident about it.

When you are in the market for windows, siding, doors, roofing, soffit/fascia, or even gutters, it all makes a difference with how well it fits the look & style of your home. We can’t change the foundation of a home, or the shape of the cement block it was poured onto (well, I mean you can, but that gets expensive). As I was saying, we want our home to appeal to our individual preferences. Perhaps, as comparable & just as important as a wedding dress for a bride, or the perfect tux for the groom,  it has to be striking, memorable & UNIQUE.

So just how important is it when choosing ‘that dress’ for your home? Why is customization such an important factor?

Customization gives you the freedom you need to feel confident in Weather Tight. We are that perfect pair of jeans.

Custom is key. The customization makes things more workable, or malleable, while providing accommodating versatility. It  captures uniqueness that is designed by you, for you. Some people love bright, bold colors on their home, some prefer a more neutral color scheme or a traditional look. We don’t just pick up any shirt & buy it without trying it on, or at least check the tag to make sure it is the right size(ish) unless you are like me. My shopping methods tend to be impulsive & disappointing. I don’t take time to think it through because I usually rush myself to get out of the store before I get lost & come out broke :) Regardless any smart buys are the ones that are methodical, conventional & well thought out.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the exterior remodeling world offered a cornucopia of the options & styles you see in a department store. One where it was as easy as picking up socks or an oxford with a handkerchief pocket?! Okay maybe not so much. We strive for things that we find attractive, & suitable. We strive for things that we can make our own, things that offer customization as a fail safe option.

(Dare I say it…?)

Weather Tight is the cornucopia you have been looking for! Customization is the name of the game. We make it available so you can feel confident dressing your house up for it’s wedding day! (sound the bells!)

We need you to know that if you can think it, we can pretty much do it. We have made it our business to be your personal design team. We offer over 50,000 options on windows alone. Each window built from scratch to fit like a glove or was it a shoe? I can’t remember but I can tell you it will fit. If you have ever pined back & forth with indecision we have you covered.

We offer customization on all of our products that allow you the freedom to choose from a plethora of styles, variations, looks, shapes, feel, color, size, asphalt, or cedar shake!

So when you ask yourself which is the best fit for you when planning a wardrobe makeover on your home, we have a knack for things like this. We specialize in numerous custom window designs & maintaining a look that stands out among the rest. We don’t just stop with windows either; we offer 2 different styles of roofing with over 40 color options & styles. If it turns out you aren’t looking for a roof or windows, our siding may appeal to your eye. Our siding is offered with outstanding features, as well as durability & versatility. Whether you prefer a a clean smooth vinyl look with interchangeable custom color options or you want to go with a cedar shake – or even a more rugged look, we have it.

What we want is for you to be able to choose the right fit. If you don’t like the color, but you really like the style, we can do it. Maybe you are looking to take out that old, warped, window in your kitchen that sucks all of the natural light out like a black hole, we can help you make the opening bigger, or smaller if that is what you want. But we can do it for you, because you deserve to feel secure about the products on your home while not having to forfeit something that draws an alluring aesthetic.

Maybe the look isn’t even your main concern, perhaps you live in a condo & are required to customize remodeling projects to fit Condo Association standards. We can help there too. We pride ourselves on being able to customize jobs to fit your needs. Be the aesthetics or be the requirement of Condo Association approval needs.

The name of the game is customization. We give you options that you can’t get anywhere else. So if you are looking for that custom look in your life that fits your home like your best pair of worn in shoes, or the siding of all siding.. give us a call & meet with one of our qualified sales representatives for a free in-home estimate today!

Push the boundaries of exterior home remodeling restrictions. I challenge you to settle on your customizing decisions easily! Oh & don’t worry – If you make a rash decision & pick something out only to get home & regret not looking at the size on the tag, give us a call & let us know what changes you want to make, we will do it. But like any department stores with options, our representatives will give you the tools to make it right- even if you change your mind on colors overnight. So give us a call at 414.459.3888 or let me page a fitting room associate, I mean sales expert, if you click HERE!

Try Weather Tight on for size- You will be glad you did!