When Do We Spring Forward?

Tis’ winter in America, the days are sun-stricken, unforgivably cold, & it is often dark before we are off of work for the day. I feel safe in saying that, like me, most everyone is paying attention to the fact that the daylight is starting to arrive earlier each morning & the evening knocks later each night. This is the telltale sign that Daylight Savings Time is around the corner!

An easy way to remember if we are losing or gaining an hour of time is to think of the saying: ‘Spring Ahead’ & ‘Fall Back’. Daylight Savings Time this month will cause us to ‘Spring Ahead’.

Daylight Savings Time is set to begin this month on Sunday, March 11th at 2am. This means when the clock strikes 2am- suddenly it will be 3am. To avoid waking up with an extremely late start to everything – best to set your clocks ahead before heading to bed Saturday.Those whom rely on clocks that auto-update, we salute you! For those who don’t, try setting a reminder in your phone to help you remember the change!

What Do You Mean I Get 1 Hour Less to Sleep?

The HORROR! Sleep is one of those very important things in life. A good portion of Americans suffer from or have suffered from a form of sleep disturbance or disorder. So when you tell me- a longtime night-owl insomniac, that I am going to lose an hour of sleep- I am not too thrilled about it! For many Americans’ DLS can have a negative affect on our internal clocks, & can cause disruption in our normal sleep pattern. We can’t fall asleep, stay asleep or rest soundly, which causes the day to be a bit more intolerable had we gotten a good nights rest.

What can one do in order to make the transition of Daylight Savings Time easier?

I have put together a list of things you can do to help ‘Spring Ahead’ with the clocks & skip the mental burnout! 

  • Allow for Gradual Adjustment Into the Time Change

      • To lessen the total overall impact of the time change- you can do things to help gradually acclimate to Daylight Savings. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than your normal sleep time. Try doing this a week to a few days BEFORE the time change. It also helps to take the week in stride following Sunday, March 11th. This will help to prepare your body a bit easier because you have made an effort to be rested & equipped when the time changes!
  • Post-Daylight Savings – Feel More Inclined to Give Yourself a Break

      • Most of us will feel sleepy after Sunday, March 11th. I know for me, I usually start to feel the effects it has on my body about 1.5 weeks from the time change. Some feel the effects much sooner & this is normal. If you feel run down or exhausted, take a nap! A short one! Shoot for mid-afternoon though, the later your nap, the closer to bedtime. Give yourself a fair amount of time in between the two. Also force yourself to skip that extra hour of snooze in the morning! Our internal clocks will adjust quite well on their own after a couple days!
  • Know your body’s sleep requirement!

      • If you are the kind of human who can sleep 3 hours a night & function the next day like you have had 10 hours of sleep, more power to you! Then there are some of us who get 6-8 hours of sleep & still have a rougher time than most getting out of bed each morning. You know your body best, so allow yourself the right amount of sleep to feel well rested for the day. In order to get a better idea of how many hours your body requires, turn your alarm off on Friday night & see what time your body naturally wakes up on Saturday am! I don’t recommend this during the week, unless you like to live dangerously! Then by all means!
  • Regulated Slumber!

      • Ahh, this is one of the toughest things for people to accomplish. Setting a strict sleep schedule & keeping to it. This will play a huge factor in hour we train our body to sleep/wake each day. Go to sleep at the same time every night & get up the same time each morning. Regulation begins in the bodies sleep patterns which then makes setting & rising a cinch every day!
  • Skip the Stimulants!

      • One of the easiest things to do on a morning where we can’t seem to shake the sleep, is grab a gigantic sized coffee- that usually contain an abnormal number of espresso shots. Perhaps you like something with a bit more punch & go for an energy drink- whatever it is- coffee, energy drinks or shots, tea, chocolate & even some OTC pain relievers can contain caffeine- LIMIT them! Alcohol too! All of the above have been known to cause major sleep malfunctions in adults! Over stimulating your brain throughout the course of a day, can come back to bite you later! Try limiting your intake during the day while avoiding them all together 4-6 hours pre-slumber. These extra kicks can make the adjustment to Daylight Savings Time even harder!
  • Get Your Heart Rate Up!

      • One of the easiest ways to help your body regulate sleep & rest well at night is to get in a fair amount of exercise every day! Take 30 minutes out of your day & walk, head to the gym, yoga or even a dance class!  For those who have trouble sleeping at night normally- try not to exercise too closely to bedtime for best results!
  • Calm Before Bed!

      • There is nothing worse than heading to bed, closing your eyes, & then remembering that your boss needed that file on her desk before 5am or else! Ah, yes! Stress! Stress raises our cortisol levels, which causes us to lose sleep because it sets our brain into overdrive! This makes it impossible to let ourselves calmly drift off! Also best to turn the TV off & put the cellphone or tablet down about 2-3 hours before you plan to head to bed for the night! Electronics stimulate our brains & when we are looking at them constantly right before our head hits the pillow, we have very little chance of getting our rest. The blue light wavelength of a device actually suppresses our melatonin- which is the hormone that keeps you on a normal sleep cycle! The light actually messes up the internal clock of our body by keeping our brain in alert mode when we are in bed, trying to force ourselves to sleep! Try mediating with some calm music, or grab a book & cup of tea before heading in for the night! You will send the signal to your brain that you are preparing for sleep, which will allow your body to calmly transition itself into its sleep cycle with ease!
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