Why should you re-side your home with Weather Tight Diamond Kote® Siding? Well, the answer is simple

It is spring in Wisconsin.. well.. sort of. I am starting to think Mother Nature went AWOL. However- we know that in due time the grass will start to brighten, displaying lush hues of striking emerald. We will find ourselves able to enjoy those lazy sun-drenched afternoons – accompanied by the unambiguous aroma of a charcoal barbecue. Everything that winter left barren & achromatic will come alive & I think we all deserve to catch up on our depleted levels of vitamin D! :)

As much as we are looking forward to the change in seasons   our gentle, tepid spring can quickly turn from hot to sweltering. Bringing with it the kind of temperatures that sting your face with vengeful sultriness. Here in Wisconsin, not only do we take a beating from the ever-fluctuating temperatures & intermittent seasonal cameo appearances…(Oh- you know the ones – 14 inches of snow for the Monday commute, a sonorous thunderstorm by Thursday,  & if we get really lucky – a balmy but fleeting 76 degrees by Sunday-  but then again, the outside of our homes take even more of a beating from the elements. Just like our bodies, our homes are exposed to the discordance of Mother Nature & her seasons.

We are able to take that in stride & can easily relieve ourselves to a cool air-conditioned home or warm our bones by the hearth.  Our homes, on the other hand, are the shelter that allows for us to have & protect these amenities when the going gets tough out there.  One of the worst things for any homeowner is to spend money on a home remodeling project only to have the product not deliver the resilience, strength, & durability you depend on. Weather Tight can help!

Weather Tight offers you the top-performing products available. Diamond Kote® Siding gives other siding a run for its money! We can assure you this is a product that will leave you feeling confident in the decision to re-side your home with us!

Weather Tight is always one step ahead of the game. We invest our time, & dedication to you by making it our mission to seek out & deliver you the most reliable, time-tested, high-performance products that are available on the market. Our Diamond Kote® siding is no rookie in its category!  You could say – “The Sugar Ray” of the exterior remodeler world. It packs a punch! From the available color options right down to the long list of favorable components on any home.

I know, I know, you are bursting with anticipation, right?! “Why!? TELL ME WHY!” Ok!

I look at siding as the “little black dress” of the exterior remodeling world. It is the first thing you see on a home, it introduces itself to the eyes of your neighbors, your friends, your family,  &  to the 6 am early bird jogger. It must hold an appearance that is chic, & elegant, like the ‘belle of the ball’, but should also provide strength, durability, & striking definition. So, this is the part where I say… “What if I told you we can give you that ..?” because… we can… :)

Two photos side by side, left photo is a house with worn, weathered siding. The photo on the right, is the same home after full house installation of Diamond Kote® siding.

Diamond Kote® Before & After

Diamond Kote® Advantages 

  • Siding that is more impact resistant.
    • Weather Tight’s siding delivers resistance to impact damage caused by common projectiles such as; golf balls, baseballs, & rocks.
  • Realistic Wood-grain Texture
    • Diamond Kote® siding has a natural impression, with a more realistic wood texture than most fiber cement products.
    • This siding is proven & time-tested to withstand the harshest of the elements (that sweltering sun we were talking about
  • Clean Installation 
    • Diamond Kote® siding has up to 33% fewer seams.
    • Trim & lap siding come in 16′ lengths vs. fiber cement- which are shorter at 12′ lengths.
    • This often results in fewer seam or joints on the structure of your home
  • Renewable Resource 
    • Weather Tight being ‘Eco-Conscious’ as we are, we like to make sure we offer you sustainable, & reliable products for your home. This product is manufactured with wood- procured using processes that are recognized, & certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®)
  • Superior Technology 
    • An automated process begins by sanding, & cleaning the substrate. This process conserves proper adhesion of the Diamond Kote® finish.
    • A rotating arm provides consistent paint coverage by breaking down the finish into smaller particles- giving a superior bond for immaculate coverage.
    • Before being chilled for packaging – the product is sent through an oven to curate a durable siding product that is resilient to scratches & blemishing

Diamond Kote® siding is an infallible product. Nothing allows us to sleep better at night than knowing we provide you with the product you can count on & promising to offer you a product you can trust. Diamond Kote® is beauty meets brawn, sturdy, reliable, & steadfast while maintaining vibrant curb appeal with an impressive ornate design. What more could you really ask for? It could be asked that maybe it was able to install itself.. but let me be candid- that is a stretch! :)

Now that we have covered the basics, the only thing left for you to do is click here or call to schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our qualified experts! 414.459.3888. We promise that you will be glad you did! Let us help you get your house ready for its most dapper summer to date! :)