It goes without saying that the ‘Curb Appeal’ of a home plays a major role in the decision making process for those in the market to buy. While curb appeal does play a large part in the interested home-buyers final decision – there is a crucial mistake that homeowners keep making time & time again. You will be kicking yourself for missing this glaring opportunity to increase the overall value of your home before you list it for sale…and even if you are not looking to list your home on the market- let’s say it is your “forever home”, are you missing a big security flaw that could be an easy fix?

Let’s just say… the answer is simply the knock of opportunity. Well it knocked alright- but you didn’t notice did you?

Naturally, we associate a home’s value largely based on its curb appeal. These are those no brainer things such as siding, shutter color, a well-kept yard, the condition of the driveway, & of course the infamous allure drawn out by a dashing front entry door-that screams “Welcome Home”!  The level of care we put into maintaining the exterior spaces of our home reflects onto the potential buyer as the literal ‘1st impression’. The presentation of a home’s exterior is marginally important- at best. People are buying a home to live in- so don’t forget that a potential buyer is more willing to step a bit outside of their comfort zone when the interior value exceeds its exterior. The buyers are in high favor right now & this is even considering the hundreds upon hundreds of new listings hitting the market each day.

Your home is more than just it’s fancy entrance door & this is very important

Curb appeal is held at an excessively high standard with even higher regard to the embellished worth. The pressure to stand out against all the other contenders can be rather intense, which is why we feel the crunch to make a lasting 1st impression. Ultimately, we can do everything right inside & out of our homes- it comes down to what a potential buyer deems the value to be worthy of purchase. I always refer back to the old ‘never judge a book by its cover’ saying- because you never know just what is beyond the cover…or beyond the door.

It is to be expected that the curb appeal (or lack thereof plays) a significant role in adding to the worth of the home. We see lot of homeowners that are so caught up on the front entry door due to ‘curb appeal’ & they look right past this one really huge shining moment of opportune fortune! Replacing ALL of the exterior doors on our home & yes, your home can (& probably does) have more than one point of entry access.

However, the seller puts a significant amount of “buyer” value on the aesthetic appearance of a home that is centered around the FRONT entry door (there is that word again). This is that mistake we told you to be sure you are NOT making when selling your home OR even if not selling your home- there are benefits to looking at the other exterior doors, which we will get into. On behalf of myself & all of us here at Weather Tight, allow me to redirect your attention to the elephant.. (ahem) I mean – oversight in the room. The oversight that gauges the true value of your home to a potential buyer.

Add special delivery instruction: knock at side door- front doorbell broken- call 1st- Lower unit entrance around back- Use garage door

Do you see what I did there? I  was just pointing out ALL of the other places on a home that are used & considered to be entry door access points within a home. Most modern day homes have one thing in common with another, which is what the French call “les entrée principale de la maison »- which translates to the front entrance of a home, but it sounded fancier than it really is, didnt it? Exactly! So remember that piece of wisdom when you plan to list your home for sale & are looking to up its entire value- before doing so.

Think about your home right now….how many other doors can you think to enter through. Maybe you have a door leading from the garage to the home. Maybe you have a back entry door (instead of a patio door). Maybe you have a secret side entrance- which I might be jealous of- you little spy you! Regardless of what door it is, just thinking about the “curb appeal” shouldn’t end at the curb or what you can see from the curb. When you walk around the exterior of the home, you want it to reflect what you can see from the curb. The look of a back entry door being upgraded- rather than a dingy, beat up, door with a storm door over it, can do wonders to the overall impression and value to your home.

Now, lets say you aren’t planning to move or put your home on the market. Why would you care about the other entrances on your home?

Well, you should- safety is a huge concern, and regardless of the neighborhood you live in- things happen and unfortunately bad people do exist. (No matter how much I wish they didn’t). If you have an attached garage to your home- burglars are aware that breaking into the garage is one of the easiest access points on a home. Therefore, if you have a door leading from your garage into your home- and it is not secure- it is VERY easy to get right into your home.

An intruder then has access to your personally belongings and/or family in a matter of seconds. Not a very reassuring feeling- but at least your front entry door was secure, right?!? It is important to get a secure door- on all entry access points to your home.

Weather Tight offers a door that has a multi-point lock system for added security- so even if that burglar got into your garage- they won’t be getting into your home.

The same goes for your back entry way. Doors get beat up- that is their job. They open. They close. They have kids, dogs, and people walking in and out of them daily. They get knocked on, banged on, and when carrying items- they can get scratched, dented, and dingy looking. It’s a tough life for a door! With every wear and tear that occurs, it can create damage to the door, jamb, or frame—allowing for easier break ins. Not to mention, the back door is away from the street and sometimes hidden from neighbors. So while your front entry door is secure and safe, the thought of “putting off” your back entry door- either because it is not a priority or not in the budget- could cost you more long term- since burglars don’t like to be seen, and will go away from where they can get caught.

While we never want to scare anyone—the harsh reality is—it could happen. We want to make sure it never happens to you! So whether you are considering selling your home, increasing the safety features of your home, or wanting to shift away from the beat up, dingy door look—it is always something to consider.

These doors end up taking quite the beating over years of use & no one likes a door that doesn’t work, where the nonworking door is in your home is irrelevant. Each entry door is just as important as the next entry door on our home & each one should provide the same quality of performance. Don’t make this mistake!

Weather Tight has a pretty amazing deal on entry doors! If you purchase an entry door  you can get a storm door for 50% off!

We want to make sure you can check these replacements off your list- so take advantage while you can! Give us a call at 414.459.3888 or visit us online at for your free in-home estimate today!