Energy Efficient Windows

The Zany Benefits That No One Told You!

Welcome to the year 2018, where green energy is a trending topic, Eco-friendly is on the rise, & everyday people are making a change to be less wasteful, reduce plastic use, & working to properly dispose of trash.

But what does any of this have to do with energy efficiency or windows? A lot actually!

There are millions of people on the earth & each one of us has a personal impact on the planet, leaving Environmental Impacts at an all time high. As a company we understand how these impacts can be detrimental to our Eco-system & as a company we wanted our impact to be one that is positive. This gave us the idea to be able to  offer you products that support the efforts of a safer planet for you & your families.

But what does any of this have to do with energy efficiency or windows? A lot actually!

A Lending Hand in Sustaining A Clean Environment! 

When we are looking for windows the choice we make plays a very significant role when it comes to Mother Earth! When you choose to purchase energy efficient windows you are getting the added bonus of passive solar energy! Energy efficient windows mitigate solar gain during the hot, humid summer months. During winter months, energy efficient windows work to harness the solar gain. We offer you the windows of opportunity! It’s all in the name… energy efficient!

When something proves to be efficient we know that means it works & that it works well. Weather Tight firmly believes your windows should work the same, with efficiency! As a result of the hard work your windows are putting in, it is directly assisting in using lower levels of energy in our homes. When we use less energy we are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions & cutting down amounts of fossil fuel that is expended!

Making Money Back Each Month… Time To Start A Fun Fund!

We now know that energy efficient windows are Mother Nature’s little helper- but the benefits don’t stop there! Energy efficient windows are a sure bet when you want to reduce monthly energy bills, as well as regulating these monthly costs. Weather Tight proudly installs windows that have been approved with an ENERGY STAR® rating by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA promises to deliver certified, reliable, & energy saving products to millions of Americans. These numbers don’t lie… in 2015 The EPA data results show 503 billion kWh of energy was saved & $34 billion in energy costs.*

When you have energy efficient windows installed in your home, the savings keep adding up. This investment is one that works to drastically lower our heating  & cooling costs. The product pays for itself when you consider that over the course of  just 365 days, these energy efficient gems saved over $400 a year. Don’t let your money walk, let it talk… or just keep it in your pocket! I think I’d rather put it in the fun fund!

Have More Time to Spend Doing Less Work!

A fair amount of our time is spent on constant upkeep our our homes which leaves little to no time to relax! The list grows longer with each passing year & we hear your grumbling over the unnatural noises coming from the furnace, the faulty sub-pump, & that one window in the house that is about as forgiving as a French guillotine… we want to help! Every handyman has a list  & we want to knock some off those things off! I know what you are thinking, “HA! Yea right!- hear us out!

An older home with original windows can cause a plethora of nightmares for a homeowner thanks to the natural process of aging woodwork. It can leave you with accelerated deterioration,bowing, warping, & rotting interior frame/wood work. Fixing such issues are painfully exorbitant, as well as time consuming. Lumber material is as useful as it is stout so we won’t knock wood.. (get it?) but inevitably so with time comes age. Energy efficient windows save you time by reducing your time because they require virtually no maintenance! Getting Weather Tight Energy Efficient windows installed in your home is an investment we made sure is worth it!

Treat yourself to MORE for LESS!

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