Everyone Loves BOGO!

One is The Loneliest Number…

BOGO- Buy One Get One… an offer you can’t or  surely shouldn’t pass on! We have all taken advantage of a steal when we stumble onto one, because who are you kidding, two is always better than one! More for less? Yes, PLEASE! When you find those really sweet deals that you just can’t say no to it’s a no brainer! For instance, a deal like Buy One Get One at your favorite shoe store or your favorite locale burrito joint.

I don’t know about you – but I very rarely can pass up a BOGO deal… on well, anything really (unless it’s a head ache)! BOGO is a deal that really gets you more bang for you buck- & that is why here at Weather Tight, we BOGO with the best of them!

A Window of Opportunity

We know that summer is busy & with summer comes, sunshine, lazy days out by the pool & heat! When summer heats up, so do we- & if you are anything like me sometimes I just need a quick 15 minutes in the air conditioned house to cool down. You know about that summer sizzle I speak of! Wisconsin summers have a reputation for being hot, humid & often unrelenting. Do you know what else can be unrelenting…? A summer electric bill! 

In case you weren’t aware- it is not cheap to heat or air condition our homes. Summer is a bit more pricey for those using the A/C during these months. So why not save money on your energy bill& build a nice cushion in your bank account instead? If you have outdated or failing windows in your home- (I am looking at you) you are spending more money than you need to every summer on your energy bill. Energy efficient windows that are in working order in the home are one of the biggest money savers a home owner could ever invest in. So, stop cooling the yard & start putting those saved pennies back in your account by switching to Weather Tight windows… or wait.. isn’t that how it goes?

Buy One Get One- the Bigger the Project- the Bigger the Savings

We aren’t just talking windows either my friend! Weather Tight’s exclusive BOGO offer can be bundled so that you can take the most away from the deal! If you are looking to get a new roof or give your home face lift with all new siding- it qualifies as a BOGO bundle package! 

Don’t put off your home remodeling project- To find out more on how you can take this deal all the way to the bank, visit us online to schedule your free in-home estimate or give one of our Weather Tight team members a call to get someone out today! You won’t regret it, we promise!