Exterior Door Locks: How to Be Sure Your Home is Safe

Are you tired of fussing with old door locks? Maybe your lock sticks and doesn’t hold the door tightly against the frame. Perhaps you’re feeling some heat loss and air infiltration around your door. Is it time to replace your exterior door locks?

If you’re struggling with your exterior door locks, it may be time to replace not only the locks but the whole door. Here’s why you should consider a better solution for stronger security.

Image shows a hand on a door knob to open a storm door

Wrestling with Old Door Locks

We’ve all had THAT exterior door—one that doesn’t lock easily. When you come to the house with an arm full of groceries or mail, you stand at the door, wiggling your key and trying to get the lock to turn.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem; the lock turns very easily—too easily, in fact. You’ve given out house keys to various guests, and the security of your exterior door locks is questionable at best. So, is it time to replace your exterior door locks? How do you know?

Before you run off to the nearest big box store to buy a replacement lock, take a moment to consider the state of your exterior door. Is the door in good condition? Does it seal tightly to the frame? If you shine a flashlight or stand outside the door at night, can you see the light around the door frame? That’s a sure sign that air is escaping in and out of your home.

Also, look at the door’s appearance. Is it a solid door that is holding up well to weather, or has your exterior door seen better days? Whether it’s a front or side entry to your home, your door is likely the first thing guests see. You’ll want to give off the best impression and select a door that’s beautiful and built solidly.

If your exterior door locks aren’t doing their job anymore, chances are, your door has also passed its prime. It may be time to consider exterior door replacement.

The Safety of a Multipoint Locking System

At Weather Tight, most of our exterior options include a free upgrade option to a multipoint locking system. So, what is a multipoint lock system? It’s the safest, safest, and most weather-tight way to keep your home locked.

Watch this video from Tod & Todd to learn about the importance of a multipoint locking system:

A multipoint locking system offers a locking mechanism at several points along the door—typically the top, middle, and bottom. Then, with one easy turn of the key or interior locking mechanism, your door is closed tightly and securely to the frame.

Doors with a singular locking point can be kicked in, broken, and even removed from the side. What’s more, the door no longer seals as tightly over time. As a result, cold air can leak through your door in the winter. Drafts can come in under the door, and suddenly your house feels chillier and less comfortable. In the summer, you’ll end up paying more for air conditioning as the air leaks to the outside. Wisconsin weather can be harsh, and the last thing you want is inflated energy bills because of poor seals around your entry doors.

Cut your energy costs and security concerns with a new, secure exterior door. You’ll rest easy at night knowing your door is exceptionally safe and your family is protected. A multipoint locking system is a simple, effective, and unobtrusive way to add an extra layer of protection to your house.

From the inside, the locking system is as easy to operate as a single-point system. With the flip of the locking mechanism, the door is closed and secured in three separate points. It’s just as easy to unlock from the inside—turn and open. If you’ve been wrestling with sticky old door locks that don’t close or open with ease, you’ll be amazed at the smoothness of operation.

Beautiful Exterior Door Options to Flatter Any Home

The fun part of replacing your exterior door is that it gives you a chance to upgrade and personalize the look of your home. With Weather Tight, you can choose from a huge variety of exterior door options, ensuring a look you’ll love (at a price you can afford). You can even visit our West Allis, Wisconsin showroom to see our entry door options in person and speak to a representative for an estimate on your exterior door replacement project.

Our beautiful Therma-Tru doors are available in many colors and finish options. Everyone loves the look of a wooden door, of course, but fiberglass doors are more secure and provide five times the insulation of wood. These days fiberglass doors are undetectable from their classic wooden counterparts. In fact, they often look much better because there’s no fading, cracking, peeling, or upkeep. The woodgrain looks authentic and will complement any home.

Visit the Therma-Tru Door Designer to play with the many looks and options for your front door. Whether you like a door with a transom, sidelight, or a beautiful pattern, there are plenty of options and styles. Security is, of course, extremely important to everyone, but don’t forget about curb appeal too! We want you to feel proud of your new exterior door and your home’s mini face-lift!

Before you struggle to install an exterior door lock that will never quite seal or turn properly, reach out to Weather Tight. A replacement door can improve the look and feel of your home. With the multipoint locking system, it can also improve the safety and security of your house. You’ll sleep easy, knowing your family is protected and your home is beautiful and secure.

To learn how affordable and easy a replacement exterior door can be, please reach out to our representatives today. We’re happy to help you explore your options and discover the door of your dreams! Thousands of satisfied Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners have joined the Weather Tight family. Learn why we’re Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler today!