The Give & Get Event-

An event to kick off a warm holiday season. A busy electric buzz that radiates through the air come November.  A time known to bring together family & merriment.

The holidays are a time filled with yuletide & cheer. Everyone knows that this time of year brings families & loved ones together in celebration & tidings.  Visiting with family who has not been home all year, or longer. Smiling children, glistening snow, the smell of fresh pine through the house. Yes, the holidays bring us together with the warm feeling of love & happiness. What a time of year!

But who are we kidding, the holidays.. ah, yes. The good with the bad. The calm before the storm.

yuletide-funnyGetting all the way through the store & making it to the end of the insanely long lines at the check out. Wrangling up the kids from knocking over another end cap display, while screaming as they are pulling one other’s hair out from their heads. Finally- you have made it to the car, you are home free, until you see the parking lot is swarming with cars & people weaving in & out of cars trying to make it into the store. But, you still have to get to another store, that is all the way across town-  for that gift your great aunt’s cousins sister wanted; who will be attending this year’s family gathering.

A crazed look sets in your eye. Shuddering at the the thought of having to even fight your way back into ANOTHER store. Unable to to find enough time for all of the things we need to get done. Getting home at 10 pm on a Tuesday with the kids, who still have homework & still need permission slips signed & laundry washed. Everything seems quiet as you skip your meal & shower. Lay your head down on the pillow, your eyes shutting like steel doors. “NOOO! I FORGOT THE ….”

& This exact day seems to cycle over & over until January. If you are lucky. Notorious holiday panic pressure!

We know how much time & effort goes into hosting the holidays. It all is mentally exhausting. So, if you are looking for a small break, we are going to give you one!

What is this ‘Give & Get Event?’ Each family who gives a donation of 5 or more non-perishable food items is entered into our raffle to get a ‘Holiday Decompression Getaway’. We will be sending you to the beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. On us! After all- tis’ the season of giving!

Weather Tight is hosting a holiday food drive on Sunday, November 27th from 10a-1p. Located at 11400 W. Oklahoma Avenue, in our West Allis showroom.Hunger Task Force_horiz_logo_4c_web

Friends & families of the community are encouraged to come together with Weather Tight & The Hunger Task Force for the holiday give back event of the season. We are accepting all non-perishable food donations.

Come chat with our staff, enjoy some refreshments & snacks. You will have the chance to take home more (yes you read that right.. more) prizes & gifts! Keep your eyes open for a special voucher reveal available exclusively at ‘The Give & Get Event’ only! Santa’s helpers have sworn me to secrecy!  We cannot wait to see you there! Check us out on Facebook, or visit us at WWW.WEATHERTIGHTCORP.COM for more information!