Untitled design (3)I would like to take myself out of the employee shoes on this one & talk openly. Let me be candid with everyone. Yes, I get paid to blog. Yes, my career requires me to boost online ratings. Yes, I get paid to host events. Right now though, in this moment, I want to talk about our Company-Weather Tight & Tod and Todd in a celebratory proclamation which is this establishment as well as the success that these two humbled men, with the help of a team dedicated to our customers, have built. For myself, I feel I am truly beyond lucky to not only be a part of such a strong, dedicated, reliable, company, but they have become my family.

If you’re reading this- you may not know what kind of company Weather Tight is or who Todd and Tod really are. Many people see them as the two Tod(d)s’ whose faces can be seen on the service trucks and the cheesy commercials that make you giggle. Two longtime friends who decided to grow Tod’s vision of a business into something amazing. They both decided to take a chance on a dream they both shared. Let’s call it a window of opportunity shall we? (Pun intended!)

I began working for  Weather Tight in the winter of 2015. Weather Tight is a family owned and operated self-built company – who has successfully managed to stay in business for 30 years. That in itself not only sets the bar for other remodeling companies in the area, but their honesty to customers and their ability to shake the “shady contractor” reputation that can sometimes be built around consumers ideas, has molded a model of excellence across the board. Weather Tights’ foundation was built on core values believed by Tod and Todd, themselves, to successfully organize, market, execute and deliver home exterior products to over 32,000 satisfied customers in the nine county region of Southeastern Wisconsin. So how- how can they do this?? How did they build their empire? How have they driven the succession plan to action and in turn, success?


Truthful, Reliable, United, Supportive, Thoughtful, Enthusiastic and Determined. Core values.

To build a house you need a solid foundation for the walls to be erected upon. Walls that will promise to hold up through the toughest of storms. You need a solid base to start building your dreams on. To support them, nurture them, and allow them to hold to core so that even when shaken, it stands tall and strong. Even if cracked, dented, or damaged- only minor repairs or replacements may be needed.

That is what I think has made this business what it is. Their core values.

Tod & Todd are two hard-working family men. They love their wives, children, grandchildren, employees and their customers-The very people who have helped us get where we are as a company. It all circulates together, ebb and flow. Without strong leadership, no one will know who or what to follow. I look at the leaders of this company and I can honestly say they are two extremely smart, driven, compassionate, honest, caring, businessmen – who have shown me what it really means to be ‘trusted’.

Tod has a warm allure to him. His eyes crack in the corners if you really get a good laugh from him. He speaks with intent, with conviction, and sometimes he can move the entire room with few words.  He is humble yet he has a light silly disposition that could make the coldest man give up a grin. You know when he speaks that he speaks to 100 faces – all of them different, all of them with a pallet of talents, and duties in this company. You know that you can trust in him, which in turn makes you want to give that back in some way-no matter how big or small. If you can’t find him in the office pining away at his desk with his door open to welcome you in with any questions or concerns, you can find him upon a hilltop in the mountains shooting the unprecedented beauty of nature on his camera, or capturing innocent moments of his grandchildren as they grow before his very eyes.

Then there is the other Todd, with 2 D’s :)  – I recently have had the opportunity to work very closely with Todd and I have come to know him on a different token than ever before. This man gives more than I think he even will give himself credit for. He’s always willing to help and get his hands dirty, putting himself out in the front lines with the sales team. He is involved and embracing. He often gets a chuckle out of me without even intending to do so. Todd has one of the strongest bridging relationships to his faith & church community; that I have ever seen. We meet often about donation opportunities or sponsoring local events in the surrounding communities, which his passion for such avenues of goodwill and marketing is undeniable. He has really shown me how to be supportive and united. He always has some sort of idea that comes pouring from his sleeves onto his desk! When speaking to him- he lights up and almost cannot express his ideas fast enough for me to take them all in. I respect and admire how much he truly gives, not only to his employees, but his longtime friends in the faith community of which he shares his passion. When Todd speaks about things, whether it be his sons, his wife Sandy, his stunning baby grand-daughter, or his church, I often envision a small jetpack filled with passion somewhere hidden under the back of his deep blue Weather Tight button down. Todd always stops to say hello or see how you’re doing and just like Tod, he somehow can be just as goofy. The two of them together embody an unequivocal bond, promising a wave of comforting warmth to anyone standing in the room with them. It’s no wonder these two have been able to dream it, build it and help carry it to fruition.

They support each other, being truthful with one another about their mutual and personal goals. Relying on each other to back the other and make sure to pick up where one leaves off. How else do you stay in business for 30 years without some sort of relationship that doesn’t gel on the high-end of extremely well!? They have really built a strong success with the people, like myself, who work here. I enjoy my job. I love my Weather Tight family. It makes it so much easier to be the best for them and to continue to help them stay successful and TRUSTED :)

With that being said; I want to wish the very happiest of birthdays to Weather Tight Corporation. We also want to thank you, Southeastern Wisconsin, for a wonderful 30 years of allowing us into your homes and being part of the Weather Tight family.

Most of all, I would like to thank Tod and Todd for all that they have done and continue to do. You both are fabulous men and I can honestly say I am proud to work for this company and to represent you both and your visions.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet these two amazing men- or visit our location- be sure to stop in for a celebration on Wednesday, September 21st from 5:30pm-8:00pm in our West Allis showroom (11400 W. Oklahoma Ave- West Allis, WI 53227). Come enjoy some, cocktails, a chance to win some prizes- and chat with Tod & Todd themselves! You don’t want to miss this!