Why now is the best time to start planning your next home remodeling projects!

Winter in Wisconsin!

Winter is looked at as a sort of break. Okay maybe I use it as more of an excuse to procrastinate a little longer because I don’t take a liking to the cold. Us mid-westerners know that winter brings out the sleepy bear in all of us & who can blame us really!? We spend at least 4-6 months bearing down under the strong hold of winter. The evenings are longer, our days much shorter & we see virtually no sun! These conditions are enough to drive us right into a long winter slumber. (wishful thinking!)

Not to mention all of the pleasantries– (& that’s putting it lightly) I mentioned above; it is more likely than not, FREEZING outside! On average we see temperatures in December that hover at a low of 24 degrees- & that my friends- is cold! All of these factors leaves us feeling like we have more to do & with less time to do it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exclude plans to start a home remodel. In fact, I find that we are much like hibernating bears in the sense that we stay indoors as much as possible during winter & then stretch our legs as the outside world starts to thaw!

Colder temps tend to bring with it time constraints in our daily lives. That wintry bliss that we have all come to know & love. (although ‘loving’ winter here is highly debatable!) We are not thinking about things like an installation of materials, a home remodel, or putting in new windows (well maybe we are when that cold breeze finds its way in through that one problem window at night, but not NOW!) It is a given that in Wisconsin we associate the cold with the holidays the same way we associate 4th of July with the summer.

The Holidays are to Winter-  as Tod & Todd are to Weather Tight!

During the holiday/winter season we are busy preparing our homes for our families that are making their way home for the holidays. We are out shopping for gifts, & trying to remember where the index card with Great Grandma Judy’s 75 year-old banana bread recipe on it, walked off to. The kids are also home on break, the house is full, we still need to go get a tree, which will then need to be decorated! We have cookies that need baking, gifts that need wrapping & so on & so forth! Those are the sort of things that take over in our world come the holidays! So much for a break, hey!?

All of the hustle & bustle that comes in tow with the holidays can be challenging! We are truly our busiest come this time of year, at least I know I am! It goes without saying that we have very little time for much else on top of being a shining holiday hostess! Is anyone going to address the giant shivering elephant in the room? Okay – then I will do the honors- it’s winter & winter is cold! Being out in the cold falls on the list of less enjoyable things to do. Which is why we find every viable reason to give into ourselves & postpone those big projects until spring! (especially projects like that home remodel!)

So go ahead, procrastinate just a little bit & plan for a spring/summer installation with Weather Tight Corporation!

That doesn’t mean procrastinate thinking about your home remodeling projects- it does mean that you cans still have us out for a consultation to get an estimate. It also means manufacturers have not yet started their annual monthly increases on material cost. That means- you can still take advantage of 2017 pricing & not have to think about it until after the holidays! Oh, stop rubbing your eyes, you read that right!

Think about gas prices in your area- they fluctuate between higher & lower prices depending on the time of the year. Holiday season sees one of the highest peaks in travel across the country. The supply & demand spikes like clock-work during the holidays. Major petroleum companies are keen to this spike & tend to inflate gas prices during this time. They know that people are traveling by car or truck & cannot do so without fuel! Those that are traveling will need to fill up along the way & gas companies know it! This isn’t a matter of being willing to pay higher prices, but having to pay for their demand of its supply. It works the same way in the remodeling world.

Come January- it is normal for the cost of home remodel materials to inflates substantially. You may notice or you may not, but it is true none the less. Choosing to purchase your project materials now will save you money in the long run because you are avoiding paying for home remodel needs & materials-  at inflated costs. Trust me, you will be very glad that you didn’t wait!

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Go ahead- take the winter off & enjoy the holidays with your family without adding more to your already full plate! Planning for your next home remodel project now is the key to a smooth & stress free experience with Weather Tight Corporation!

Get your home remodel planned now & have it installed this spring!