Wisconsin winters can be long, dark, & boring being locked up for months. We are going to change it up. We’re taking part in something totally tubular… Weather Tight- WHITEOUT! :)

It’s mid-winter here in the Mid-West. We have been lucky this year to have a lot less cold & peek-a-boo sunshine here & there. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t all getting a little bit stir crazy indoors! What else is there to do? We don’t have powder covered mountains to turn to for serious snow activities, & we don’t have many places that are a continued favorite to hang out at. We have cold, snow, wet, grey skies, & time. We are of course always looking for something a little more amp-ed up to take part in with our friends & family, & we have found just that.

I don’t know if you are familiar with the old “Crystal Ridge” in Franklin, Wisconsin. If it doesn’t ring a bell, its okay. It doesn’t exist anymore. Well, the hill does, but it is no longer Crystal Ridge! Located near South Ridge Mall, stands a snow padded mountain of extremely worthwhile fun. The Rock Sports Complex – or Gateway Parks Snow Park is the place to be this winter.

Why, you ask?

Well, Wisconsin winters just got a whole lot cooler ;)  For those who have an itch for winter recreation, or enjoy winter a little less than the rest of us, this is something everyone can get on-board with!  Obviously-out here so close to the city, there aren’t many promising winter activities, aside from ice skating or a hot chocolate, or the primordial family visit to ‘Candy Cane Lane’. Well, the game has changed my friends!

The Snow Park brings to you, Wisconsin winters own – premier, thrill packed skiing, snowboarding, & some pretty next level snow tubing. You can come during the daytime hours for all around family fun with the kiddos, or you can come for the late night run without the kiddos’ & enjoy a night of ‘adult snow tubing.’ Yes, you read that right. From 8:30pm – 10:30Ppm, the hill is taken over by groups of adults who can tube down the slopes, or enjoy unlimited beer at Tap Works, the premier saloon on site at The Rock Sports Complex. Yes, that is right, unlimited beer from 8:30pm-10:30pm when you purchase an adult snow tubing admission!

I don’t know about you,  but winter seems a whole lot more enjoyable with an activity like this out there!

Wisconsin winter,

We thought it looked like a pretty awesome time too, so – we are going to be there Saturday, February 11th from 5:30pm -10:30pm.

Weather Tight presents- our WHITEOUT event! If you should join us for a little winter merrymaking, you could possibly be having drinks on us. YES! I know, how could it get better? Because, we here at Weather Tight like a little leisure ourselves. Why wouldn’t we want to get in on this action?

Make sure to stop by & play a game of pong toss with us to win some pretty nifty stuff, or enter to win our on-site live drawing for 3 free bar tabs! Beer is already unlimited, but we want to give you the freedom to choose what mixer best suits your mood! We will be picking 3 lucky winners to have a little more fun at a pretty reasonable cost of … free. Whattt?!

We have some other prizes of sorts stocked up for you guys as well – so be sure to stop by & see us to grab up all this fine swag we will be gifting!!! Don’t let that unrelenting ‘Old Man Winter’ force you to stay indoors burrito’d in a giant flannel blanket any longer! Get to the hill, get yourself a tube, & take part in some good old fashioned tomfoolery!!

For more information, directions, pricing or questions visit us on Facebook & click on our link for Weather Tight- WHITEOUT event. Or visit The Rock Sports Complex!

We’re pretty excited & you should be too. :) :)