Let Us Help You Match Replacement Window Trim to Your Home

If you’re considering replacement windows, you probably have a lot on your mind—the size, the shape, the features, and more. It’s also important to consider how to match windows to the interior trim of your home.

Replacement window trim is a great way to update the look of your home’s interior. If you’re only replacing a few windows, you may want to match the existing interior window trim and style of your home (something that’s easy to do in most cases). If you’re replacing all the windows in your house, then why not consider a new look?

At Weather Tight, we have an array of window trim options to help you match any style or décor. If you’re considering replacement windows, we’ll help you match windows to your interior trim for a look you’ll love. Here’s what you need to know about window trim options.

Image shows the exterior of a light brown home with two shades of brown siding. A long wall of windows is shown at the end of the home, and stairs leading to a wood patio.

Do You Need Replacement Window Trim?

When homeowners consider replacement windows, they often wonder if they can keep the existing trim. Usually, this happens when they’re replacing only a few windows in their home, and they want to be sure that the trim on the new window matches their look.

Fortunately, with the many options for replacement window trim available, we can match almost any look to get something that aligns with the look and style of your home. When we assess your windows for replacement, we’ll look at the window casing and the trim to see what you need.

Many homeowners seek window replacement because the seal on a window has failed. This can lead to cloudiness between the panes and cracked or bubbling paint around the trim and windowsill. What you’re not seeing is that moisture can get beneath the window trim and into the window casing. Ultimately, this leads to a much bigger problem.

If you notice wood rotting on the window trim, then the trim should certainly be part of the replacement. There’s no reason to invest in beautiful new replacement windows only to surround them with rotting wood trim.

Often you’ll see rotting wood trim on the exterior of the home, but when we remove the window, as we do in a pocket replacement, there may also be wood rot on the interior trim. One of the reasons we typically recommend a full-frame window replacement rather than a pocket replacement is that you’re eliminating any problem with the window casing (rather than covering it up).

As Tod & Todd explain in the video below, you can think of it as a cavity in a tooth. You wouldn’t cover a rotting tooth without addressing the cavity. The tooth would continue to rot away under the cover, and eventually, it would need to be extracted.  You shouldn’t cover up a window frame with moisture damage or rot without really assessing the problem.

In this Tod & Todd Home Improvement Tips video, Tod & Todd walk us through how to spot wood rot in this replacement wood trim.


Is it Difficult to Replace Window Trim When Replacing Windows?

We’ve seen many homes where homeowners have had multiple window replacements and renovations, only to be left with mismatched interior trim. Some homeowners call a carpenter to create wooden window casings that match the original woodwork in many older homes in Wisconsin.

The carpenter has to set up shop for several days. Windows are measured, and dust is tracked in and out of the house. Custom cuts and stains are required, and if the final product isn’t what you want, then you’re stuck. Throughout the process, life is disrupted for the homeowner—not to mention dealing with the cost—and many are left wondering why they decided to replace the windows’ interior trim in the first place!

When you’re replacing windows, anyway, replacing the interior trim is very simple. Our window casings are typically custom-made in an environmentally controlled factory. The window is pre-made and stained to closely match the interior trim finish that the homeowner desires.

In the factory, the replacement window casing is put together extremely tightly. The corners are fitted tight and square. The piece is quality inspected before it goes in, eliminating many of the uncertainties and hassles that you run into with a finish carpenter. Better still, it saves about a day and a half of on-site labor, cutting out the stress of window installation.

As for replacement window trim options, there are so many choices available. You can select from beautiful realistic-looking woodgrain that will match almost any finish. Alternatively, we have solid colors, like white, tan, or black. Choose to have windows with grid patterns or without for new windows you love that will compliment your home décor.

Replacement windows are an excellent investment in the look, style, and feel of your home. If you’re considering window replacement, new window trim is an integral part of the process. Choose from an array of beautiful trims and finishes. Contact Weather Tight today to learn how replacement windows and new interior trim will elevate your living space.