Weather Tight Case Study: Matching Window Trim Color in South Milwaukee

It’s not uncommon for Weather Tight to do several jobs for a customer. Once our customers see the difference we offer in service and quality, they often return for their next home update. This reputation for quality and excellence has made us Wisconsin’s Most Recommended Remodeler.

What also strengthens our reputation is a promise to make sure our customers are happy with the outcome of their remodeling project. That means ensuring we build a reputation for trust and satisfaction, staying true to our word.

Image shows a modest two-story home with gray siding and matching white trim around every window. The front yard is paved with paver stones, gravel, and plants and the house stands against a bright blue cloudy sky.

Returning Window Customers to Finish the Job

Stephanie and Jeff were returning Weather Tight customers. We’d replaced the lower windows on their South Milwaukee split-level home a few years ago. For budgetary reasons, they decided to just do the first-floor windows on their initial job.

They were happy with our work. Jeff said he’d noticed that the first floor was much more comfortable, and the temperature stayed consistent. “I hardly ever touch the thermostat when I’m downstairs!”

Once they felt it was within their budget, they reached back out to us to return and complete the upper windows. Their upstairs bedroom and converted office had become high-traffic areas of their house now that Jeff was primarily working from home. They wanted to replace the windows with full-frame options that would give them more natural light. An upstairs bathroom window and guest bedroom also needed replacement.

Stephanie and Jeff reached back out to Weather Tight because they wanted to get similar windows for a cohesive look throughout their home, and they were happy with their initial go-around with Weather Tight. They said they were thrilled with how the first-floor job turned out. They especially appreciated how quickly our installers had worked, minimizing the time and disruption—something especially crucial now since Jeff had to work during the installation this round.

Our representative worked with the homeowners to choose a style and trim color that would match the previous installation. Although Stephanie wasn’t sure about the exact color, she and the sales expert chose something they felt was the same.

The order was placed, the job was scheduled, and our Weather Tight installers got to work.

A Call About Trim Color

A few days after the replacement window installation was complete, we got a call from Stephanie.

“I’m looking at the trim on the new windows, and the color is slightly off. It’s not a match with the downstairs set,” Stephanie said.

One of our representatives went right to South Milwaukee the next day to take a look. After carefully reviewing the window trim and notes with Stephanie, they agreed that the match wasn’t quite correct. Although the homeowner and Weather Tight expert had made a judgment call on the color, they were mistaken with the choice.

Now, in our experience, many companies would shrug their shoulders at this situation. The homeowner had signed off on the color choice, and it was close. But we knew that our customers weren’t happy with the match.

At Weather Tight, we recognize that samples and comparisons aren’t 100% accurate once in a while. We want to ensure our customers are happy with their choice when the dust has settled, and the installation is complete.

So, we took steps to make the situation right. Weather Tight replaced the window. The step was above and beyond expectations, but it aligned with our core values of being truthful and supportive toward our customers.

Following the resolution, Stephanie and Jeff couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They’re looking forward to scheduling some additional exterior updates, including new siding with Weather Tight. We know they will continue to be our repeat customers in the future, and even better—they’ll recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

Getting it Right the First Time

We always aim to get every job right the first time…and we usually do. We know that customers don’t want to change details on an installation once it’s complete. Of course, it’s smart business always to check and double-check before we place an order or complete a job. We have many procedures in place to ensure that we’re always crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s before, during, and after a job.

But mistakes happen, and occasionally, there’s an error or an outcome that’s unexpected or not quite right. In these cases, we always work to ensure that our customers are pleased with the results. So, if we have to make a change, we’re happy to do it because we know it builds those strong relationships.

Our customers in Wisconsin trust us to offer products and home remodeling services that improve their lives and increase their curb appeal. It’s kept us in the business for over 35 years. We stand behind our work and keep our customers happy.

If you’re ready to work with a home remodeler you can trust, contact Weather Tight today! Whether you’re seeking a new roof, doors, siding, or windows, we’re here to serve our friends and neighbors here in Southeastern Wisconsin!