When it comes to a roof you can rely on, Weather Tight’s got you covered!

We like to pride ourselves on the quality we provide across the board. Whether it be the quality of service we promise to give you, or the 1st rate product we install on thousands of homes in Southeastern Wisconsin, we are the experts on top!

Metal roofing has taken the exterior remodeling world by storm. This relatively new product is one that is innovative, eco-friendly, & reliable, while offering appreciable versatility. Now, if you are like me, I am a little tight on the checkbook. Sometimes I need a little (ok a lot) of convincing to justify spending a pretty penny on anything. I know, I know-  talking about purchasing a new roof for our home can trigger a slight panic where our brain starts rapid firing S.O.S distress signals! On the contrary- a metal roof will not only provide you an unmatched appeal, it also won’t cost you a fortune!

Matterhorn® metal roofing through Weather Tight is the sure way to go! Just ask the experts!

What are some leading reasons you should consider having a Matterhorn® metal roof installed on your home? Brace yourselves, there are quite a few things to consider! :) But- when you ask, we provide for you. That is just how Weather Tight likes to provide service to their customers!

Before & After photo. Brown log home with shingle roof on left, brown log home with metal roof with QE standing seam in Evergreen color

Before & After photo. Brown log home with shingle roof on left, brown log home with metal roof with QE standing seam in Evergreen color

Before & After- Weather Tight installation of a
Matterhorn® metal roof with a standing seam in Evergreen.


  • Metal Roofs modern metal strength lasts up to 4 years longer than traditional asphalt roofing
  • Metal Roofs provide superior resistance to extreme or harsh Wisconsin weather.
    • In climates with extreme weather conditions such as wildfires, snow load, ice dams & wind storms, a metal roof is a top priority
  • Metal Roofs are good for the environment.
    • They are recognized as eco-friendly by retaining most of its initial solar reflectance & low emissivity levels
  • Metal Roofs come with a full manufacturer warranty, which ensures coverage on product failure or malfunction
  • Metal Roofs lead the roofing industry for hail & fire ratings
    • Because the roof is made of  durable metal, it is resistant against damages like wind, hail, & fire
  • Metal roofing eliminates risks like cracking & warping that you would see over time on a roof with asphalt or shingles
  • Our metal roofs panels come with PVDF-Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology® paint which offers fade protection & energy conservation.
    • Every Matterhorn metal roof is coated with PVDF Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology
    • This aides in the reflection of solar heat & has the ability to re-emit up to 89% of absorbed heat. This keeps a cool roofing surface while preventing excess heat from getting into our home
  • We offer 10 different color choices which are Energy Star® rated. When you think metal, you think, shiny, flat & sterile. We want your metal roof to compliment your home & add to its value, as well as its appeal. Check out some of our offered styles & colors here ⇦ ⇦
    • These colors reflect up to 65% of solar radiation which keeps your home COOL in the summer & WARMER in the winter. Matterhorn® metal roofing is also recommended for rainwater harvesting because it is one of the best roofing systems that ensure safe water that is free from environmental pollutants. Considering that a metal roof is a “Green Product” this can add to the value of your home. As if it couldn’t get better, customers who had a metal roof installed between 2015 & 2016 were able to claim a tax credit because of its energy efficiency! We haven’t seen what the tax credit looks like this year, but it doesn’t show any signs of stopping!

I will stop there, but trust me that is only scratching the surface of just how awesome metal roofing can be! With Earth Day quickly approaching & there being lots of debates about taking care of our Earth as well as preventing global warming, it surprised me to find out just how important having an Eco-Friendly roof can be. Not only to good old Mother Earth, but to our families & pets. A major present day issue are clean water resources. I fully support the efforts in any size, great or small, that will continue to keep water clean & safe for our families.

If you look at old traditional roofs on a home, you will see shingles, wooden shake, or asphalt. Organic materials such as these, have been known to start to deteriorate immediately- when exposed to the elements. While a traditional roof is still not a bad choice, with a metal roof, you reduce the risk of unsightly repairs or unpredictable weather damages. A metal roof does not contain adhesives or sealants like a traditional asphalt roof. Because of this, a metal roof reduces any run off water which could contain lead & mercury.  This can make for a pretty unsafe glass of water for us, our children, pets, & often times can harm our yards & gardens.. now THAT is scary! Rainwater from a metal roof contain lower levels of bad bacteria & dissolved organic carbon. Did you know your roof was out causing that much trouble right under your nose.. or would it be over your head!? :)

So one small leap into your checkbook is also a pretty giant step for home improvement man-kind!  Not only is a Matterhorn® metal roof better for everyone, it will give you the confidence you can lean on during our Wisconsin winters, or in the sweltering Midwest summers. I can’t think of a smarter investment really. Think of all the money you will save not having to spend it on leaks, cracks, Whichever way you decide to go, just know we are here to save you time, save you money & ensure that you get top of the line products, all of the time-every time! Just trust us, after all- after all- there is a reason we are Southeastern Wisconsin’s most recommended remodeler! Give us a call at 414.459. 3888 or follow the link to schedule your free-in home estimate today! https://www.weathertightcorp.com/virtual-estimate/ :)