Modern Doors are Back! How to Choose a Modern Door Style You’ll Love

For a while now, farmhouse looks have been all the rage. Doors, windows, and home trim have had a handcrafted look—a little bit country, rustic, homey.

But lately, modern doors have been making a comeback. So should you go for a modern front door? Are you trying to select the right exterior door for your home? Here’s what you need to know about choosing a door that looks right in style.

Image shows a front porch on a home with light blue siding and a black door. A white bench with some blue and white cushions sits next to the door just below front windows.

Choosing an Exterior Door

So you’ve decided to upgrade your exterior doors. Doors can often feel like the center of your home or the face. They’re welcoming, giving a house a personality.

Exterior doors are also an affordable update that offers outsized benefits. If you suspect your exterior doors need replacing, there are a few ways to confirm. First, you can slide a dollar bill under the door—if it moves freely, you likely have air infiltration into your home.

Another option is to wet the palm of your hand on a cooler or windy day. Then, close the door and feel around the edges. If you feel a cool breeze on your hand, it’s another sign that air is leaking in and out of your home. New exterior doors can cut your energy costs and increase your comfort—a major bonus for our cold-climate-familiar Wisconsin homeowners!

Other signs that it’s time for exterior door replacement?

  • Locks that stick or don’t work.
  • Handles that are hard to open.
  • Security concerns—lack of visibility, flimsy doors.
  • Doors that are starting to peel, fade, or degrade.
  • Doors that look dated.
  • Doors that don’t complement the rest of your home and exterior finish.

Of course, some people just want to update their exterior door because they need a change, and that’s okay too. With so many styles and colors to choose from, there’s a perfect exterior door to update your home and bring your house to life.

Want to know if it’s time to update your front door? Check out this video from Tod & Todd:


As you can see, when we replace entry doors, we do a full-frame replacement, ensuring that the door is adequately insulated and securely installed. This not only makes your entry door last longer but also helps us ensure that we address any underlying issues. As a result, your home will be safe and secure with a beautiful new entry door.

Exploring Door Styles

Doors come in many different styles with something to enhance the look of every house. When choosing your exterior door style, you’ll want to consider the look and feel of your home. Do you have a country farmhouse? A bungalow? A classic split-level or a modern ranch?

Just like homes, exterior doors also come in many styles and options. You also have room to play around with the feel of your home by choosing a different style of door. For example, a Cape Cod looks great with a craftsman-style door, but if your style’s a little more modern, go with a sleeker option—it’s all about finding the balance that suits your personal preference.

Traditional-style doors have that European feel. They often feature glass, ornate trim, and different panel configurations. Most traditional doors have clear or frosted glass for privacy, and some feature transoms and sidelights. These are the classic choice.

Craftsman doors harken back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They have a handmade look and feel. They may feature shelves, wrought iron detailing, or decorative glass. Craftsman-style doors fit with many older homes, but again, they can also enhance and update other homes.

Farmhouse doors call back to the traditional style, with a hint of craftsmanship too. These doors often feature vertical planks and panels. Glass is typically in a grill pattern, and they may feature sidelights. Hardware is a must for playing up the rustic farmhouse look. Selecting modern door locks with a distressed bronze or matte black finish will really enhance the feel of a farmhouse door.

Finally, we get to modern entry doors—the current popular trend. Modern doors are sleek and minimal, with clean lines and few (if any) panels. They often have a contemporary aspect that speaks to today’s more streamlined homes and lifestyles. The glass features in these doors are usually simple and sophisticated. Modern doors are often in bold colors—solid black, red, navy, and other standout options that make the door pop.

For minimalist designs, modern doors bring drama. These doors are eye-catching and beautiful. What’s more, they fit nearly any home style and can give your house a contemporary, elevated feel.

An Entry Door You Can Rely On

Whether you choose an entry door with a modern style or another style, one thing’s for sure—Weather Tight offers doors that you can rely on. Our careful installation process ensures that the door is safe, secure, and built to last.

We carry the highest quality products on the market in an array of styles, colors, and looks to suit any home. Work with our team to get a door you’ll love.

Complete the look with beautiful hardware. The right knob, lock, and hinges will bring together the entry door look. Our multipoint locking system helps to add another layer of security and safety to your home as well.

If you’re exploring your entry door options, reach out today or come visit our West Allis, Wisconsin showroom, where you can see many of our exterior door options in person. Our representatives will walk you through all the available choices and help you find a door that brings your home to life!