How a MultiPoint Door Lock System Keeps Your Home Safe & Comfortable

Most people don’t think about our door locks very often. Typically, at night you might turn the knob or door level, flip the deadbolt system, and head to bed. You sleep soundly, expecting a standard door to keep your family safe.

But is your current locking system really keeping your house safe and secure? Here’s what you should know about the peace of mind a multipoint door lock system can bring.

A beautiful woodgrain entry door features two frosted sidelights and a decorative glass pane in the middle. The brown door is at the center of a walkway on a stone brick and wooden home.

A Question of Home Security

Of course, a break-in and home invasion are nothing any of us like to worry about, but safety is an essential consideration in any entry door. Doors exist to protect us in our homes, to keep out bad weather, intruders, and anything else the outside world throws our way.

Now, here in Southeastern Wisconsin, we enjoy the relative safety of a mid-sized city like Milwaukee. Most of us feel secure in our homes, but most of us also prefer an extra layer of protection from the outside world. The truth is that crime can happen anywhere, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Whether it’s your front door or a side entry door, you need to know your locks are working and your door lock system will keep you, your family, and the contents of your home secure.

If you’re considering an update to your exterior doors, here’s why you shouldn’t settle for any other lock system. The exclusive Multipoint Locking System or MPLS from Weather Tight keeps your home safe and provides a surprising additional benefit so you can relax and feel safe in your home.

Exploring the Anatomy of a Multipoint Door Lock System

The idea behind the multipoint door lock system is simple but effective. We’ve all seen doors with several unsightly locks running up the side—a traditional deadbolt, a chain lock, the lock built into the handle. While all those extra locking points may make a homeowner feel secure, the problem is they all lock in one spot—the center of the door. With pressure or blunt force at the top or bottom of the door, a standard locking system will give way.

With the multipoint locks, there is one activation for three different points, creating an added layer of security. You don’t need to lock your door two or three separate times to know it’s safe and tightly secured. With one easy turn of the lock, you’ve secured your entry door on the top, the bottom, and the middle of the door frame.

The difference of a multipoint lock configuration is that it’s extremely difficult to force the locked door open, even when applying pressure to the top or bottom. A multipoint lock system ensures your home’s security and your peace of mind.

To understand more about how a multi-point locking system works, watch this demonstration video from Home Improvement Tips with Tod & Todd:


Energy Efficiency: The Surprising Benefit of Multipoint Locking Systems

It’s easy to see how the multipoint lock system adds additional security to your home. But there’s an added benefit of extra locks. On top of the increased level of security, multipoint locks offer increased comfort. One of the most surprising benefits of the multipoint locking system is an improvement in the energy efficiency of your entry door.

While most homeowners think of the standard deadbolt locks as a safety measure, multi-point lock systems do more—they also help keep your doors closed extra tight to keep out drafts along the full length of the door. Here in southeastern Wisconsin, when the Milwaukee wind blows off Lake Michigan, you’ll appreciate the extra weather-tightness of additional locking points.

With the three locking points along the edge of the door, your exterior door is held air-tight to the frame against the weather stripping.  When you put the door in a closed position, the secure seal prevents air infiltration.

Even with the most secure single-point locks, the top and bottom of an entry door often lose small amounts of air. A three-point lock creates a tighter seal to keep the cold air out and the warm air in (and in the summer, it ensures you aren’t cooling the entire outdoors).

The other surprise is that the multipoint door locks are a free upgrade we offer on many of our entry doors. It’s important to note that multipoint locking systems are not available on some types of doors, like patio doors, steel doors, and fire doors with a cement core. Some garage doors aren’t compatible with the three-point door lock system.

But in most cases, this upgrade is available on any beautiful Weather Tight exterior door. We’ll help you ensure you’ve selected the best door lock for your situation, comfort, and the protection of your family.

At Weather Tight, we offer an array of gorgeous exterior doors designed to fit the look, style, and feel of your home. We have many customizable options and styles, including French doors in a wide variety of colors, glass options, door hardware, and more.

Fiberglass provides the look and beauty of wood with woodgrain detail but with more durability and moisture resistance. You won’t need to paint these maintenance-free doors. They retain their original beauty for years and years with virtually no upkeep at all.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s look while ensuring your family’s safety, security, and comfort, a new entry door is a great place to start. With locks at three critical points to enhance security, the multipoint locking system from Weather Tight is one more great reason to consider a new door today.

Give us a call for a free estimate. Our sales representatives will walk you through your options and help you choose a door you’ll love.