Pocket Install VS. Full Frame Install- Know the difference, know the benefits.

Image shows a new window on a brick house

Many homeowners understand that there is a lot of time and research that goes into shopping for new windows. However-  the most difficult question might not be which company you go with, but rather which window installation type benefits you the best? How do you know which one is the better option & do you even know that there are various options available? There are many factors that can determine the type of window installation to go with. To determine which installation option is best for you & your project needs, it is important to know the difference between pocket (insert) install vs full frame installation – so that you can decide which is best for your project. There are many pros with both install types, but knowing when you need to go with one or the other is sometimes the bigger task at hand!

Full Frame installation – is when the entire existing window is removed prior to installation. Full frame, while offering more modification options and customization.  Let’s touch on when the full frame installation type is the best fitting option for homeowners.

Full Frame Installation

  • All of the current window’s shortcomings- will be addressed prior to the installation.
  • A larger opening is required by fire egress codes.
  • When the opening is not square- or lacks proper insulation for energy efficiency.
  • When  looking to reduce air leakage- making windows more energy efficient
  • No painting or touch up’s needed.
  • When the existing window frame or woodwork is rotted or beyond repair.
  • When the existing frame does not meet the qualifications for a pocket installation.
  • The full-frame installation offers more modification and requirement desired by Homeowners/Condo associations.
  • The interior casing is removed to allow for optimal glass area.

A pocket install (or insert install) can be extremely beneficial to a homeowner when the home is newer, and the current woodwork doesn’t suffer from any pre-existing rot or water damage as compared to an older home with a quickly aging woodwork and framing around the existing windows.  A pocket install is when a new window is placed in the existing frame of the opening. So when does a pocket install make more sense than a full frame install? Let’s go over some beneficial reasons.

Pocket Installation Insert-

  • The current window frame is still square, level, and is still in good condition.
  • The casing and the trim of the current window need to stay in place.
  • Preserving charming- old historic woodwork in the home.
  • The current opening will allow structurally sound install of the pocket window.
  • Plans to put your home on the market in the near future.
  • Pocket installs are a little less in price as well as a shorter duration of installation times.
    Image shows a woman cleaning a double hung window from the inside

The option of a pocket install offers less modification the current window that exists in the home. This would be a great option to use when – for example, only one or two windows need to be replaced in the home and you are not looking to change the design of the woodwork or the casing around the opening of the window. This would also be a better option for someone who is looking for updated operation or easy cleaning methods, which is offered with our easy clean style windows.

Each installation depends on what your specific requirements are as a homeowner. We can help you with the personalized customization of hardware or woodwork on new windows, to discussing the resale value, and price options for replacement. Our mission is to make sure you get the best. Weather Tight always offers free in-home consultations with our qualified representatives who can help assist you in what would best fit your needs.  Whether it’s roofing, siding, windows, or entry doors you need, give us a call today – 414-459-3874 or visit us online at WWW.WEATHERTIGHTCORP.COM