Why Gutter Protection Should Be An Easy Decision

Are you sick and tired of climbing on a ladder to clean your gutters?  Do you wish there was away to avoid this dangerous annual cleaning project?  In this video, Tod & Todd discuss the reasons why gutter protection is an excellent choice for all homeowners.  In addition to safety concerns, clogged gutters can end up costing homeowners lots of money when water starts to flow to places that it shouldn’t.  Check out the video to learn more.

On Gutter Protection

“It’s not worth taking that kind risk for a very low investment in your house” – Tod & Todd

Full Video Transcription

Todd: So Tod, here we are at a home where we’re just installing some gutter protection. We’ve finished up now on the front of the house, and there’s three main reasons that we want to install gutter protection on our homes. One of them is safety, one of them is to get the water away from the foundation of our home, and lastly, it’s a dirty, nasty job. We wanna keep the leaves and debris out of our gutters. So talk a little bit more about the safety issue.

Tod: Well, I don’t know about you, but my wife does not want me on a ladder or standing on my roof.

Todd: Oh, same thing for me, Tod.

Tod: You know, because it doesn’t take much for a ladder to slip and you fall and you can you can not only hurt yourself badly, you can kill yourself.

Todd: People die.

Tod: It’s not worth it. For me it’s not worth taking that kind of risk for a very low investment in my house to just never have to do that.

Todd: No, you’re absolutely right. And really, when you talk about the risk and reward, it’s the same thing regarding the water flow management, getting it to flow away from the foundation of our home. That’s what gutters and downspouts are all about, but when they clog easily, and it’s not just sticks and debris, I mean, let’s face it, baseballs, tennis balls, kids’ shoes, I mean, we find all sorts of stuff in gutters that are clogging these things. We wanna get that water to flow properly because instead of spending $20,000 or $30,000 on a basement excavation job, they can pay that small insurance policy now and have the gutter protection help protect their home. And lastly, talk about that nasty job of cleaning.

Tod: Well I don’t even really need to say much about it because everybody knows that’s done it before, it is one of the nastiest jobs.

Todd: Rotten leaves, right.

Tod: You got a bucket, you’re on a ladder, you’re trying to scoop the stuff out, it’s gross.

Todd: It smells. Yeah.

Tod: It smells bad, it’s nasty.

Todd: It stains your hands.

Tod: Nobody wants to do that.

Todd: No.

Tod: I knew that for me it was one of the first things I wanted to check off my list because I didn’t wanna do that anymore.