Custom Installation Techniques Recognized Nationwide

As a company, our main focus has been the same since the day Tod Colbert founded Weather Tight over 26 years ago – to be a reliable, customer-focused home improvement company. Not only do we continue this focus, we are now able to offer an installation method to our customers that is uniquely available through Weather Tight.

A representative from US Builders Review recently spoke with our founder and CEO, Tod Colbert, to discuss our custom installation process.

Our custom installation process, we call full-frame installation, is superior to the industry-standard “pocket” installation for many reasons.

-Removal of window jamb allows more glass area and ensures no rotted material is surrounding the new window.

-More solid, airtight, long-lasting installation.

-New preassembled, prefinished custom interior moldings with furniture-grade finish.

-Installation for the whole home takes one day, in most cases.

Watch Tod Colbert & our co-owner Todd Schulz discuss full frame windows here.

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