Mmmm, Bacon! One of America’s most enjoyed foods & it stands to reason because- well Saloon on Calhoun knows that EVERYTHING is better with bacon!

Saloon on Calhoun -Bacon Cheese Burger!

Tucked away on the corner of Calhoun & Capitol, in Brookfield Wisconsin, sits a local establishment that has most certainly put their mark on the map- with BACON. Jennine Paoli & Dave Dayler own & operate The Saloon on Calhoun- with Bacon! I know what you’re thinking, a bar with bacon in the name!? That would be the sweet sound of your wildest dreams have come true! If you have not been to The Saloon for at least a quick beer & a bite while catching a game- you are missing out!

The building spans from one end of the lot to the other & then some! Donning a massive floor plan providing plenty of seating room, from high top tables, to family friendly 4-tops. Saloon gives you plenty of prime bar seating options to boot! Piggy backing the long stretch of pine that glows with a warm cerulean blue allure, you will find ‘The Bourbon Street Bar’. This is just another bonus that only adds to the already awesome space!

Here you can find additional seating, television viewing, & it even offers private spots equipped to hold parties, fundraisers, or private events! This place has everything to offer from sports at every angle, live music, trivia nights, brunch & stellar staff. They even have a weekly happy hour where you literally can eat free BACON!!

Want to see this magical land of beer & bacon? Take a virtual tour of the place & get acclimated with one of the hottest spots in Brookfield!

The bar looks out onto a wood-framed dining area & a behemoth projector screen. Look a little closer at the screen & you will find a raised stage where plenty of local talent have booked their slots! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that The Saloon is praised by local  patrons & Milwaukee journalists alike as the BEST spot for live entertainment!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennine earlier this week. She is ebullient, vivacious, & she is as bold as she is smart. Dave is charismatic, undaunted, & makes being laid back while running a successful business look way too easy! The pair are not only business partners, but they are also partners in marriage!

Together they not only share personal & business affairs, but a love for dogs, traveling, & the passion to watch the success of The Saloon on Calhoun. These two have devised a succession plan for a once struggling bar, contending with its predecessor “For Pete’s Sake”. Whatever plan it was- it proved to really work in their favor as the Saloon flourishes!

A true American Tale of how Bacon brought booming success to Brookfield!

To answer the important question, what about the Bacon? The term is coined as their own- “With Bacon” is trademarked & belongs to the lively, dynamic duo. But why bacon? Well that answer is simple isn’t it? Jennine said it best “EVERYTHING is better with BACON!” I think Saloon patrons (as well as all of America) can agree! If you have not been to this hot spot add it to your list of local places you must go! What better time to get the full bacon experience than this Sunday, January 14th!

Weather Tight will be hosting our first “Big Chill” Event from noon-3pm with our friends out at The Saloon! In an attempt to break through those winter blues, frozen temps & raise  our dangerously low amounts of Vitamin D- stop out for brunch, beer, & BACON!

The Big Chill- with Bacon…

There will be food, fun, & drinks-but that is not all folks. We are giving away 3 $25 gift certificates to Saloon on Calhoun, hourly prize winners, a specialty ‘With Bacon’ gift basket jam packed with all things bacon, bacon & more bacon! We are also giving you the chance to quench your thirst with a Saloon special ‘Boozy’ Basket, compliments of Jennine, Dave, & The Saloon Family.

You don’t want to miss this! Stop out & show your bartender or server this article or the email  you received from Weather Tight & get a free drink on the house! We can’t wait to hang out with you, enjoy brunch, brews, & bacon at Saloon on Calhoun!!