He knows when you are sleeping…christmas-lights-free-christmas-borders-clipart-clipartix

This tale is as old as time. Santa Claus – dons his sleigh with intrepid delight, piloted by Donner, Cupid, Blitzen, & so on & so forth. You know the one, he comes in through the chimney while you sleep nestled warm in your bed.. something about sugar plums, two stepping in your head! Or’e the fields & through the … oh, wait. That isn’t this, or this isn’t that!

I often find as an adult, we lose that magical luster. We become caught up in this grandiose scale of monotony. For me, my fondest memories were those on Christmas morning. I can recall probably getting the worst sleep in my entire life as a child come December 24th. Although, I lack just as much sleep now as a full time mommy the night before Christmas – making sure everything is perfect, the house is scrubbed top to bottom, presents precisely set under the tree for maximum effort! (ha-ha!). I often find I enjoy that December 25th morning cup of coffee, with more indulgence than any other cup of coffee on any other day of the year. It’s a good thing that there are only 6 days  left after Santa stops by.. but anyway..

Here at Weather Tight we are huge on spending time with family & friends. We want nothing more than to bring everyone together in holiday cheer.

I find for myself, the thing I look forward to the most during the holidays- is being with family. Through the chaos of schedules & gift exchange, and the occasional family disagreement, I always enjoy the noise of my family together as one. The noise of laughing, crying, catching up on things that have happened. The joyful reunion of family- marks one of love & merriment.

There is nothing more heartwarming than a happy, gleeful child. We want to capture that moment with you & your family this year. Weather Tight thought we would invite good ole’ Santa himself to make a stop for a very merry event. Santa, though it was extremely difficult to get the man himsELF.. (get it..? Elf. :) :)) out here on a Saturday right before the holiday but, since we kept our names off of the naughty list– Mr. Claus will be making his debut appearance at Weather Tight.

Join us on Saturday, December 17th from 10am-2pm for our ‘Simply Santa’ Event in our Idea Center. 11400 W. Oklahoma Avenue in West Allis, WIsanta-one

Bring the kids out for a day with Santa. “They can get their photo taken with Mr. Claus & you can get a copy to bring home)! How could we forget how much Santa loves cookies!?.. Wait, we didn’t, in addition to pictures, munch on some cookies too. Before heading out, be sure to grab a little gift on us!

Join us for a little family holiday fun before we kick into high gear!

From all of us here at Weather Tight, we wish you & your families a warm, wonderful, most magical holiday season! See you there! :)