When is it Time to Stop Fighting those Hard-to-Open Windows?

Are you tired of tolerating hard-to-open windows? The concept seems simple enough—windows should open easily and close securely. Your windows should never slam down or require brute force to close.

Yet, many homeowners seem to find themselves in a constant battle with hard-to-open windows. They put up with stuck sliding windows; they try hacks (like using broom-handles to prop windows open or keep them shut). Opening the window becomes a task relegated to the strongest member of the household. They have to watch children near the windows so little fingers don’t get hurt.

If you’re fighting hard-to-open windows, it’s time to consider the risks of putting off replacement windows. The truth is, when windows are sticky (or loose), they aren’t functioning correctly. You’re likely experiencing other issues as well.

Image shows the interior of a casement window with a plant sitting next to it

Hard-to-Open Windows Put Your Children and Pets at Risk

One customer who recently replaced her 1982 wooden-framed windows realized she needed to call us when her windows became dangerous. She had to remind children and grandchildren to stay away from the “guillotine window,” which could slam down at any time.

The window was hard to open. Once it opened, it had to go up all the way or it would slam down dangerously. Sometimes it would still fall when the wind blew or a truck drove by. You can see the window in the Home Improvement Tips from Tod & Todd video below:

When you notice a window having problems opening or staying open, it’s a sign that the window is failing. When we looked at our customer’s window, we could see glazing oozing out of the sides and around the edges. Condensation damage was around the sash frame, and the sun had faded the polyurethane stain finish. The locks were no longer functioning properly because the window no longer sat securely and balanced in the frame.

Older windows are often held in place with spring-loaded jambs. When the springs start to wear out, there’s not enough pressure on the sash. As the situation gets worse, elements fail. The windows become dangerous. Imagine a sleeping pet in the window or a child playing nearby!

Aside from the obvious security issues of a window that won’t close properly, there’s a significant safety concern as well. If you’re putting up with guillotine windows or you’ve given up on opening your windows at all, it’s time for a replacement.

Stuck Sliding Windows are the Sign of a Bigger Problem

Image shows a close up of two double hung windows

Windows help your house ventilate properly. In the summer, you want to easily open your windows to get a gentle cross breeze. In the winter, you want windows that keep your house warm by blocking air infiltration. If you find yourself pulling out the plastic to cover the windows or if you need an extra pair of socks indoors, your windows aren’t working.

When windows fail, the first consequence is air infiltration. You won’t see the airflow in or out, but you will feel it. Air infiltration will also appear on your energy bill. In the summer, cool air will escape your house. In the winter, warm air goes out and cold air comes in. Homeowners are often surprised at how much replacement windows increase their comfort level in their homes.

So, if you’re struggling with hard-to-open windows, it’s a sign that the window has deteriorated. It’s not just a matter of convenience, but it’s costing you money and putting you in danger.  It’s time to consider upgrading to beautiful, maintenance-free replacement windows.

Our windows aren’t held in place with springs but instead, use a unique balancing system that keeps them in place for decades. The windows tilt in for easy cleaning and they’re custom-made to fit the opening in your house. The vinyl frame mimics the look of woodgrain but requires no staining or varnishing. The windows hold up to rain, sun, and frequent opening and closing.

Better still, replacement windows are secure. When locked, they stay tightly in place, ensuring nothing can get in (not even draughts). Secure windows also open with ease; once the windows are open, they stay put without slamming down or falling.

There are many great options to choose the look and trim of the window you want. Lighten up a dark room with a big picture window and white trim. No matter the style of your home—from modern to rustic—we can help you select windows that will compliment your look and increase your curb appeal. When curb appeal goes up, so does your property value!

If you’re done tolerating those unsafe hard-to-open windows, it’s time to start considering replacement windows. Contact a Weather Tight representative to learn how affordable replacement windows can be. With our free in-home estimate, we’ll help you explore your replacement window options. Make a sound investment in the safety and beauty of your home that will last for years to come.