The Weather Tight Process: What to Expect from Our Visit

So you’re considering Weather Tight for your next home improvement project. We might be a tad biased, but we sincerely believe that you are making a great choice! We value each of our customers greatly, and we work hard to ensure you are satisfied with the entire experience. Being Employee Owned, it is important that we treat you as a part of our own family.

To that end, we frequently have customers who inquire about the Weather Tight process. For example, what should you expect when you decide to purchase a product from Weather Tight? What do you need to prepare for? How do we ensure that the product will be accurate and meet your expectations?

These are all excellent questions and something we seek to address in the Weather Tight process.

Below, Tod & Todd explain more about what to expect when a Weather Tight Product Expert consults with you on your home renovation needs.

What to Expect During the Weather Tight Process

When you make a call to Weather Tight, you can schedule a visit with a trustworthy product expert. Our friendly staff will ask you a few questions about what type of service you’re considering—windows, doors, siding, roofing, or something else.

If you’d like to see products and samples in person, we have an Idea Center located in West Allis, ready to welcome you for a visit. Our staff on-site can answer your general questions, or you can schedule a time to meet a product expert at the showroom for an in-depth planning session on your home improvement project. Keep in mind, we can generally discuss estimates with you, but until we see your product and assess if there is any damage such as rot, moisture, or other variants, it will be hard to nail down an exact price for you. We pride ourselves on custom-making products for YOUR home.

Our product experts are knowledgeable and friendly. We work hard to ensure you feel comfortable and are able to answer any and all of your questions to make the best-educated decision for your home. We know our products and the Weather Tight process speak for themselves. We use some of the highest quality materials in the business, and our qualified installers ensure your job will be done right.

As you work with your product expert at your home, they will take measurements and gather all the specs needed to give you an accurate price quote on the job. The expert will clarify all questions and get you the information you need. They will review materials and options—ensuring you get windows, roofing, siding, or doors that enhance the look of your home, increase value, and boost your curb appeal.

What to Expect After the Product Expert Leaves

Once you’ve decided to proceed with your Weather Tight project, your product expert returns the information to our staff to start the ball rolling. Your project will be triple-checked for accuracy as it’s entered into our computer system. We use digital scanning to ensure that employees can access any information they need about a project. If you have decided to utilize financing for your purchase, our in-house financing team will work to make sure we get you the best rates and programs that fit your budget and needs.

An Expert Measure Technician (Expeditor) will pay a visit to your home. During their visit, they will confirm the measurements down to a tee, assess the scope of the project, and then they will review the work order with you to make sure all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. We take this step to ensure that every order is accurate and as expected. Many of our orders, particularly windows, are custom-made for the exact dimensions of your home. Each home is a little different, and we want to be sure your new windows fit perfectly. They are also able to answer any last-minute questions that you may have forgot to ask your product expert.

Once the order is submitted to one of our top-of-the-line manufacturers, they get to work assembling the needed components of your home improvement project. When the product is delivered to us, we will call you to let you know and work to coordinate an installation date. Upon arrival, we inspect each order thoroughly and check it against the work order again to ensure it’s as expected.

Time for Your Installation

When it’s time for your installation, our staff will contact you to confirm the appointment. We will explain exactly what you should expect during our work on your home.

On the day of your installation, we will do our best to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. Many of our projects focus on your home’s exterior, but we may also need to work inside for some projects, like window installation. We take every precaution to keep our work area clean and treat your home with the respect it, and you both deserve.

Our skilled professionals work efficiently, and many projects are finished in just a few days. They clean up and remove the debris after the project. Your installer will walk through the project with you and show you everything you need to know to maintain and operate the new product. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have at that time.

After our visit, you’ll hear from a member of our office staff to confirm that the installation met your expectations and that you’re pleased with the results. We will also ask for your feedback via survey or comment card. Our Senior Management staff carefully reviews each result and comment left. We want to know that you’re happy with our work!

The Weather Tight process helps us make sure that customers’ needs are met and that they feel good about the outcome of their project. We know that there are many choices out there, but thanks to our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, dedication to employees, and connection to the community, we’re Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler. We’ve received many accolades and awards for our work, but repeat customers and recommendations are what we hold in the highest regard.

Because Weather Tight is employee-owned with over 35 years of home remodeling experience, we know that reputation matters. So if you’re looking for a home remodeler that you can trust, reach out to Weather Tight today. We look forward to working with you to update and beautify your home.


Weather Tight Is Now an Employee-Owned Company!

Updated: 9/12/19

Weather Tight Corporation is an integral part of our community. From becoming the Official Home Remodeler of the Milwaukee Bucks to our work throughout Wisconsin for over 35 years, we’re your neighbors, family, and friends.

When our business undergoes changes, we feel it’s important to share the news with our customers. That’s why we’re excited and proud to announce that Weather Tight is now an Employee-Owned Company. We’ve officially set up an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

Now you’re probably thinking that’s great news for Weather Tight employees, but how does this affect the community? Even more so, how does Weather Tight being an employee-owned company affect customers and homeowners?

Weather Tight Corporation Logo

What is an ESOP?

In short, providing an ESOP allows employees to earn company stock during their employment. Holding stock means employees actually become owners of Weather Tight as their stock in the company grows during their years of employment. This provides Weather Tight with a succession plan to ensure the company continues to grow and thrive well into the future.

Our current owners, Todd and Tod, aren’t handing off the reigns completely and sailing away into retirement tomorrow (or any time soon), however. One of the great benefits of Weather Tight being an employee-owned company is it still allows Todd and Tod to lead and oversee the company for years to come. It simply ensures that when the time comes for them to slowly pass the torch and enjoy those retirement years, the great company culture of Weather Tight will stay safely in place, providing excellent customer service for years to come.

Weather Tight being an employee-owned company and offering an ESOP will provide employees with a growing retirement vehicle. It offers a great incentive for our current employees to stay with the company for the long term and an excellent benefit to attract new employees as well. It means the company’s success pays off for each team member.

The Benefits to YOU of Weather Tight Being an Employee-Owned Company

The big question is, how will this affect our customers and what is the benefit to you? After all, without the support of the Wisconsin community, Weather Tight wouldn’t exist, company-owned or otherwise.

Weather Tight being an employee-owned company is very positive for our community and our customers. In fact, it will benefit our customers in several surprising and exciting ways.

There are many excellent companies and household names that are employee-owned. You may be familiar with Gore-Tex, Morgan Stanley, Southwest Airlines, P&G, and SAIC–all well-known employee-owned companies. In fact, there are over 7000 ESOPs since the concept was established in 1974, putting Weather Tight in great company with…well many great companies!

Offering an ESOP pays off for everyone involved (including the customer). Studies show employee ownership has a positive effect on the bottom line; it’s true and for good reasons:

  • ESOP companies vs. non-ESOP companies show a 4% higher productivity rate.
  • In all studies, offering ESOPs increase a company’s performance.

You see, when employees become owners, they’re directly invested in a company’s success; their benefits increase when the company does well. Because of the draw of an ESOP, the company is able to attract top talent and continue to retain the best employees. Those employees are driven to perform because they know when the company does well, they also do well. And all that success and financial well-being is passed to the surrounding community.

Being an employee-owned company adds up to safer and more pleasant work environments. Employees become more conscious of waste and have a personal stake in getting a job completed on budget, on time, and efficiently.

Employees gain a voice and a say in the operations of the company. They can share in what’s working at a company and what isn’t and can pass on customer concerns to management. When employees are co-owners, their input is vital.

The ultimate outcome of Weather Tight being an employee-owned company is even better customer service for YOU!

Now, at Weather Tight, we already pride ourselves on providing superior service and added value to our customers. We go above and beyond to complete each job in a timely manner that leaves our customers delighted. We like to think the benefits of Weather Tight being an employee-owned company are just the icing on what’s already an excellent cake.

We’re proud to share this exciting company news with our customers!

If you would like to learn more about any of our services, please drop us a line. We also invite you to visit our West Allis showroom. Our customer representatives look forward to continued service to our friends, neighbors, and family here in Wisconsin. If you are interested in joining our Weather Tight team, we also have our job postings available on our website. We would love to add to our Employee Owned organization.

Weather Tight: Official Home Remodeler of the Milwaukee Bucks

Weather Tight is proud to be the Official Home Remodeler of the Milwaukee Bucks. We can’t wait to cheer on the Bucks as they play their inaugural season in the new Fiserv Forum.

Weather Tight has been part of the Milwaukee community for over 35 years. This means that, like you, we love to root for our home team heroes.

This year, as the Official Home Remodeler of the Milwaukee Bucks, we’re planning amazing giveaways and events! We can’t wait for you to stop by our booth during many of the home games at the Fiserv Forum.

Milwaukee Bucks Logo

Visit the Weather Tight Booth During Select Home Games

We recently had a chance to tour the beautiful new arena in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Let’s just say, fans of the Bucks are in for a real treat this year. This stadium is state-of-the-art, with spectacular architectural touches like the arched roof, zinc shingles and the stunning wall of glass, letting you see the events happening inside.

And oh, the events! Not only does the Fiserv Forum host the best NBA team in the Midwest, the Milwaukee Bucks, but our favorite college team, Marquette University’s own Golden Eagles are also playing in the arena. As the Official Home Remodeler of the Milwaukee Bucks, we were able to secure prime MU tickets as well! We look forward to offering MU fans a chance to win tickets to see the Golden Eagles play in the new Fiserv Forum.

Watch our website and Facebook page for fun giveaways and chances to score tickets to Bucks and MU home games this season!

We’ll also offer chances to win tickets to fun events and outings at our showroom, so stay tuned.

When you go to the Fiserv Forum to cheer for the Bucks, you may see Weather Tight, as we will be at select home games. Be sure to stop by our booth and enter for a chance to win our $25,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes.  You could win a home makeover this year or one of our monthly drawings for $1,000 in Weather Tight Cash to be used for Weather Tight home improvement projects. Our friendly staff will be there to answer questions and help your home remodeling dreams come true.

At our booth during select Bucks home games, we’ll also feature exciting activities and prizes to help you get into the spirit of the basketball season. Please stop by and say hello–we can’t wait to meet you!

Weather Tight & the Milwaukee Bucks: We LOVE Milwaukee!

At Weather Tight, we stand behind our quality. We’re Wisconsin’s Most Recommended Remodeler for over 35 years. We’re owned and operated in Milwaukee and we love our southeastern Wisconsin friends, neighbors and community! We’re also big fans of the Milwaukee Bucks, of course. In fact, we’ve got a few die-hard fans on our Weather Tight team who are very excited about this partnership. We can’t think of a better fit! Go Bucks!

Weather Tight $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes- A Winner Every Month!

But did you know that in addition to entering our yearly sweepstakes – you are also signed up to be in the running to be selected as a monthly winner? Well, just in case you didn’t, let me tell you how it works!

Spring Prepping your Home? Here is a Helpful List to Get you Started!

While Weather Tight specializes in home improvement replacement products- sometimes, items in our homes just need to be prepared for Spring- rather than replaced and our main priority is to always make sure we can give you the best tips on how to successfully get your home prepped, on your own time, safely. However, we always want to make sure we are honest with you & let you know when it is about that time to call in the experts rather than attempt to finish these tasks on your own!
Spring prepping (like Spring cleaning) your home can call for a laundry list of ‘To-Do’s’.

Planning for Your Next Home Remodel…

Holiday season sees one of the highest peaks in travel across the country. The supply & demand spikes like clock-work during the holidays. Major petroleum companies are keen to this spike & tend to inflate gas prices during this time. This isn’t a matter of being willing to pay higher prices, but having to pay for their demand of its supply. It works the same way in the remodeling world.
Come January- it is normal for the cost of home remodel materials to…..