The Advantages of Choosing an Employee-Owned Company Like Weather Tight

Did you know that Weather Tight is employee-owned? It’s something we’re very proud of because we know the vast difference that employee ownership makes—not just for our employees and company operations, but also for our customers!

Are you wondering about the advantages of choosing an employee-owned business? Here’s why it’s positive for everyone!

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Why Weather Tight Went Employee-Owned

After being in business for almost four decades, we’ve seen a thing or two. Many home remodeling companies come and go. Many don’t stake their reputation on their work quality and customer satisfaction, and many don’t operate with integrity.

At Weather Tight, we’re Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler for a good reason. We stand behind our work, train our employees, and understand the needs of our Wisconsin neighbors, friends, and family. We live here, and we’ve worked hard to build a company that attracts excellent employees by being a great place to work.

A few years ago, Tod & Todd were planning for their future and what their legacy would hold when they retired. Rather than sell to an independent buyer and lose the opportunity to maintain the core values that we built as a company, they explored the option to become an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). An ESOP is a program that provides employees with company stock. Our team members can earn stock during their tenure. They become stakeholders, and that stake grows during their employment with Weather Tight. It also allows Tod & Todd—the founders of Weather Tight Corp.—to retire in the future (not yet!), and to sleep peacefully at night knowing their years of hard work will continue to grow within the company and its owners, the employees.

The ESOP creates a succession plan for Weather Tight. As most people know, our current leaders, Todd and Tod, are actively involved in the company with no plans to retire soon. But of course, extra security in the future is always a good thing. One advantage of being employee-owned is that it allows a gradual transition of ownership, which helps keep the values and company culture in place. As of December of 2021, Weather Tight officially became an ESOP, with the sale of ownership becoming final.

Here’s what Todd and Tod have to say about our employee ownership program:

In other words, as far as we can see into the future, Weather Tight will continue to offer the same high-quality service and support. Customers can rely on our work and trust that we’ll stand behind our products for many years to come.

How Employee Ownership Attracts Great Employees

Employee ownership is a huge advantage for our customers because this great benefit helps us attract the best talent out there. Now more than ever, employers need to be competitive to keep great employees on staff. Our employee ownership plan allows us to do just that—offer employees a strong incentive to stay with us and feel invested in their future.

When employees have skin in the game, they feel pride in their work. When the company does well, they stand to benefit too. They know that keeping customers happy and satisfied is crucial for the success of every person at Weather Tight, and they go even further to ensure that customers are pleased with the service they receive.

We know that our customers and clients ARE our bosses. Without you, Weather Tight wouldn’t be successful. Keeping on top of our customers’ needs is crucial to ensuring a bright future for all of us. By empowering our “boots on the ground” team, we’re sure to hear of any concerns or customer requests right away. Employees have a voice and help in the decision-making process, and often that means updating the team on the needs of our clientele.

As an ESOP, Weather Tight is in good company. There are many established employee-owned companies, including Wisconsin’s Robert W. Baird & Co., Krueger International, Inc., Schreiber Foods, MyPath, and Mayville Engineering Company, Inc., not to mention many others outside our great state.

Besides attracting top talent and ensuring consistent succession, employee ownership is also very good for productivity. Many ESOPs report higher worker satisfaction, performance, and trust in their employer. When people feel invested in the success of a business, everyone wins.

Employee ownership is good for our Wisconsin community too. Since our employees are your neighbors, friends, and family members, that investment in our local economy stays right here and helps make our communities even more successful.

At Weather Tight, we are very proud to go above and beyond for our customers and community. We offer services and products that not only beautify your home but improve your neighborhood and increase your home’s value. Our employee ownership helps us ensure that we’re continuing to set a high bar for our business.

If you are interested in learning more about our company, please reach out. We have information about jobs on our employment page, and we offer a Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program as well. We’re proud of this company and happy to be a part of our wonderful Southeastern Wisconsin community.