Weather Tight Corporation – established in 1986 – is a company that has worked tirelessly for 30 plus years to be recognized by family & friends as southeastern Wisconsin’s MOST Recommended Remodeling Company. Speaking on their behalf, we have always made it our business mission to continue developing new ways to improve our processes, customer service expectations,  as well as improving our company as a whole. There are many things that factor into keeping this well-oiled machine operating & the work never stops- because the truth is … we work for you!

2017 Home Makeover Sweepstakes Winner Of Windows & Gutter Protection

One of the most popular topics people think of when they hear Weather Tight is our $25,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes! Yes, it is real sweepstakes! Yes, we select a winner ever year! YES! It is good for $25,000 worth of various products on your home, should you win! It is a contest of epic proportion & we do it because, well, everyone should mix a little fun with business! Don’t you agree?

Honestly, it does not require much if you are looking to enter your name into the sweepstakes & try your luck at the grand prize! It is a simple & painless process that requires a few bits of information- that way we can contact you to tell you if you are the big winner! Once you fill it out online, at a show, or event- & drop it in the box, click submit, or mail it back in…VIOLA- that’s it my friend!

Oh, I almost forgot- in case you didn’t know- EACH month we select a winner for $1,000 Weather Tight Cash, good towards your money off your next purchase! Don’t worry- if you are not the lucky monthly winner, your name goes right back in for the yearly sweepstakes drawing! If you haven’t entered your name yet this year- you can do so by clicking HERE! 

Congratulations to our 2017 Sweepstakes Winners, Dave & Deb Klein of Milwaukee!

Now- just a little humble brag… in 2017 Weather Tight was in the running for the 2017 Better Business Bureau’s Wisconsin Torch Award for Business Ethics! In case you are not familiar with this award… it is NOT an easy award to win, much less be qualified for as a contractor/home improvement business in Wisconsin! Weather Tight Corporation proudly accepted this nomination & were announced as the winner of the award for their category size in 2017! Weather Tight was then awarded as a Finalist for the 2017 International Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Business Ethics! Wow!

Winning this award is an excellent achievement of every one of our employees hard work & dedication. It shows that they want to continue to provided top-notch customer service with a top of the line product to over 25,000 satisfied customers in the Southeastern portion of Wisconsin! This, to us, is the exact reason that we get up & do what we do- every single day!

Tod & Todd Laughing Candidly Together

Then there is Tod & Todd! The two men who are well-known across the board by so many members of surrounding communities! Most people seem to think they are ‘fairy-tale’ characters & often ask Weather Tight employees if they are even real! I assure you, these two are as real as it gets! As a matter of fact- they are the reason that we all have jumped on board in support of their vision for Weather Tight Corporation. It is also the reason we enjoy being our jobs here. We work towards adding to the core foundation of ethics they started over 30 years ago!

Tod & Todd are honorable, kind, generous & thoughtful. If you ask anyone who works for them – we will tell you just the same; working for these two gentleman is hardly ‘work’ at all! One of the reasons we are successful as a whole, is because we work for two of the most astounding men I have ever met. They are not your typical business owners in the professional world! Both of them are in the office every day, involved with the inter-workings of the company, we grab coffee in the break room, talk about their grand kids’, about football & life. They laugh at our jokes & we even laugh at theirs!  (even the not so funny ones- Kidding!)

We make sure to provide each customer with the same level of customer service & care, because that is what each & every one of us believes is deserved. Weather Tight has worked towards building a company that works for our customers & employees alike. One of the questions Tod Colbert has posed many times, is one of which I believe keeps us humble & keeps us honest.. “What else can we do?”

He asks this in terms of what else can we give our customers & one another? It makes you stop & think about what you put in as an individual, & each time we ask it, it reminds us that there is never a limit on HOW or WHAT we can work towards to make sure we are always giving our best.  It is one of the questions I know I ask myself regularly.


What else as an individual can I bring to the table that will support my co-workers, myself, & the people I interact with on a daily basis. It serves as a reminder that you don’t just find success by accident, you work for it.  Each & every one of us works with this mindset- each of us play a pivotal role in the whole success of Weather Tight. We know that a successful recipe requires for you put all the ingredients in one by one & mix them to get the right recipe, you don’t just throw it all in the pot & give it a stir & there you have it. It is a group effort that each of us have a responsibility to,  in order to achieve our goals.

Weather Tight Corporation wants you to know- the truth is… if it was not for the loyalty of customers like you, we wouldn’t be the company in which we are today! It is because you have chosen to be part of our Weather Tight family that we are able to continue marching to success & to continue being recognized as… Wisconsin’s MOST Recommended Remodeler- & for THAT… we thank you!

Thank you