The Many Types of Exterior Doors for Your Home

Are you considering updating the exterior doors on your home? Doors may seem like a minor update, but your entry doors can make a massive difference in the appearance of your house. We can help you pick an option you’ll love with many types of exterior doors to choose from.

So how do you select the right exterior doors for your situation? How do you know the type of door you pick will complement your décor? Most importantly, how do you know that the exterior door you choose will be safe and secure for years to come?

Here we break down the many types of exterior doors available for your home through Weather Tight.

Image shows the front entry of a home with a brown door with frosted glass

Types of Exterior Doors

A door is a door, right? Well, not exactly. When choosing an exterior door, you’ll want to look at color options, glass features, hardware, and other factors. There are endless possibilities for your front and other exterior doors with the many entry door options available today.

You can get almost any style you like with fiberglass exterior doors. Fiberglass doors mimic the look of natural wood, with beautiful grain details that look authentic. What’s more, there are many finishes to choose from, hardware selections, and other ways to personalize and customize your ideal entry door.

Are you wondering if it’s really time to replace your entry door? Several signs can help you determine when a door is past its prime. In the video below, Tod & Todd explain three easy tests to tell you if you need to consider exterior door replacement.


Selecting an Exterior Door Style

If your home is modern, classic, or anything in between, you’ll find the perfect exterior door in our portfolio of options. Decorative details like wood molding, mullions, and panels can create a door that fits the style and feel of your house.

Fancy a modern look? A smooth door with small windows may be the right style. Prefer an artisan look? Many doors are available with rounded panels, shaker-type styles, and more. Fiberglass doors can mimic the look of any wooden door style but with a strong, maintenance-free finish.

Explore the many options for ThermaTru entry doors today.

Color Your Entry Door

At Weather Tight, we have seven different stain finishes to choose from. A range of wood grain shades ensures you can easily match your door to other wood finishes in your home. Many options, from light honey to dark raven, will give your door a perfect look.

Do you prefer a door with a pop of cheery color? Fortunately, our ThermaTru Smooth Star door series are fully paintable. You can pick any color you prefer, from red to green to orange. What do you want people to see when they come to your house? Select a signature color that sets your home apart. With fiberglass entry doors, you get the strength of steel with the ease, beauty, and customizability of wood.

Glass Design

Do you want a front door with sidelights? Seeking the security of a peep window? Would you prefer an exterior door with sidelights and a transom?

ThermaTru provides many decorative glass options for your front door. You can pick from all different types of window and glass features. If you want to let in light but keep your privacy, consider frosted glass or water glass. You can choose a decorative glass design or a solid window.

A transom or sidelight can really open up your entryway. Choose from eye-catching details that bring in light and offer extra security, as well. ThermaTru offers impact-rated glass in many of their door models—this glass will keep your entryway extra safe and secure.

Hardware, Locks & More

Finish your custom door look with beautiful hardware. Choose metal finishes that flatter the rest of your home’s hardware and complete the look. Of course, an exterior door should always lock securely and safely. Our doors have a multi-point locking system option that provides extra safety and security.

Instead of locking in only one point in the middle of the door, the three-point system secures the door in three different areas, making it especially safe from danger. The added locking protection also improves the door’s performance, as it holds it even tighter against the weatherstripping seal.

Compliment your new entry door with a beautiful storm door. We offer the perfect storm door to enhance your entryway with retractable screen options, stylish designs, beautiful hardware, and an array of color choices.

Security and Comfort: The Two Most Important Features of Any Entry Door

No matter the look, color, style, or features of your entry door, the essential part of any door performance is safety. Doors should protect your home from danger, weather, cold air, and more. Our fiberglass entry doors resist moisture and rot. As a result, they stay beautiful and low maintenance for years.

The weatherstripping on the doors helps keep out cold air, drafts, and heat loss. Our doors are energy efficient and can instantly improve your home’s comfort. Many homeowners wonder if their current door is performing efficiently and safely—to find out, perform this simple dollar bill test below from Tod & Todd.

Ever heard of the Dollar Bill Test? Watch Tod & Todd perform this tried-and-true test of efficiency to determine how your entry door is performing and if it’s time for an upgrade.


If you discover an exterior door is no longer doing its job, don’t wait. We can replace and update doors year-round. What’s more, an entry door replacement takes little time, and our technicians work hard to ensure your home is safe and comfortable during the entire process.

Many homeowners wonder why they waited so long to improve their homes’ look, comfort, and style. An entry door is a wise investment that can instantly improve your curb appeal, increase your home’s value, and make you feel proud to welcome guests.

If you’re ready to explore the types of exterior doors available for your home, reach out today! We’re happy to help you discover the perfect entrance.