Types of Patio Doors: Exploring Your Patio Door Options

It seems that almost all homeowners struggle with their patio doors. It doesn’t matter what type of patio door you have, either—any aging door can present a problem. Sliding doors stick, and French doors can seem unstable.

Your patio door presents some unique challenges, whether it opens onto a cement slab, a deck, or a small porch. Here’s what you need to know about the types of patio doors available and how to know if it’s time to update your home’s patio entrance door.

Image shows the exterior of a white home with green trim and patio doors open. A large tiled patio space sits in front of the home.

When to Replace Your Patio Door?

Are you wondering when you should replace your patio door? Of course, there are aesthetic reasons—you want a door that matches and balances the look and style of your home and seamlessly welcomes you out into your home’s outdoor spaces. But there are also practical and safety reasons to upgrade to a new patio door too.

Many older sliding-style patio doors were made of rickety aluminum. These doors consist of a flimsy screen and a sliding door that operates on tracks. The doors stick and get off-kilter. They rarely open smoothly, and either you’re wrestling to get the door open or pulling to get it shut. Sometimes they don’t close all the way, and other times, you need two people to pry them open.

The other hazard with older patio doors is that they typically feature a singular lock in the middle. The lock is held together by a small piece of metal that barely goes into the frame. Small screws hold the locking mechanism in place. As you probably realize, this doesn’t make for ideal home security.

It’s not something we like to think about, but patio doors can be one of the easiest doors in your home to break into. With the singular locking point and the rickety tracks, someone can wiggle the door back and forth and easily enter. Push hard enough, and the door can open with minimal effort.

Finally, the other hazard of older patio doors is that many include metal sills at the bottom of the jamb. The metal, typically aluminum, isn’t always an ideal fit for our cold Wisconsin winters. Metal is conductive, and it can quickly become icy in frigid weather. Condensation ice melts off and leaks into the surrounding wood, leading to rot and deterioration. It’s common for us to remove a door and find a significant problem with rot and decay thanks to water seeping into the jamb. Poor insulation and faulty seals compound the problem.

Don’t miss the video below from Tod & Todd, where they walk you through the signs that it’s time to replace your patio door.


Choose from Many Types of Patio Doors

If any of the problems above sound familiar, you’re ready to replace your patio door. But which type of patio door should you pick? Fortunately, there are many different patio door sizes and styles to choose from. French patio doors are popular, but most people prefer to go with a classic sliding door. Fortunately, all the different types of patio doors that we carry at Weather Tight are of the highest quality. They will last for years, with none of the issues that arise with the older doors. (You can even stop into our West Allis, Wisconsin showroom to see many of our entry and patio door options in person.)

In addition to style options, we have many customization choices to ensure the right patio door complements the look of your home and matches seamlessly. You can choose from fade-resistant trim that is made to last. Select a grid-style door to create a beautifully finished look, or choose etched glass for extra privacy.

One of the top features of Weather Tight doors is our multipoint locking system. Rather than locking in one central spot that is easily pushed in, our doors lock in three places with the turn of the bolt. Multipoint locking systems offer excellent safety and security, making a replacement patio door from Weather Tight a popular choice.

What’s more, our sliding doors operate on an upper track, similar to a barn door. This lets you slide the door open and closed without wrestling or resistance. You can open the door with little effort—perfect for when you’re entertaining out on the patio.

Our patio doors include QuadSealTM weather stripping for improved energy efficiency, keeping your home’s temperature consistent in any weather. So, you won’t need to worry about rain or snow leaking in (or the air conditioning leaking out in the summer).

Select from five different handle finishes and an array of trim color options. Whether you prefer painter’s white, provincial oak, tan, or sandstone, we offer a look and style that will match the style and colors of your house.

If you’re ready to explore your new patio door options, reach out today! Our Weather Tight representatives are happy to review the array of patio door selections available. As Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler, we’re ready to take on your home remodeling projects! We service numerous Southeastern Wisconsin counties and have helped hundreds of happy homeowners find the right patio door for their homes. We’ll come out and measure your sliding glass door dimensions and show you the many replacement patio door options to choose from.