Step right up, step right up! Join us as we travel through history of the eldest fair in Wisconsin!

What’s in a fair? There are so many moving parts that make up a good ole’ county fair! There are many reasons that leave Weather Tight proudly standing behind our friends at the Waukesha County Fair. One of the reasons that bring us true elation in our involvement is because of the rich history that follows it!

Not many people know just how deep these roots’ actually date back. Waukesha County Fair is the older sibling (by 9 years!) to its predecessor The Wisconsin State Fair. I have to say, that is A LOT of years! The first Waukesha County Fair was held in 1842! Our friends at the fair have found a quite suitable theme for this years’ events calling it: “Moments Together, Memories Forever- 1842-2017”. 

In commemoration of Waukesha County’s yesteryear, the 175th year of the fair starts off with a new look! Waukesha County Fair comes in donning a new logo with a contemporary flair, yet embodying recognizable nostalgia of the counties past. This update appropriately depicts a vision of spirited homage to the fairs evolution. Waukesha County Fair focuses on modernizing a town classic while honoring the illustrious prominence of Waukesha County.

Another component to honor the jubilant memories & outstanding moments- Waukesha County Fair will be using a trending #hashtag throughout its 5 days!

Want to share yours? Use #Memories175 & #WaukFair on social media to share ‘your fair’ with everyone!

It should go without saying that 2017 is a BIG one for everyone who works to make this county fair happen year after year. I, personally, have attended the Waukesha County Fair since I was 13. As a mother, I like to take my son to this fair, almost as if rite of passage being the Waukesha native that I am. I will tell you from personal experience, weeks before the fair even begins there is a pulsating buzz throughout the city. It drives an exciting charge throughout the town as everyone gears up for the county fair of the year!

Waukesha is as much a small town as it is large. Everyone knows of everyone & they run into each other everywhere we go. Restlessness stirs through Waukesha because winter over stays its welcome. Like most Wisconsin natives, Waukehsa folks very much live for warmer days when there is much more to do throughout the town. Everyone knows that every Saturday you go to the farmers market down off of St. Paul Avenue where vendors line the streets along the Fox River -that cuts through the middle of downtown.

Every Friday- Main Street in Waukesha is alive with reverberating sounds of bands playing at “Friday Night Live.” Waukesha has a handful of local spots that hold local events in the Historic Downtown area. Us locals come back every year & we love these small hometown events. I have to say though, there is one thing that always brings me back to the fondest memories I have growing up in Waukesha- the one event of the year-that everyone makes their way to–Waukesha County Fair.

The Waukesha County Fair is one that keeps on going. Creating history each year, bringing with it a contagious energy among the area locals. This fair does a fine job of creating an electric stir throughout the city in the days surrounding the gates opening. Everyone knows that come Mid-July, the expo grounds will be alive with the sound of bands, & the charged glow of neon lights reflecting off of the smiling faces throughout the night. People will come together under the night skies to listen to their favorite artists while enjoying their favorite fair foods. I have to mention, it is not just Waukesha natives that frequent this fair. The Waukesha County Fair brings in happy fair-goers from all over Wisconsin; even up from Illinois.

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Weather Tight wants to take a moment to sincerely thank all of the people who have continued make this fair as truly special as it is. Whether you attend as a fair-goer or work to ensure that the fair runs smoothly  behind the scenes. What a wonderful way to keep a county tradition thriving after all these years’! Waukesha County Fair will forever hold the hearts of all those who are lucky enough to experience such a special event, time & time again!

In support of this year’s fair, & as a “thank you” to all that continue to make this fair a growing success-  please take advantage of these special offers from us to all of you!

Weather Tight Corporation has teamed up with the Waukesha County Fair to offer free admission to all seniors on Thursday, July 20th- as well as $5 Adult Entry on Sunday, July 23rd! Plus, don’t miss out on our daily prize give-away’ s. We are giving away 2 State Fair tickets & a flat screen TV every day!

To qualify for entry visit us online at Once you have downloaded your admission coupon- you must print out your submission form & turn it in during the fair at either of our Weather Tight booths. Don’t miss us! You can find one of our booths outside in the mix of all the fair excitement! However, if you prefer a cooler fair experience- we are also hanging out inside the forum building!

We can’t wait to share another year with all of you at the Waukesha County Fair! See you there!