Weather Tight Case Study: Weather Tight Lives Up to Our Values Rain or Shine

Almost every business has core values…but as we see in the news, not every business lives up to those core values.

At Weather Tight, we’re different, especially for the home remodeling industry. That’s why we’ve won the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Business Ethics (multiple times), and we have continued to be in business for over 35 years. We have Wisconsin values, and it shows—here’s an example of how we meet our core values.

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The Weather Tight Values

At Weather Tight, we’re different from many home remodeling businesses. There are a lot of companies in our industry that take shortcuts, cut corners, and use low-quality products. Many of them offer some sort of warranty, but when you look closely, you realize that these “guarantees” are paper thin.

Moreover, many home remodeling companies fail to deliver on their promises to their customers. These companies leave people with bad experiences and mistrust of contractors and home remodelers. High-pressure sales, poor communication, and deceptive timelines all contribute to the general sentiment about home improvement companies.

But at Weather Tight, we’re invested in our customers’ satisfaction. It’s not just lip service or something that sounds nice on our website. We’re employee-owned, which means that our Weather Tight employees have a vested interest in keeping our customers happy.

We’re your friends, family, and neighbors here in Wisconsin. We’ve been serving Southeastern Wisconsin for over three decades, and we know that Wisconsinites have high expectations. In Wisconsin, we value hard work and quality craftsmanship. We expect respect and clear communication because we’re honest people. We want what we give.

At Weather Tight, we know these Midwestern ethics and share them. Our company is guided by the core values of being responsive, united, supportive, and determined for our customers. These principles guide us through our customer interactions.

Wisconsin Weather Tests Our Values

Now, it would be great to say that our values are never tested, but what are values if they never really get put to the test? One of our biggest challenges in exterior remodeling is our good ol’ Wisconsin weather.

We structure our hours to meet the needs of our customers. That means we take calls Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm and most Saturdays. While those hours might cover MOST situations, there are occasional moments where the Wisconsin weather can throw us a curve ball.

As Murphy’s Law goes, things go wrong, and usually, it happens at the least convenient time. Even though we always try our best to do a perfect job, sometimes things go awry, and when it does, we do our best to rectify it quickly—even if it’s after hours or on the weekend. If it’s below freezing and a door won’t shut or a window won’t latch during heavy rainfall, we do our best to make your comfort our number one priority.

We’ve had several situations with our customers where the weather put our values to the test:

Rain in Delafield

After heavy rain, we got a call from a homeowner in Delafield who had a recent roofing installation. The homeowner said that components of the roofing had led to a small leak in the home. We rushed right out. Despite the leak not being directly caused by our installation, we still rectified the situation quickly and efficiently.

A Window in Racine

A customer in Racine cracked a new window open after cooking dinner, and it got stuck. The temperature had just dropped, and freezing air was pouring into her home. We went out that day to help the customer and make some adjustments to the window to ensure it was properly closed.

Front Entry Door in Bayside

Several months after a door installation in Bayside, our customer reached out to let them know that the front entry door wasn’t latching correctly. We recognized that an unlocked front door posed an urgent security concern and hurried out to resolve the issue.

When it comes to property damage, safety concerns, and urgent issues, we take every step necessary to keep our customers protected and satisfied. We have an employee-owned, on-site service team, but we also understand that sometimes these instances pop up at off-times—especially with factors as unpredictable as the weather.

Finding an On-Call Solution

At Weather Tight, we realize that sometimes untimely issues happen. It might be on the weekend, at night, or during “off hours.” Because of this, we developed a process for handling on-call urgent issues when safety concerns are present.

If a situation presents potential property damage or a stuck window in the dead of winter causes your house to become freezing cold, we do everything in our power to live our values and provide a quick response.

We are committed to being RESPONSIVE to our customers when they need us the most. We’re UNITED with our customers in addressing their concerns and seeing them (even outside of business hours). We’re SUPPORTIVE of our customers’ concerns, and we’re DETERMINED to solve their problems in as timely a manner as possible (or provide a temporary solution while we work on a full resolution).

Many companies in our industry don’t quite adhere to their values as strictly as we do, but that’s what sets Weather Tight apart. At Weather Tight, we consider our employees and customers to be part of our Weather Tight family. We care about keeping you safe and satisfied to create an exceptional customer experience.

If you’re ready to see the Weather Tight difference for yourself, reach out today. We’ll be happy to help you get the most from your home remodeling experience.