5 Weather Tight Services to Help You Cut Back on Home Maintenance

How many of us tolerate inconveniences when it comes to taking care of our homes? Home improvement projects get put off until down the road when we expect a windfall or a summer of free time.

But as the years come and go, those improvement projects build up. Suddenly, patching up and DIY hacks end up costing us more than they’re worth. Energy bills go up, the appearance of our homes go down, and we start looking for ways to cut back on home maintenance that’s taking too much time and costing us too much money.

Many home renovation projects are less expensive than you might fear. Better still, many of the home improvement services offered by Weather Tight will actually save you money (and time) in the long run, making your home safer and more comfortable. If you’re ready to feel proud of your home again, here are some services to consider.

Cut Back on Home Maintenance with These Popular Weather Tight Services

Image shows the exterior of a home with brick,  a dark roof, and blue shutters.

1. Replacement Windows

Windows are notoriously finicky to repair. Once seal failure occurs, your best course of action is almost always replacement. But many homeowners put it off and “deal with it” for another year or two. They get out the tape and plastic to cover the windows each winter. Perhaps they buy some unsightly foam insulation or caulking from the home improvement store to “patch up” the leak.

If you have a drafty window, the best course of action is replacement. Remember what your parents said about “heating the whole neighborhood?” Well, when you have air leaks, you are sending hot air right outside, and letting the cold air in. Air infiltration can increase your energy bill and decrease your comfort.

Replacement windows come in many affordable options and greatly improve the look and feel of your home. You will feel safer, knowing your windows lock securely and seal tightly no matter what’s going on outside. Don’t waste time with tape, plastic, and DIY hacks. They don’t work and will cost you more in the long run.

2. Vinyl Siding

When spring comes around, do you spend hours, even days, sanding and scraping old wood siding on your house? Do you drag out the power washer and get out cans of paint to “touch up” dings and dents in old aluminum siding? Not only do these summer house updates take a long time, but they don’t always offer a lot of payout for your efforts.

If you have older wooden siding on your house, it’s going to require constant upkeep. Wooden siding fades over time; it can attract termites, carpenter ants, and other pests. Even worse, with the wet Wisconsin weather, the siding can mildew and rot after the years go by. No amount of painting and scraping will fix the finish once water damage has occurred, the siding needs to be removed and replaced. Aluminum siding isn’t much better, as it can trap all kinds of problems beneath the surface. It can also get dented and dinged with no hope of recovery.

Save your springtime by investing in beautiful, fade resistant vinyl siding. Weather Tight siding comes in an array of colors and trim to match any look. You will be amazed at the significant difference siding makes for your home. When we replace siding we remove all the older siding first, apply a special Tyvek wrap so your house can “breathe” (to keep out moisture), and ensure your new siding is installed for a low maintenance finish that will last for years. Improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your home with new siding.

3. New Gutters

Cleaning gutters are one of those minor home improvement projects that everyone dreads. You have to climb up a precarious ladder, hurt your knees, and lean dangerously over your house while you pull smelly sludge out of your gutters. It’s not a fun chore. If there’s any way to cut back on home maintenance, gutters are a good place to start.

See the Home Improvement Tips from Tod & Todd video below to learn why new gutters are a great investment:


With new gutters from Weather Tight, you’ll select the color and look. You can choose gutters that will match your home’s exterior finish, soffit, and fascia, and compliment your roof. Beyond increasing your curb appeal, gutters keep water away from your home. Without proper gutters, you may experience foundation damage, leaks to your basement, or worse.

Your home’s windows can also suffer if your gutters aren’t protected. When the gutters get backed up or don’t drain properly, water pours down on your windows, rotting the surrounding trim and damaging your home. When you invest in new gutters, you can also get quality gutter protection that keeps out the leaves and debris that cause backups and lead to expensive damage.

4. Entry Doors

How do you feel about your front door? As the focal point to those entering your house, your doors are an important feature. Not only do entry doors keep you safe and secure, but when professionally installed, they keep out air infiltration and drafts.

A DIY front door may seem like a good project for a weekend warrior, but they’re actually a very challenging home improvement project. Most houses aren’t quite “square” and shift over time. Getting a weathertight seal around a door is almost impossible for less experienced home improvers. Door installation is one of those DIY projects that almost always ends up being a huge pain, costing more than you expected.

Save yourself time and hassle and get peace of mind with a professionally installed entry door from Weather Tight. We have many options to complement the look of your home, whether you want a transom, sidelights, or other features. Our multi-point locking system can add an extra layer of home security as well. Choose wisely by leaving a front door upgrade to the pros.

5. A New Roof

New roofing is another home improvement endeavor that will allow you to cut back on home maintenance in the future. As a roof starts to breakdown and fail, you may notice more runoff and roof debris. Roofing materials and even shingles can end up on the ground or clog up your gutters. When you see this happen, it means your home is at risk of long-term damage.

Water, snow, ice, and hail can all wreak havoc on your roof, as can heat. As your home undergoes weather and temperature changes, it expands and contracts. Over time, shingles loosen, and leaks can start. Often, by the time you’re noticing the effects of water, mildew, and pest damage inside your home, the problem has already gotten well out of hand. Don’t wait—learn the signs of an aging roof today.

Not only does a damaged, aging roof present hazards to your home, but it really detracts from your home’s appearance. Homeowners are frequently surprised at how much new roofing improves the beauty and value of their home. We often hear, “Why did I wait so long?”

Don’t put off home improvement projects, but don’t take them all on yourself. You can cut back on home maintenance by investing in a few professional updates for your house. In the future, you’ll be so glad you did. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to increase your curb appeal and lower your home maintenance costs!