New Month- New Winner! Oh & don’t worry because you read that correct!!

So what does this mean exactly? Well,  I am sure that you have heard about our $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes- it is sort of like that except every MONTH, we draw a lucky winner & give them $1,000 Weather Tight Cash towards their next Weather Tight purchase. Each year, Weather Tight runs our annual $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes, where we select a grand-prize winner at the beginning of each calendar year- for all of those that signed up the previous year!

But did you know that in addition to entering our yearly sweepstakes – you are also signed up to be in the running to be selected as a monthly winner? Well, just in case you didn’t, let me tell you how it works!

Once a month, Weather Tight selects one qualifying sweepstakes entry to win.

Our lucky winner receives $1,000 Weather Tight Cash that can be used towards your next home improvement project & then your name goes back in the drawing for our yearly $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes- because yes, we still want you to have your chance at having the home of your dreams!! Now that is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Here at Weather Tight, we know life can get busy with kids, school, & work alone! That is why we try to make things (like entering our $25K Home Makeover Sweepstakes) as easy as possible for you! If you haven’t entered to win yet this year, worry not- you still have plenty of time & quite a few ways that you can do it without disrupting your schedule or having to make a special trip!

We’re Local! Are You?  

If you do any of your shopping near or around the Highway 100 area, chances are you have driven right passed our home office! Weather Tight Corporation is tucked neatly at the corner of National & Oklahoma in West Allis & is just a stone throw away from New Berlin. If you are anything like me, I prefer a more visual experience when shopping for anything, including home improvement products! Back to when I said Weather Tight likes to make things easy… we are open Monday-Saturday – see our Idea Center hours here!

Our Idea Center dons an array of available product options that can give you a jump in deciding your future project needs & what fits your personal style . Maybe you are looking to reside your home, or are in the market for energy efficient windows that will put money back in your wallet- by lowering that monthly energy bill. Our Idea Center brings you out of the virtual shopping world by putting the products at your fingertips; with ease! Even if you are just looking for the future, or want to daydream about your winnings, you are more than welcome to stop in!

Meet David & Debbie Klein- Our 2017 $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes Winner!2018 Sweepstakes Winner

Whether you are picking up groceries on the way home or swinging by the post office to drop something in the mail on a Saturday- the Weather Tight  Idea Center is a hop, skip, & a jump from home. But wait, back to when I mentioned busy schedules & little time to get things done…. Summer is just about here, which means there are a ton of things going on in Wisconsin!

We understand that summer can really get away from us- because we have a lot going on too!  Weather Tight will be attending 50 plus dates of local summer fun; which means more chances to stop & get your name entered in our $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes! You can catch up with us at your favorite home & garden shows or out at your local county fairs! Click here to stay up to date with our summer event schedule!

But, just in case you miss us or might now have time to venture out, you can always sign up on our website- enter here to enter & hopefully, win! Like I said, we make it easy for you to try your hand & walk away our winner! And yes, our sweepstakes is real! Real homeowners. That live here in Wisconsin. Who really got the call that they were our “lucky winner”!

So there you have it- it really is pretty simple to enter the Weather Tight $25k Home Makeover Sweepstakes.. will you win it big!?