Weather Tight’s Mission & Values: What It Means for Our Customers

We hear a lot about trust in our industry. Many people have been misled, scammed, or just had bad experiences with home remodeling companies. These experiences have led them to feel rightfully skeptical when a company says it lives up to its mission and values.

But at Weather Tight, we’ve lived our values since 1986. We’ve built a home remodeling company that has stood the test of time. We’re proud that our engaged and invested employees continue to carry the torch of excellence, which makes us Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler.

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The Weather Tight Mission

Our mission statement is simple: to provide an exceptional home improvement experience.

So, what does exceptional mean? It means that in a competitive industry, we offer customer service and support that goes above and beyond. We commit to transparent communication with our homeowners—always keeping them aware of the status of their jobs.

We’re employee-owned (an ESOP), so our team has a vested interest in meeting our customers’ needs. We’re your neighbors, friends, and family, living right here in Southeastern Wisconsin, with a showroom centrally located in West Allis.

We’ve built familiarity through our Tod & Todd’s Home Improvement Tips videos, offering customers sound insights and advice to help them navigate home exterior updates.

We carry some of the top products and familiar names in the exterior home remodeling business. When you choose a Weather Tight product, you know it’s customized for your home and aesthetics. You also know that it’s backed by a strong warranty. Should anything go awry, we’re responsive and always aim to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

From our first meeting to the completion of each job, we seek to offer exceptional service.

Aligning with our Vision

In the same vein as our mission statement, we’ve built our company to strive toward a vision: to create and sustain an atmosphere where owners, employees, and partners are passionate about delivering an exceptional experience.

Our team is truly like a family. When employees are invested in a successful company, they want to continue to ensure growth and prosperity. We support our employees, helping ensure they’re engaged and proud to be a part of our team.

To that end, we’ve held the Wisconsin Torch Award for Ethics twice. We’re very proud of this award from the Better Business Bureau, which recognizes companies that meet the highest standards of ethics and trust amongst employees, customers, and their communities. It’s not about “winning” but rather knowing that we’re truly living up to the company that we envisioned.

Driven by Core Values

So how do we do it? How do we hold up to our mission and vision? How do we provide an exceptional experience for our customers and our team?

We’re driven by seven core values, which we incorporate into all our processes, training, and company culture.

  • Truthful: We are transparent about costs, timelines, and concerns. We offer customers honesty and openness in our dealings. We won’t use high-pressure sales tactics to steer customers towards products that don’t meet their needs or budget.
  • Responsive: We know how important it is to reach someone when you have a question. Our team will share their contact information with you as well as access to our app. We keep you in the loop throughout each job process and give you specific time frames for each step. Schedule appointments online, contact our customer service, chat with a representative, or visit our showroom in West Allis.
  • United: Our employees work as a team through collaboration and a shared commitment to customer service. That means they are invested in the company’s success and are constantly communicating with each other. We know that a team requires everyone on board.
  • Supportive: Our team is like a family. We’re there for each other and share the industry’s ups and downs. We’re also supportive of our customers and community. We uphold respect and dignity in all interactions, internally and externally.
  • Thoughtful: From the owners to the team to our clients, we approach each decision with thoughtful consideration. How will an action impact stakeholders? How can a job be approached with care? What would we do if we were working on our own homes?
  • Enthusiastic: Talk to anyone from Weather Tight, and you’ll quickly recognize their unparalleled zeal for providing top-notch services and experiences. Our team understands our products, knows the quality we offer, and is excited to help customers find the right fit for their homes.
  • Determined: Our team is committed to continuous improvement, whether that means training on the latest updates and techniques or working with customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. We believe in standing by and seeing a job through to success.

We Always Aim for Your Satisfaction

When you work with Weather Tight, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best job from beginning to end. Now, nobody is perfect. We know mistakes can happen, especially when many moving pieces, vendors, contractors, and forces of nature might take things off track. If there’s an instance where we can’t make an appointment as promised or we face a product delay, we do our best to let you know right away.

We know you probably have other things to do with your day than waiting for your home improvements to be completed. That’s why we do our best to schedule things conveniently and give you an accurate timeline. We believe in measuring twice and checking each order beforehand so there are no surprises down the road.

What do we do when those surprises inevitably crop up? We will work with you to find a resolution. We know that if there’s a problem, the best way to tackle it is to address it quickly, honestly, and thoroughly. We offer a Reverse Risk Warranty, and we have a full in-house service team. So, if there’s an aspect of your installation or product that you’re unhappy with, don’t hesitate to call it to our attention, and we’ll take steps to make it right.

Weather Tight: Wisconsin’s Most Recommended for a Reason

We know that there are many options out there, some that may overpromise the moon (and deliver much less). We work hard to embrace our mission and values, to operate with integrity, and to provide an exceptional home improvement experience.

If you’d like to see the Weather Tight difference for yourself, reach out today. We’re happy to schedule a no-hassle visit. You can also come to our West Allis showroom to see our products and meet the team in person.

No matter what, we want to continue to serve our customers with the same personalized approach that’s gotten us through the last 37 years (and on to the next 37).