What is a Storm Door (and Do You Need One)?

In hot climates, storm doors are almost always a given. They let in airflow while keeping out insects and providing another layer of security for your home.

Here in Southeastern Wisconsin, we’re not subject to many tropical storms, but storm doors are still popular, especially for additional cool air in the summer. If you’re considering a new entry door for your home, here are the details about storm doors and whether or not you need one!

Front front porch of a house, with neutral siding and an all-glass storm door in front of a brown wood entry door. There are four large picture windows on the front of the house, with a wood and metal patio bench positioned in front of the windows.

What is a Storm Door?

Storm doors are a popular entry door addition for many homeowners in both new and older home entries. Variations on storm doors include screen doors and security doors—each serving a similar but slightly different purpose.

So, what does a storm door do? A storm door is a second door featuring glass panels and framework designs that protect your entry door from water, wind, and ice. Often, the glass panels include or can be swapped for screens during the summer months, offering pest-free ventilation, much like a window screen.

Storm doors may also be used as another layer of security and protection—a way to keep the door to your home open, letting in airflow while still acting as a barrier to the outside.

Storm doors also let in more light, creating a “window” rather than a solid door. Full view storm doors are like having new windows in your home entryway. They help keep small children and pets safely inside. Storm doors typically latch and lock as an extra level of security, as well. They provide another barrier and another layer of protection for your home.

The Benefits of a Storm Door

So, are storm doors always necessary? What are storm doors for? Well, the primary purpose of a storm door is to act as a backup entry door. There are many benefits of choosing a good storm door to complement the look of your new entry door. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • Protection for your entry door from wear and tear.
  • Extra security for your home with an additional door.
  • Keeps kids and pets in.
  • Keeps bugs and pests out.
  • Allows for ventilation during warm weather and household activities.
  • Let’s in natural light.
  • The secondary door provides an extra layer of insulation from noise and cold.

That said, if you have a high-quality entry door, it will withstand the weather and maintain a beautiful appearance, even with the snow, sleet, moisture, and temperature fluctuations we get in our Wisconsin winters. Your properly installed entry door will protect your house from air infiltration, cold drafts, and noise. A good door should withstand harsh weather and increase the value of your home.

When you choose an exterior door from Weather Tight, you can trust that it will require little maintenance or upkeep. Our doors are solid, beautiful, and secure—made to hold up to the weather. A good entry door will prevent drafts and air infiltration, too.

Better still, our entry doors are available with a multipoint locking system for added protection and security. Unlike a single-point lock, multipoint locking systems keep a door nearly impenetrable.

Additionally, you can choose a door with sidelights, a transom, or a window, allowing you to let additional light into your home. We offer frosted and water glass options so you can have plenty of privacy while still enjoying the benefits of a light, bright entry.

Love the Look of a Storm Door? We Have Beautiful Options

Although you don’t need a storm door to protect your new entry door from Weather Tight, you can certainly choose to add a storm door to your home. We have gorgeous options that complement your entry door and create an eye-catching threshold. Today’s storm doors are modern and beautiful.

Explore your storm door options, including the stylish Decorator™ Series, giving your home a bespoke, designer touch. We also have beautiful options in our Deluxe™, Duraguard™, and Superview™ styles of storm doors. Our Spectrum™ Storm Doors include retractable screens, which are great for ventilation. Some styles have a mesh screen in the top half; others have a screen in both the top and the bottom.

Here in Wisconsin, airflow is one of the main benefits of a storm door. We often get quite a bit of humidity in the summer, while temperatures can remain fairly mild. Homeowners in humid climates often find themselves in that in-between stage—should we turn on the air conditioning or open the windows and doors? A storm door provides relief in warmer weather.

A storm door allows you to let in the fresh air by simply opening your entry door. Many folks like to have a storm door on their kitchen side doors, patio door, or back door, even if they don’t choose one for the front or main entry doors of their home. A storm door lets you get some cross-breeze in your home to beat the heat and save on utility bills, increasing your home’s comfort. It’s excellent for days when you’re cooking onions, garlic, or fish, too. Open up the storm door and get in some airflow.

Our storm doors feature tempered safety glass to add extra protection. You can choose the different types of hardware and handle set you like to ensure your storm door design looks flawless with the rest of your home design. Choose from a variety of colors and options. Rely on smooth operation every time with door closers that ensure your storm door is as functional and easy to use as it is attractive. A professional installation takes the worry out of storm door installation.

If you’re considering a  new entry door, be sure to ask your Weather Tight representative about the installation of storm doors. We can help you find the entry door look you’ll love for the front door, back, or side entry for your home. Our products come with some of the best warranties in the business, so there’s never any worry when you choose Weather Tight.