What it’s Like to Work with Weather Tight

You’ve decided that it’s time to replace those drafty windows. Or maybe your roof has seen better days, and it’s time to invest in an update. If you’re in Southeastern Wisconsin, you’ve probably heard of Weather Tight.

We’re Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler for a reason. Customers who work with us have seen the difference, dedication, and care we give to each home project. We listen to our customers and address their concerns. We carry top-of-the-line products—you can visit our showroom in West Allis, just minutes from downtown Milwaukee, to see our products in person.

Most importantly, though, we know the needs of our customers. We’re your neighbors, friends, and family. We live and work in Wisconsin. We’re an employee-owned company, and the difference shows. If you’re ready to make that call, reach out. Here’s what to expect when you work with Weather Tight. (Check out our customer reviews to learn even more!)

Weather Tight's logo with text that says "Wisconsin's most recommended remodeler"

Transparency from the Start

When you make the call or request a quote, our call center representatives will get right in touch. They’ll confirm your interest and discuss scheduling a visit with a sales representative for a free, no-hassle in-home estimate.

A friendly Weather Tight representative will come to your home and discuss your project. They’ll look at the window, door, roofing, siding, trim, or bath you want to replace. Often, they’ll take measurements and talk about your possible options for replacement.

During the in-home visit, our sales representatives will provide you with an estimate. They can answer your questions and help you explore your options for scheduling and financing if needed.

If you go through the financing process, our expert financing team will contact you to work through the approval. The financing process usually moves pretty quickly, and we can help you determine your options and budget.

Are you paying outright? No problem! We’ll get started on your project right away!

I’m Approved, Now What?

Once your financing is approved (or you’ve made your down payment), our team gets in touch with you to schedule a visit with our expeditor team. We like to call our expeditors our math experts. They come in, assess the project, and make the final, detailed measurements.

Now, why do we measure twice? You know that adage, “measure twice, cut once?” We want your home remodeling process to move as smoothly as possible. Having our expeditor come in and take final measurements puts two sets of eyes on the job. It allows us to make those critical calculations to ensure that custom products like windows fit your home perfectly. We eliminate the element of surprise as much as possible with the utmost attention to detail.

During the expeditor’s visit, they’ll meet with you again to work out the final details. They want to be sure that all the details align with your expectations and that we’re all on the same page.

From this point on, you can use our handy job tracker to follow along with your job. You’ll get a weekly email telling you exactly what’s happening with your project. You’ll also be able to follow the tracker via the Weather Tight app on your phone! Our goal is to make every job transparent and easy on you, the homeowner.

When Your Job Starts

Now that your job has kicked off, we put the order through our internal system. As soon as everything clears, the job is sent to ordering. Your product is then ordered and custom-manufactured.

Now, this is often the longest step because we customize each job. But it’s because of custom manufacturing that we get a seamless fit. When it comes to home remodeling projects, especially windows, there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” Each home is a little different. Even with “standard-sized” windows, there will be slight variations.

We do a quality control inspection once the product arrives in our warehouse. We check to make sure that everything was smooth in the manufacturing and shipping process. We look at your order’s color and details to ensure it’s exactly what you requested. Once the product has been cleared for installation, our friendly customer service team will give you a call to schedule and confirm your installation.

On Installation Day

The Installation process for our home remodeling projects varies. A door or window may only take a single day or even a few hours. Other projects like roofing and siding can take several days. Rest assured, you’ll have a clear idea ahead of time, and we’ll work with you to ensure the scheduling process is convenient and simple.

If our installation professionals need to work inside your home, we always do our best to keep the work area as neat and tidy as possible. It’s our goal to keep disruptions to a minimum so you can go about your daily activities even while we’re on the job.

Once the job is complete, we will follow up with you in a few days. We do a walk-through call to ensure everything meets your (and our) standards.

Keeping Up with Weather Tight

Once your installation is finished, we often continue to stay in touch, but we won’t pester you or overload you with marketing materials. We know that the best way to earn your trust is to do a good job and let our work speak for itself.

Of course, your friends and neighbors are likely to ask about your beautiful new home updates. When they do, you can send them to our referral program to earn cash-back rewards and more. We’re Wisconsin’s most recommended home remodeler because we make sure our customers feel comfortable and confident when they talk about us to their friends.

Whether you’re a new customer or returning for another home remodel project, we make working with Weather Tight easy, hassle-free, and as pleasant as possible from beginning to end.