What You Can Learn from Bad Reviews

How many of us have been interested or excited about a company’s product or service only to learn from bad reviews that maybe we should go in another direction? Do negative reviews mean an instant “veto”? Are bad reviews always bad? Can a bad review be a good thing?

Rather than seeing a bad review as a stop sign, discerning consumers recognize that it’s really more of a yellow light—a sign that you should explore further and discover what happened. There’s truly a lot you can learn from bad reviews. Here’s how to be wise when exploring a company’s online reputation.

Image shows a close up profile view of a man looking down at his phone screen. The image has a graphic of a star rating scale, with the one-star box checked and a yellow frowning face.

Do Bad Reviews Matter?

Go anywhere these days, and chances are someone will ask for your opinion. The dentist, the doctor’s office, the hair salon—everyone asks, “What did you think of our service?” Everyone wants a five-star review, of course.

But more important than those stars is the customer’s experience. Good businesses value customer feedback, and they ask for those reviews so they can continue to serve their customers better in the future and attract more potential customers. Even though the barrage of surveys might sometimes feel annoying, it’s a guide and a method for businesses to stay competitive and deliver. High customer satisfaction goes a long way toward improving customer experience.

Why are most reviews negative (or why does it sometimes feel that way)? Well, often, when people have a positive experience, they move on and perhaps don’t have a chance to share their positive reviews. When people are frustrated or upset, they want to make their feelings known. A good business will listen and take notes—even when it’s a bad review.

Star ratings aren’t just reserved for films and restaurants anymore. Most businesses have an online presence, and with that presence comes the chance for every customer to share their assessment and experience (the good, the bad, and, well…the ugly). It’s best practice to offer customers a chance to reach out and resolve their concerns. And it’s a good idea for businesses to take heed so they can turn those negative online reviews into positive feelings.

Are bad reviews always bad? It’s important to read the negative feedback to see what is going on. Sometimes people leave bad reviews for reasons like they couldn’t get through on a customer service line, there was an issue outside of the company’s control, or even that they didn’t understand the star rating system. Occasionally negative reviewers leave fake reviews or “spam” review sites with several repetitive reviews. So, no—not all “bad” reviews truly indicate shortcomings or a dissatisfied customer.

Interpreting Customer Reviews in the Home Improvement Industry

When it comes to the home improvement and remodeling industry, reviews are crucial—and for good reason. There’s nothing quite as intensely personal as a person’s home. When you hire a home improvement business to perform a service like installing a new roof, windows, or siding, you expect the very best.

But sometimes, in life, things go awry. Even at Weather Tight, where we strive to completely satisfy every customer in the first place, occasionally, bad reviews happen. No matter what the review is, we review each customer’s feedback carefully because we know it’s a learning experience for our team and a chance for us to make it right. In a business built on referrals and recommendations, we know that our reputation is everything.

So, do bad reviews matter? As a homeowner, you should definitely do your homework and see what you can learn from a bad review. Look at the positive and negative comments on social media, Google reviews, and industry websites like the BBB. But it’s also important to realize that one bad review or negative experience doesn’t always mean the product or service was terrible. The more important question to ask is, how did the business owner or company work to resolve the concern? Did they try to turn the situation around for the unhappy customers? Do they also have good reviews?

Mistakes happen, but it’s how we resolve those mistakes that really counts. You want a company that responds to customers and seeks a way to rectify the concern. At Weather Tight, we’re confident in our workers and our customer service. Our team always does our best job to ensure that, in the end, everyone walks away feeling pleased with the outcome.

What We Do with Bad Reviews

So, what do we do about those bad reviews? As much as we wish that they never happen, it’s inevitable that a job might get rescheduled due to a delay on a product, a customer might have a bad experience, or a product might not meet the customer’s standards and expectations once our contractors complete the installation.

Our team reads each review, good experiences or bad, to learn from it. After we meet with customers, we follow up several times during their remodeling process, no matter the project. From a single front door installation to multiple window replacements to an entirely new roof, we make sure that our customers have a chance to share their experiences. If they have questions, feedback, or concerns, we want them to feel heard and satisfied with the answers.

We always follow up with our customers after the installation of a product. We don’t ask about your experience to get accolades and rest on our laurels; we ask because we constantly strive to improve and ensure our customers are completely satisfied.

We know that satisfied customers return. Even if there was a bump or two in the road during the project, when we resolve the issue, we often earn that important repeat business and recommendation.

Even though Wisconsin is a big place, it’s also filled with tight-knit communities. When a business does well, people recommend it to their friends and neighbors. When a company does poorly, well, we all know how that turns out. Reputation is everything. Prospective customers could get turned off by a one-star review and never take that next step.

Having been in the home remodeling business for over 35 yearswe’ve worked hard to maintain and build upon our reputation for excellence. We hope to always meet your expectations. If, for some reason, we fall short, we’ll try our best to make it right. That’s why Weather Tight is Wisconsin’s Most Recommended Home Remodeler.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a moment to read our customer testimonials and case studies to learn about other Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners’ experiences. If you have any questions, a team member will gladly help. We look forward to discussing your next project, whether it’s a bathtub replacement, a window replacement, a new roof, or another exterior update. We hope we earn a good review from you!