Choosing Home Entry Doors: Why You Need a Quality Garage Entry Door

If you’ve decided it’s time to replace the door to your home, you’re likely thinking of the front entry door. But most of us have multiple entrances to our home, and there are many reasons why a quality garage entry door may be one of the most important doors in your house.

Most homeowners are concerned about the look and feel of their front door. After all, it’s the face of your home, and it really enhances the curb appeal. Not to mention the benefits of heat loss prevention and weather protection, as well as the safety that comes from a solid entry door.

But if you’re replacing your door, we encourage you to consider all the entry doors to your home. Here’s why choosing a quality garage entry door is so crucial to your safety and comfort!

Image shows a fire rated entry door from the garage into a home

Fire Hazards Start in the Garage

None of us like to think about house fires, but it can be devastating if we ever face one. One of the keys to fire prevention is setting up a quality garage entry door that creates a safety barrier between your home and the garage.

These days, a fire-retardant door may even be a requirement, particularly if you live in a condo or multi-family dwelling. Regardless, a strong, quality garage entry door will protect you and your family in those critical minutes during a fire.

According to the US Fire Administration, about 6,600 residential fires begin in the garage each year, resulting in 30 deaths and 400 injuries. The garage is a common source of fire hazards, including poor wiring, combustible materials, chemicals, and yard equipment. People work on their cars and small engines in the garage. They use power tools there. In Wisconsin, they may set up a space heater to ward off the cold since many garages are poorly insulated.

All these factors create an environment where fire can quickly happen. Having a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher in your garage is a good idea, but if your garage is attached to your home, then a quality entry door is a critical line of defense. A fire-retardant door will protect your family.

At Weather Tight, we offer Therma-Tru products that are fire-rated and meet most code requirements for garage entry doors. Depending on the fire protection level you’d prefer, we offer 90-minute fire-rated steel doors, meaning they can withstand 1700 degrees for 90 minutes. We also sell 20-minute fiberglass fire doors, which feature a cement-based core and can withstand 1400 degrees for 20 minutes. If you’re considering new entry doors to your home, ask about garage entry door options as well!

Watch Tod & Todd discuss the importance of quality, fire-rated garage entry doors.


Other Benefits of Installing a Quality Garage Entry Door

For reasons less dramatic but still important, there are other benefits to choosing a quality garage entry door when you replace doors. Many homeowners dismiss the garage entry door, as it’s usually hidden off the mudroom or the kitchen. They may assume it won’t do as much to beautify the house as the front, patio, or backdoor.

But you shouldn’t overlook your garage entry door because often, the most traffic comes through it. When you come and go, you’re probably walking in and out of the garage several times a day. For you and your family, the garage door IS the face of your home. A good garage entry door will not only look beautiful and compliment your home, but it will prevent air loss and close tightly every time.

You’ll want a garage door that offers an airtight seal and has been hung and fitted by a professional. Doors are notoriously finicky to install, and air loss can be a huge issue if they’re improperly hung. A professional installer will ensure you get an airtight door that won’t let the heat out and the cold air in during the winter. You will likely see the benefits of a good entry door on your energy bill.

Not only does an airtight door prevent heat loss, but it will also keep out the nasty smells and fumes that can seep into your house through the garage. If you can “smell” the car running with the garage door open and the garage-to-home entry door closed, you may be getting some air infiltration. Keep those vapors out of your house and away from your family.

Ever heard of the Dollar Bill Test? Watch Tod and Todd demonstrate how to tell if your garage entry door has a quality seal:

Last but certainly not least, there’s the issue of security. How many of us close the garage door and assume it means we don’t need to worry about the garage entry door to our home? Unfortunately, intruders know that breaking into a garage window or door is a quiet way to get into a home, especially when the entry door doesn’t have a sufficient lock. Sleep safely with a secure, quality garage entry door that keeps your family safe.

If you’re considering replacement doors for your home, be sure to include the garage entry door in your plan. We offer special deals and rates (including BOGO offers on entry doors). Don’t settle for doors that don’t do the job. Reach out to us today to explore your options for every entry door in your home.