Working with Your HOA or Condo Association on Exterior Updates Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

The moment you get the key to your house or condo, you’re probably starting to think of ways to make it feel like home—including a few exterior updates. Despite being part of a community, condos, and HOAs can still have plenty of personality and charm. Whether on the beautiful lakefront, along the Milwaukee River, or in a cozy suburb like Wauwatosa or Cudahy, homeowner life means peace of mind.

Not only are you getting the security and convenience of a tight-knit neighborhood, but your Homeowners and Condo Associations may deal with many arduous tasks like snow removal in the middle of our long Wisconsin winters, repairs, community events, and landscaping.

However, working with your condo association and HOA can also be a challenge. As you’re trying to navigate the ropes of your CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions), you might wonder if exterior updates are possible at all. Here’s how we can help make working with your HOA and condo association stress-free!

Image shows a row of new condos with updated exterior windows, sliding doors, siding, and fences, against a clear blue sky.

When It’s Time for Exterior Updates on Your Home

If you’ve lived in your home for a while or just purchased a new-to-you home, you might start noticing areas that could use some home improvement. For most Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and Condo Associations, interior upgrades are primarily at the owner’s discretion. You can customize and upgrade the inside of your home all you want if you aren’t taking on significant structural changes.

Exterior updates on condos and homes within HOAs are often where owners run into snags. While Wisconsin laws protect the rights of condo and homeowners to make their homes livable, safe, and comfortable, certain aesthetic exterior upgrades can be a little trickier.

Fortunately, we can help you find ways to replace your windows, doors, and exterior trim with quality products that will meet your HOA and condo association standards and fit into the CC&Rs. So, if you’re worrying about convincing your HOA that it’s time to fix those hard-to-open windows or that drafty door, don’t fret! Call Weather Tight today, and we can help you navigate.

Weather Tight stands out because of our years of experience working with condo owners and stingy HOAs. We’re well-versed in working with multi-family units, condos, townhomes, and unique colors and styles that may come along with these different dwellings, and we have a wide array of products to suit many different styles.

Matching Styles with Plenty of Options

The biggest challenge with multi-family buildings, condos, and planned communities is that often everyone doesn’t want to make exterior updates at the same time. Everyone has a specific style or budget.

Even condominium association management and HOA can find the process of exterior updates taxing. It’s hard to find quality doors and windows that meet the needs and match the aesthetic of all the homes in your community. Moreover, finding a company you trust to handle the installation is an even greater task.

Fortunately, Weather Tight makes it easy with plenty of customizable options. Choose from window and door styles that blend seamlessly with your other units and fit within HOA guidelines. There are plenty of options, including entry doors and patio doors, to ensure that owners are happy, safe, and satisfied.

The process begins with a discussion. Our Weather Tight representatives will come out to your home, discuss your needs, and offer you a no-pressure estimate. We can explore the array of options for colors, styles, and products to ensure that your home stands out while still blending in (and meeting those HOA and condo association requirements).

Installation without Major Disruption

Many owners also fear the disruption and stress that exterior condo updates present to neighboring units or members of their community.

Fortunately, at Weather Tight, we work with condo owners, HOAs, and building management to ensure everyone is on the same page with the installation process and timeline. We work quickly and efficiently, taking steps to minimize the noise and clean up any debris during and after installation.

What’s more, when your neighbors learn just how quick and efficient your exterior updates are and see the quality and beauty of your upgrades, they’re likely to want their homes updated as well (and there could be rewards in it for you too). As a result, it’s not uncommon to update several homes in an association or within a condo complex.

But even if you’re the only owner who wants the beauty and convenience of new windows or the safety and curb appeal of new doors, we can help you find a style that’s appropriate to the guidelines of your HOA and condo association.

If you’re ready to update your home or condo with exterior upgrades to windows, doors, or trim, reach out today. We’ll help ensure that your exterior updates go smoothly and seamlessly for everyone involved!